Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2565 - Parting

Chapter 2565 Parting

The cultivator was caught off guard. He took a few hasty steps back before finally coming to a halt. With a squint, he looked at the cold-faced beauty in front of him and laughed with surprise. “Miss, you’ve got good skill.”

Feng Jiu gave him an icy look before turning away to remove the sand under her feet and put on her boots.

At the very least, the cultivator had seen the world. With his Immortal Sacred Peak cultivation, he would naturally not lose his reason and rush forward like a pervert whenever he saw a beautiful woman. After the other party’s sleeve flicked out, he began to act even more cautiously.

If he had previously considered pursuing a woman, he now suppressed that thought and re-examined the beautiful woman in red in front of him.

Was this person’s cultivation strength concealed?

To him, the idea was unfathomable. This woman was young and her bone age was clearly visible in front of him. Was it possible that such a young woman’s strength had turned against the sky? That was not a statement he would believe.

It’s simply that, as a result of this, he no longer had any thoughts about her.

She headed to the seashore after putting on her boots. With a flip of her hand, the boat appeared in her palm. After piercing her finger with a silver needle and dripping her blood on the boat to identify the master, she tossed the boat into the sea.

The boat expanded in size as it floated on the sea’s surface, rising and falling with the waves. The old man’s voice came in a hurry, just as she tiptoed to jump into the boat.

“Miss, Miss, are you leaving now?” The old man quickly stepped out of the woods. He couldn’t help but feel reluctant when he saw Feng Jiu standing by the sea and the small boat floating in the water.

It would be difficult for him to eat these delectable foods after she was gone.

“I have to leave, Uncle. You get all of the food that’s left! Please take care of yourself, goodbye!” She cupped his fists and jumped into the small boat on tiptoe.

The cultivator’s eyes flashed slightly, and his gaze was drawn to the boat. “Are you the sea guardian?” he asked as he returned his gaze to the old man.

The old man cast a glance at the cultivator and made no attempt to speak with him. Instead, he proceeded to the small kitchen, examined those items, and then looked at the figure that had faded away from view. He couldn’t help but feel an inexplicable emotion.

No one had ever cooked food for him in all the years he had been guarding the sea. This girl was the only one who did.

When this thought occurred to him, he turned his gaze to the disappearing boat and the figure in red. He immediately used his divine sense to transmit his voice to her.

“Miss, Peng Lai Immortal Island is in this area of the sea, but it appears to be a mirage. It’s shrouded in mist as if it doesn’t belong in this world. As far as I know, this Peng Lai Immortal Island will appear once every half-month. There are only a few days left since the last time it appeared, so take advantage of the opportunity. What’s more, sea monsters in these waters will attack small boats, so stay vigilant.”

Surprised, she stood on the boat and looked back toward the shore. She couldn’t help smiling when she saw the old man standing on the beach watching her.

She held out her hand, waved to the old man and shouted, “Uncle, when I return, I’ll treat you to delicious food.”

The old man couldn’t stop himself from laughing

The cultivator hastened to the seashore, lifted his vital energy and leapt, eager to catch up with Feng Jiu’s boat.

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