Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2815

Chapter 2815: Scheme

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“Is it a small village near the sea with only a dozen households?” A thin man asked hesitantly.

Old White nodded: “That’s right, that’s the small village.”

The thin man asked anxiously: “How do you know about that village? Are the people in the village doing well?”

“We just came from there!”

Old White flicked its tail and said: “My Master and I stayed there for one night and we invited the people in the village to have a big meal. There were only children and elderly in the village. They said that their sons and daughter-in-laws have been captured by the City Lord. Have you seen them?”


Upon hearing this, the man’s eyes turned red, and he asked in a choked voice: “They are our family. That is my home. The strong men in our dozen households have all been captured. We haven’t been back home for more than a year, and we haven’t seen our parents and children for more than a year. Are they fine?”

Old White thought for a while and replied: “They’re not doing well, they have nothing to eat so they only eat wild vegetables and sweet potatoes. They are very thin and the children are also very thin. They looked malnourished.”

Upon hearing Old White’s words, some of the men who had been gradually approaching couldn’t help crying. They squatted on the ground and covered their faces with their hands as they cried.

They were their parents! Their children! How could their parents and children survive without them by their side?

When it saw those men crouched on the ground crying, Old White felt a little awkward. If he hadn’t said those words, would they not have cried? It kicked its hoof and flicked its tail irritably and said: “Don’t cry, they are doing fine actually. Before we left, we gave them a lot of food. Now that they have food to eat, they won’t be hungry.”

Upon hearing this, many people gathered around and asked Old White questions, wanting to know more about their relatives.

At the other side, the City Lord took Feng Jiu to the side hall and ordered some dishes and a pot of wine to be prepared. He looked at Feng Jiu and asked with a smile: “I wonder where Ghost Doctor is from? Where are you going?”

“I am just passing by. I thought I would stop for a rest when I came through here.” Feng Jiu said, her voice paused and her eyes landed on him as she continued speaking: “But I didn’t expect those cultivators would stop me as soon as I entered the city, and then I was invited here by the City Lord.”

Upon hearing this, the City Lord smiled shyly: “Don’t worry Ghost Doctor, you can rest well at my manor. It is absolutely safe here and no one will dare to touch you.”

Feng Jiu smiled inexplicably when she heard this. She was safe after entering the wolf’s den?

“Ghost Doctor, drink, This wine has been my treasure for many years.” He picked up the jug and poured a glass of wine for Feng Jiu, then he poured a glass for himself and gestured: “I’ll drink first out of respect.”

Feng Jiu watched as he drank the wine in one gulp and so she picked up the glass in front of her. However, when she brought the glass of wine to her lips, she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows and put the wine glass back down.

The City Lord who had been observing her the whole time asked when he saw her put the wine glass down: “Ghost Doctor, what’s the matter? Is the wine not to your liking?”

The corners of Feng Jiu’s lips curled slightly and she said unsmilingly: “Drugged wine is not really to my taste.”

As soon as those words came out, the face of the City Lord changed slightly and he smiled in embarrassment: “What is the Ghost Doctor talking about? What drugged wine?”

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