Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2638

Chapter 2638: Soul Captivation

She was holding back her anger. She hadn’t expected that her daughter would cause trouble even though she had reminded her not to time and time again. How could a child who usually looked like a fairy be so muddle-headed?

“I really don’t know, maybe they went home?”

Ruan Third Young Miss said bravely at this moment. At this point, she would be a fool to admit it. Besides, she wouldn’t even have any bones left after she entered that place. If she were to admit it now, it would make the situation worse!

When she saw her daughter saying this, Mistress Ruan looked at the beautiful woman with a cold face and said: “Could they have gone home? Should we send someone to check?”

“I’m still here, they wouldn’t have left without me. Something must have happened.” The beautiful woman who usually gave people a feeling of weakness in the past was strong now.

She stared at Ruan Third Young Miss: “Ruan Third Young Miss, why does my intuition tell me that their disappearance has something to do with you?”

Upon hearing this, Ruan Third Young Miss instinctively raised her head and looked panicked.

When Mistress Ruan heard this, her heart became uneasy. She looked at the beautiful woman and said: “Don’t worry, I’ll call the dark guards to ask.” As soon as she had spoken, she thought of calling the dark guards when she heard the beautiful woman’s cold voice.

“Yurong, you and I have known each other for many years, you should know full well what kind of a person I am. If my children are safe today, that’s fine. But if something should happen to them, I will definitely not let it go!”

As soon as she had spoken, the beautiful woman’s eyes fell on Ruan Third Young Miss, her eyes met hers, as if there was something pulling them at that moment. Ruan Third Young Miss who had raised her head and glanced at her couldn’t take her eyes away.

Just when she was feeling a little scared, a little stunned, and a little flustered, she heard a gentle voice like water flowing towards her. The voice was gentle like her mother’s hand, gently caressing her ears and relaxing her until she was mesmerised by the gentle voice…

“Tell me, where did you take Xie Shisi?” The beautiful woman asked slowly in a gentle voice. Her eyes were fixed on Ruan Third Young Miss, their eyes stared at each other, as if a bond was forming.

Ruan Third Young Miss’ eyes gradually blurred as she listened to the voice and she said: “Xie Shishi is so annoying, I don’t like her. So I told the maid to deceive her and take her to the Earth Spirit Array. Once she enters that place, she will surely die.”


Mistress Ruan was shocked when she heard her words. Her hands trembled and the teacup she was about to drink from fell to pieces. The tea splashed on the ground and the tea leaves from the tea splattered on her skirt. But she seemed unaware of this and only stared at her daughter in disbelief.

Ruan Third Young Miss who had been in a daze suddenly came back to her senses when she heard the sound of the teacup falling to the ground. She looked at her mother and the beautiful woman as if she had just woken up. However, what came after her recovery was a slap from the beautiful woman.



The beautiful woman stood up with a cold face and at the same time, she threw out that slap. That slap had made her palm hot, one could only imagine how much effort she had put into that slap.

“Why did you slap me?” Ruan Third Young Miss stared at her in disbelief.

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