Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2561 - Hunting for food

Chapter 2561 Hunting for food

The old man heard the noise, he opened his eyes and looked out at the sea. He shook his head and closed his eyes after seeing the girl’s head pop out of the water, her wet hair on her


Feng Jiu emerged from the sea, dragging her wet clothes behind her, and sat down by the shore. She rummaged through the space, looking for something, and finally took out a pearl after a long time.

“Found it.”

She smiled as she took the pearl, then jumped up again towards the sea. She dove to a deeper part of the water this time. When she was having trouble breathing, she injected her spirit energy into the pearl and tossed it into the water.

The sea rose on both sides in the blink of an eye, and as the pearl, the water below separated to the right and to the left, the spirit energy swirled, and the water surged majestically.


When the old man stood up to take a look, he couldn’t help but take a step forward to watch as the water surged up, followed by the swirl of the spirit energy breath. He stroked his beard and looked out at the sea, deep in thought. After a while, he remarked, “Water repelling pearl? She even has this treasure? Ha ha, she’s incredible.”

Feng Jiu arrived at the bottom of the sea and discovered a variety of corals and seaweed, as well as some seafood hidden beneath the silt. She began collecting them with a smile.

“Is this a sea urchin? The crab looks fat. Well, the shrimp is big enough for me to eat,” she murmured as she put the seafood into a cosmos sack. When she felt she was almost done, she kept the water repelling pearl by her side and was ready to return.

At this moment, a hissing roar came from where the sea parted on both sides and it was getting closer and closer to her. When she heard the sound, she looked around to see what it was, but all she could see was that it was very large.

“A sea monster?”

She cocked her brow, tied the cosmos sack around her waist, and held a dagger. A feeler the size of an arm sprang out of nowhere, resembling an octopus tentacle with suction holes.

The feeler wrapped itself around her feet and attempted to drag her away, but she made no attempt to evade it. She was caught and dragged into the sea. After being submerged in the sea, she discovered that the so-called sea monster was in fact a massive octopus. Its tentacles swirled in the waves, grasped her feet, and attempted to shove her into its mouth.

Wow, the delicious food delivered itself to her door!

She smiled as she narrowed her eyes and thought to herself, “This octopus is so big, it must taste delicious if it’s roasted.” She raised the knife in her hand and slashed the tentacle that had coiled itself around her feet.

The octopus screamed as its tentacle was severed, and the other dancing tentacles attacked her at breakneck speed. She couldn’t swim swiftly in the sea, so she utilised her divine sense to command the water-repellent pearl to come to her side.

The shoreline disappeared on both sides in an instant and the octopus dropped right onto the silt at the sea’s bottom. Its tentacled claws wriggled in the sand in an attempt to escape.

“Do you want to escape?” The corners of Feng Jiu’s mouth curved up. The octopus was captured and dragged into the massive net that she suddenly cast. At the same time, she lifted her vital energy and leapt to the sea’s surface, holding the water repelling pearl in one hand.

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