Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3270 - 3270 Found Out

Chapter 3270 - 3270 Found Out

3270 Found Out

She turned over and sat up as her heart continued to beat violently, which was an extremely unpleasant feeling. She got up, walked through the room, and stood by the window, staring out into the darkness outside. With a frown, she took out the messaging jade token.

The Feng Manor in Cardinal Point City was the only thing that could make her worry right now. She had no idea what was wrong because she felt uneasy tonight.

So, she used the messaging jade token to ask Leng Hua. Then, she sat by the window all night with the messaging jade token in her hand, waiting for a reply, which made her heart grow increasingly grim.

Leng Hua would normally respond to her message, even late at night, but there was no news. She was afraid that something bad had happened.

So she tried again, this time asking Leng Shuang. She noticed the sky lighting up while she was washing up and changing her clothes. She then saw a glow coming from the messaging jade token on the table. She reached out and with a flick, her spirit energy breath dispersed, and the voice on the messaging jade token echoed throughout the room.


“Master, last night the manor was attacked. The person was so powerful that he could tear through the void and appear in the sky. His aim was the little master. Elder Mei is still in a coma, while Leng Hua and several other people were seriously injured. Thankfully, the little master was unharmed, and Hell’s Lord had advanced and emerged from seclusion.”

She explained the situation in a few words. However, Feng Jiu was still uneasy. A powerful enemy who tore the void apart and appeared. Even Elder Mei was severely injured and in a coma, demonstrating the enemy’s strength. It seemed that she should return as quickly as possible.

After putting the jade token away, she went outside. She only needed three more people now. Only three people remained from the original one hundred. When she returned, she had to figure out how to get out of Pill King Valley.

When she walked out the door, she went to the city and walked around, asking if there were any seriously ill people there.

But there was still no news after the entire morning had passed. Since the scorching sun was beating down on her head, she went to a nearby stall, found a seat and ordered some food.

“Aunt, please give me a bowl of tofu pudding.” A woman in her thirties led a girl between the ages of seven and eight to the stall, where she placed an order for tofu pudding and sat down at a small table.

Feng Jiu cast a casual glance her way, but her eyes turned slightly. Her gaze swept over the woman and fell on the little girl, who was lifeless, her eyes empty, and she walked on tiptoes without touching her back feet.

“Mother bought you your favourite tofu pudding, Da Ya. Quick, try it.” The woman looked haggard, but she called her daughter gently and handed her the bowl of tofu pudding. After seeing her daughter sitting with blank eyes, as if she had not heard her words, she burst into tears.

“Mother will feed you, so come on, open your mouth.” The woman scooped a spoon into the little girl’s mouth, and the little girl opened her mouth mechanically and ate it.

Feng Jiu’s eyes flickered as he watched this scene. She drank tea and casually stated, “This is a disease. You must get it treated.”

When the woman heard this, she was taken aback and turned to face Feng Jiu. After seeing Feng Jiu, who was dressed in a dazzling red gown and had a stunning appearance and an outstanding temperament, the woman didn’t have the courage to come forward.

“If she is not treated, she will die in her sleep within a few days.” Feng Jiu said as her gaze shifted to the little girl.

The woman couldn’t sit still after hearing this. She rushed up and went to Feng Jiu, crying and pleading, “Miss, please save my daughter!”

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