Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 3919: Strength Breakthrough

Chapter 3919: Strength Breakthrough

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Leng Shuang and the others in the courtyard couldn’t help but all reveal a smile when they saw this scene. It seemed that it was still Hell’s Lord who had a method.

Xuanyuan MO Ze teased the two children and coaxed them until they fell asleep, then he asked Qin Xin to carry them into the room.

Gray Wolf stood aside after serving tea and said: “Master, the lady only brought Leng Hua alone to that Myriad Buddha Sect, will she be in danger? Do we need to follow and take a look?”

“No need.”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze said, picking up the tea and taking a sip, “She can solve it by herself.” As soon as his voice fell, perhaps sensing something, he turned his hand and a summoning jade tablet appeared in his hand, and when spirit energy was injected, Leng Hua’s voice was also transmitted into their ears along with it.

Apart from Qin Xin and Bai Qingcheng who were taking care of the two children in the room, everyone else was in the courtyard, and when they heard Leng Hua’s voice coming from the summoning jade tablet, they couldn’t help but look at each other.

They listened to Leng Hua talk about what happened in the Myriad Buddha Sect, and after hearing just a simple statement that the Master was sent into the Holy Land of the Buddha Sect by a white-browed monk, the crowd couldn’t help but look at Xuanyuan MO Ze.

However, they saw that he just put away that teleportation jade token and didn’t say anything more.

“Master, will it be dangerous for the Lady to enter that what’s-his-name Buddhist Sacred Ground?” Gray Wolf asked worriedly. They were all here, but only the Lady herself entered that what’s-his-name holy land, and it was unknown if she would be in danger inside? After all, Madam’s strength had not yet recovered to its peak.

“This Leng Hua is also really something, why didn’t he follow him in? At least there can be a caretaker!” Gray Wolf muttered.

“A place like Myriad Buddha Sect Leng Hua just wants to follow him in, if he doesn’t have their permission, he can’t do it, what’s more, since it’s said to be a holy place, naturally he won’t just let anyone in.”

Qi Kang spoke in a deep voice and added, “However, with the Master’s resilience, she is more than capable of dealing with anything, this is something we should have confidence in her.’

“All disperse! Do what you need to do, there’s no need to gather around here.” Xuanyuan MO Ze raised his hand and signalled for them to exit.

“Yes.” The crowd answered and bowed before retreating, leaving only Qin Xin and Leng Shuang waiting at the door of the room.

Xuanyuan MO Ze took a sip of tea, looked at the azure sky, and thought: I wonder if she got the Golden Lotus yet? Into that Buddhist holy land, and when will return?

At this time, he did not know that Feng Jiu in that Myriad Buddha Sect has some kind of encounter, compared to their worries, Feng Jiu seems to be very relaxed, she turned around inside this Myriad Buddha Sect Holy Ground, and found that it was so big that she could not walk around the whole thing, therefore, she only turned around.

Returning to the poolside, she looked at the dazzling Golden Lotus in full bloom, at that moment, she also sat down on her knees, placed her hands on her body and cultivated, as the whole person’s body and mind relaxed, her mind also reached a calm and wave-free state that was not there in the past.

The whole body relaxed, but gently absorbing this air in the Golden Lotus breath, so that she did not expect is that she this meditation, but it is half a month long.

Half a month’s time, her strength once again increased, from the first to Immortal Emperor level to the peak of Immortal Emperor, also only used half a month’s time, this day, she vaguely felt in the body of spirit energy abundant, it seems that this Immortal Emperor level is also going to break through, she hastily stopped cultivation, opened her eyes, and saw MO Chen sitting not far from her looking at her..

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