Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 856 - Clothes Too Small

Chapter 856: Clothes Too Small

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“Master, we have achieved some success in our cultivation, we are able to come out in daylight now. However, we are unable to maintain our form for long. ” Elder Zhao replied, the joy in his eyes was obvious.

“The Master of Peach Blossom Ridge never sent anyone after the old man left, hence we have been guarding this place since then. Other than showing ourselves occasionally during the day, we generally don’t come out. In the past year, nothing much has happened, and the people haven’t been alarmed.” The old woman added.

“A few months ago, Empire Master brought Sunny to visit us. Sunny has been brought up well and also been practising martial arts with the Feng guards.” The young man informed her, he looked at his wife next to him and continued speaking: “This is all because of Master. We won’t ever forget your kindness. Anything Master tells us to do, we will do it even if it costs us our lives.”

The young wife nodded her head. They were filled with gratitude that they had received such good fortune, and their child was able to receive a good upbringing and education.

Feng Jiu nodded and said: “I have come here to tell you that my grandmother has given birth to a baby boy, his name is Feng Ye. He’s nearly half a month old now. Grandfather had mentioned that he planned to have Sunny stay by my little uncle’s side in the future to be his playmate and bodyguard.”

The four of them were overjoyed when they heard this news and immediately expressed their gratitude: “Thank you Master. We are so happy that Sunny can follow by Young Lord’s side.”

With Sunny growing up with Young Lord, they would study together, and develop a close relationship that can’t be compared with an ordinary guard. They were extremely grateful for such a good opportunity.

“Peach Blossom Ridge shall be under your care now. If there is anything that you can’t manage, then ask the Feng guards to take care of it.” She left further instructions and then headed back to Feng Residence with Little Hell’s Lord.

In the days that followed, she was quite free because she wasn’t busy refining pills. Other than the scheduled cultivation time, the rest of her time was spent walking around with Little Hell’s Lord.

In a blink of an eye, another half a month had gone by and it was the day of her little uncle Feng Ye’s full month banquet.

Early that morning, after she had washed herself and dressed in her red robes, she walked to the bedside and saw the distressed face of the little guy sat on the bed and asked: “What’s wrong?”

“My clothes are too small.” He placed his clothes against himself to show her. The sleeves were shorter and the robe was shorter too.

“Have you grown again?” She blinked in surprise. Because she was with him everyday, she hadn’t noticed that he had grown. However, when he had picked up his clothes and placed it against himself, the difference was quite obvious.

He was about the size of a five or six year old child, and now he had grown to the size of a six or seven year old child. It had only been a month, it wasn’t a very long time. This had her worried.

In the past two weeks, she had been living with him and eating with him. She didn’t notice him eating anything out of the ordinary. She really couldn’t understand how he was growing so quickly. Was it as he said, it was in his genes?

He looked at her not saying a word. He had indeed grown quite a lot in half a month. Moreover, with the restoration of his powers, his recovery would speed up even faster later on. He knew that it was time he left, he couldn’t stay any longer.

“It’s okay, I will ask someone to alter your clothes first. We will make you a new set of clothes later on.” She patted his head as she spoke to him because she thought that he was sulking that his clothes were too small.

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