Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3272 - 3272 Returning Home

Chapter 3272 - 3272 Returning Home

3272 Returning Home

“Mother, I’m hungry.” The girl spoke timidly, blinking her eyes. Her clear and timid eyes looked at Feng Jiu with a hint of curiosity.

The woman’s eyes turned red as she heard this. “Mother will take you home and cook delicious food for you.” She then saluted Feng Jiu while holding the child in her arms. “Thank you, Miss.”

Feng Jiu smiled as she watched the woman leave with her daughter. She went to the stall, took out two gold coins, and placed them on the table before leaving.

A few days later, she saved several mercenaries on a mountain road, and then a vortex came out of nowhere and sucked her in…

“Hehe, you’re back!”


Pill King let out a chuckle as soon as he saw Feng Jiu standing in front of him. He smiled as he stroked his beard and then said, “You’ve been on this trip for nearly a month.”

“Master, something happened to my family. I must leave.” Feng Jiu spoke straightforwardly as soon as she saw him.

“Leave? So fast? I haven’t even started teaching you anything yet.” Pill King frowned. But when he saw that Feng Jiu didn’t seem to be joking, he stroked his beard and thought about it. “Do you really have to leave?”

Feng Jiu nodded. “I have to leave.”

Pill King nodded. “All right. I’ll send you on your way tomorrow.”

“I want to go right now.” Feng Jiu looked at him. Seeing his surprise, she explained. “I received news from my family a few days ago. The situation is dire. I’m already delayed for a few days and I can’t put it off any longer.”

When Pill King heard this, he frowned slightly and said, “In that case, go get all your people over here!”

“Thank you very much, Master.” Feng Jiu cupped her fists to thank him and then left quickly.

Du Fan and the others had been cultivating all this time, and they had only come out a few days ago. Their strength had greatly improved during this time. They couldn’t help but come forward to greet Feng Jiu with a smile when they saw her approaching.


Feng Jiu took a quick glance at them and noticed their advanced strength and fluctuating breaths. Although she was surprised, she did not show it on her face. She simply ordered, “Pack up your things and come with me.”

When Du Fan and the others heard this, they looked at each other and noticed that her face was solemn, so they quickly went back to pack their things. When they were all outside, Du Fan couldn’t help but ask. “Master, has something happened?”

“Mm. Something bad happened at the manor. Elder Mei, Leng Hua, and others were seriously injured.” Feng Jiu said. While taking them to the back mountain, she explained to them. “I just informed my master, and he promised to send us away.”

When they learned that even Elder Mei had been seriously injured, several people’s faces became solemn. Elder Mei was extremely powerful, but even with Fire Phoenix guarding Feng Manor, he was injured. The enemy’s strength had changed dramatically from before. They had no idea what had happened to their peers.

With worries weighing on their minds, they sped all the way to the back mountain, where they found Pill King waiting for them.

“Greetings, Pill King.”

Du Fan and others saluted him respectfully. Even though they had to go through tough times to gain experience, their strength had advanced, which could be attributed to Pill King.

“Mm.” Pill King replied, looked at them, and waved, “Go up there and stand on that formation array.”

It was only then that Du Fan and the others noticed a formation array appear on the grass, and they immediately walked there.

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