Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3029

3029 Parting

“She fell off the cliff, and we didn’t look for her, so we don’t know if she’s alive or dead.” The evil cultivator spoke in a trembling voice, his voice weak as if he was about to stop breathing at any moment.

When they heard this, their hearts sank. She fell off a cliff? Was there a possibility of survival? No, she should still be alive. Her jade token is still intact, so she should still be alive.

“Which cliff? Where is that Protector? Why is he not here?” Feng Jiu questioned, her gaze fixed on the evil cultivator on the ground.

“If you keep going straight, you will see it, the cliff where she fell. At that time, she was hit in the chest with a poisonous hidden weapon. I think…I think she is unlikely to survive.”


When the evil cultivators saw their stony faces, hopeless despair filled his eyes. He realised he couldn’t stay alive and that no one could save him. All he wanted at this point was to die quickly, so he told them everything he knew.

“Our Protector has already returned, leaving us to collect the essence of these women’s blood and vital energy, as well as their souls. We intended to leave after dealing with these women, but we unexpectedly ran into you.”

Wanyan Shisan’s face was glum. He killed the evil cultivator immediately with the sword intent and told Feng Jiu, “I’m going to have a look at that cliff.”

“Mm, I’ll go with you. ” As she spoke, Feng Jiu turned towards Immortal Chen. “Immortal Chen, can you help send these women back to their homes? We will bid farewell to you right here.”

“Are you going to search the cliff on your own?” Immortal Chen was surprised. He knew that the purpose of their journey was to search for someone. However, the evil cultivator had already informed them. Did they think the person might still be alive?

“I entrust these women to you.” Feng Jiu said while giving him a slight nod.

Immortal Chen could only nod in response. “Alright, you can rest assured! I’ll send all of these women back. However, as it is already late at night, it is difficult to find the way. Even if you go to the edge of the cliff, you can’t see anything because it’s so dark. You might as well rest here tonight and figure out what to do tomorrow.”

“Well, let’s decide this way,” they both agreed.

So, they found a place to stay the night and placed the women where they could see them. Wanyan Shisan didn’t sleep that night because he was too busy collecting the ghosts hiding in the forest.

The following morning, Feng Jiu and Wanyan Shisan parted with him. Immortal Chen looked at them as they left and said, “If you ever have a chance to visit the Insouciant Sect, I will be your host and ensure a pleasant stay.”

“Certainly. ” The two of them smiled and nodded, bade him farewell, and watched as he left with the women on his flying artifact.

Once they had completely disappeared from view, Feng Jiu and Wanyan Shisan began their trek deep into the forest. They walked through the trees until they reached the cliff.

Looking down from the cliff’s edge, they could see an expanse of the verdant and dense forest below, but if an injured person were to fall from this height, that person might be…

“Let’s go down there and take a look!” Feng Jiu said this as she gazed down, hoping that her sister had been rescued. Otherwise, she’s afraid that her sister would be in grave danger.

“Let’s go!” Wanyan Shisan said as he leapt onto his flying sword and started to rush down the cliff.

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