Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2553 - Leave

Chapter 2553 Leave

After she had discussed with Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Guan Xilin, Feng Jiu arranged for a group fo twelve people to follow and protect them. At the same time, she also sent Fire Phoenix back with them so that it could help to guard and protect her family.

Only then could she truly relax. Although there was some reluctance in its heart to go back with them, Fire Phoenix knew what Feng Jiu valued most, so in the end, Fire Phoenix agreed to guard and protect her family for her.

In the early hours of the next morning, when the sky was still dark, the group left quietly. The group was led by Guan Xilin and followed by Ye Jing, Feng Ye and Zhao Yang and the others. As for why Feng Jiu had changed her mind about going back with them suddenly, Feng Ye was unable to guess the reason why, nor did Guan Xilin tell him.

In the days that followed, Feng Jiu took the sachet and tried to solve the array on the map. The array was very delicate and complicated. She tried many times but was unable to solve it, so she tried again and again.

After three or four days, Feng Jiu finally figured out the array on the map on the back of the sachet after many attempts. The revealed map was really a road map. What she hadn’t expected was that the road to Peng Lai Immortal Mountain was so far.

“Look, it really isn’t on this upper continent.” She handed the map over to Xuanyuan Mo Ze so that he could look at it. He took the map and glanced at it, then said: “Then what are your plans? Are you really going to go?” “The main thing is that I don’t know where this place is.” Feng Jiu frowned and pondered while she looked at the array map: “This sachet was given to me by Old Man Tianji, and there is this inside of it, tell me, how can I not go?”

“Since you’re going, then I’ll accompany you! At least there will be someone to take care of you.” He looked at her and said. He was worried about letting her leave his side this time.

“I don’t know what this Old Man Tianji has planned and it says that I have to go alone.” She waved the sachet and said: “Tell you what! I will go and take a look, and when I get a chance, I will send a letter back.”

She hugged his arm and smiled, her eyes squinted: “Furthermore, if you are guarding Heavenly Pill Tower, I will be rest assured no matter where I am.”

Upon hearing this, he chuckled and shook his head: “You! Alright! Since you have decided, then we will do it your way! During your absence, I will look after the Feng Manor and guard Heavenly Pill Tower and wait for your return.”

“However, since you will be leaving, you will have to prepare for it. Also, remember what Mo Chen said. When the right time comes for the primal chaos blue lotus in your body, you must cultivate as soon as possible to make the blue lotus bloom.”

“Don’t worry! I know.” Feng Jiu responded with a smile.

A few days later.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze had wanted her to leave the city quietly, however, Feng Jiu had sat on Cloud Devouring’s back instead of travelling on a flying sword, and left the city in a very open manner. It was as if she wanted everyone to know that she had left Heavenly Pill Tower and Hundred Rivers City.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze, who knew why she had done that, wanted to send people to protect her. However, she refused. She had hoped to attract all the hidden dark forces to her so that they wouldn’t have time to deal with Heavenly Pill Tower or Xuanyuan Mo Ze.

As she had expected, she was targeted the moment she had stepped outside the city gates…

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