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Chapter 26 - Getting to Know About Reiki

Chapter 26: Chapter 26 – Getting to Know About Reiki

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“Reiki is not a gas nor a tangible object. It is an absolute energy that permeates throughout the universe.”

In the afternoon, everyone attended a lesson on “Getting to Know Reiki” in the auditorium, after they had finished their lunch and taken their afternoon nap.

The lesson was not taught by those who wore black vests. Instead, a middle-aged scholar explained Reiki to them in a pre-recorded video. During his self-introduction, Xie Qiansi, who was sitting beside Ren Suo, remarked, “Isn’t he one of the youngest scholars in the Chinese Academy of Sciences at present?”

“Is he very capable?” Yuan Dang asked, who was sitting beside him.

“A national treasure would be the phrase to describe him,” Xie Qiansi replied. He continued, “He is an expert in Applied Physics.”

The middle-aged scholar in the video continued, “The concept of absolute energy only surfaced after the discovery of Reiki. What absolute energy refers to is a form of energy which can be converted into any other form of energy without causing any change or disturbance. Until today, we have yet to discover any form of energy in which absolute energy cannot be converted into. In other words, through some specific means, Reiki is able to convert itself into all other forms of energy, including kinetic energy, heat, potential energy, as well as electrical energy.”

“At the same time, Reiki can be utilized as a tangible substance, such as a Reiki flame—”

At this point in the video, a flame emerged from the hands of a man clad in a black vest with his face censored.

“As everyone would know, a fire, or a flame in this instance, is the result of combustion when fuel and oxygen in the air mix together and ignites in a chemical reaction. The visible light which appears, as well as any other observed physical changes, can be classified as both chemical and physical phenomena. However, a Practitioner who has attained a certain level of mastery of Reiki is able to create and ignite a flame directly without requiring or consuming any fuel.”

“In addition, the intensity of the resulting flame and even the quality and nature of the flame depends on the Practitioner’s technique and ability. We have already conducted tests on Reiki flames in a fully enclosed and isolated room. It was found that even after 10 minutes of burning, there was no change in the oxygen concentration present in the room.”

“As such, the material that fuels the flames is something which we cannot observe in the physical dimension; it is the Reiki we cannot see that fuels it. However, this does not mean that the flames are not able to combust with tangible objects. In fact, it is only due to the masterful technique of the Practitioner that the flame he has created is under his ‘full control’.”

“The moment that the Practitioner releases the flame from his control, the Reiki flame would be able to burn normally. It would be able to combust with physical materials while consuming oxygen. At the same time, the Practitioner would still be able to sustain the fire for an indefinite amount of time with Reiki. As such, the flame would not be extinguished even in extremely cold environments, in conditions where oxygen is scarce or absent, and even in water.”

“In this scenario, Reiki functions as an energy source. It is able to present itself through the familiar physical phenomena we observe, and yet it can still exist without any of such physical conditions present. This phenomenon, is what we call absolute energy,” the middle-aged scholar in the video explained.

The scholar then illustrated the dangers of Reiki as an energy source with a few more examples: it can exist anywhere, and it has the potential to do anything. In one scenario, a Practitioner would be able to master skills that enable him to survive and live on Reiki energy alone and not needing food and water.

In the second half of the lesson, the scholar talked about breathing currents.

“What is breathing current? Actually, it is simply the main processor of our internal circulatory system,” said the middle-aged scholar. He explained, “The term breathing current better describes what a beginning Practitioner feels when he is first able to generate his own. In reality, the breathing current is a special and unique body composition that cannot be observed or measured with physical equipment. This breathing current is usually felt most strongly where the Dantian is located, which is 2.55 inches below the navel.”

“Only a Practitioner himself would be able to feel the presence of their own breathing currents; it would not be visible to other people. Breathing currents most commonly appear as rotating air currents to the Practitioner. Each rotation is able to connect with the Reiki present and the activated Reiki will be absorbed into the body, causing minute changes to the body condition of the Practitioner. As the Practitioner achieves a certain level of mastery, his breathing current will increase immensely, and the activated and absorbed Reiki will double correspondingly. Currently, the nation is grouping the various levels of practice of all Practitioners into ranks, and will temporarily be termed as first rank, second rank, third rank, and so on.”

“The importance of a breathing current to a Practitioner is irrefutable.” The middle-aged scholar pointed to the central processing unit of a computer and said, “According to our research, if we compare the physical body of humans to Practitioners, breathing currents would have the same purpose as the CPU, the internal storage unit, large external storage devices, and many more. Breathing currents can also be internal or external, where an internal breathing current always interacts with ‘activated’ Reiki, while an external breathing current is the intermediary transfer point between the internal, physical body and the external Reiki, so the Reiki cannot be used directly.”

“All of the Reiki techniques used by Practitioners must first be processed through their breathing currents. Some of these techniques require a comparatively small amount of Reiki, thus the Practitioner can directly utilize the stored and ‘activated’ Reiki in the body, and hence the effect of these techniques can be released in a very short amount of time. In contrast, if the technique requires more Reiki to take effect, the external breathing current must be utilized, and if the Reiki garnered from the external breathing current is insufficient, the rate of the external breathing current has to be increased to absorb more of the external Reiki present.”

The middle-aged scholar made an advertisement in the middle of the lesson:

“The breathing current of a Practitioner will automatically be adjusted according to his skill level of Reiki. However, Reiki techniques are still considered to be part of empirical research in the field of Science. If a Practitioner has any findings or is able to create new Reiki techniques, the Practitioner may submit his work to the Xuan Nation Knowledge Web. There is a specialized team in the Chinese Academy of Sciences who will review the submissions, thus it is fine to submit the work in an incorrect format.”

“However, all submitted work must be true and real. Resources for the research of Reiki Practice are scarce and precious, so anyone who submits fake and untrue findings would be dealt with severely.”

“So, how do we generate our own breathing currents easily and relaxingly?” the middle-aged scholar asked suddenly in an extremely exaggerated tone. He continued, “Of course, it is to—”

“Practice breathing currents while exercising!”

The middle-aged scholar was brimming with smiles. He must have had much fun teasing in the video.

“The lower portion of the Dantian in the human body is now considered to be a special part naturally containing breathing currents. Through performing breathing patterns while exercising and hence absorbing Reiki, the Reiki in the body will flow through the blood, organs, and cells of the body. All the Reiki will then eventually be accumulated and stored in the lower part of the Dantian. As long as there is sufficient Reiki present in the surroundings, and the Practitioner is able to sustain the breathing rhythms, the flowing Reiki will definitely and automatically create a breathing current.”

“When the breathing current expands to a certain level, the active internal current will be formed and the Practitioner will be able to feel it. After which, humans will be able to observe the Reiki realm through the internal currents, and officially begin their Practice in Reiki.”

A diagram of the human body appeared behind the middle-aged scholar in the video. A breathing current was highlighted in blue where the lower portion of the Dantian was located.

“Breathing currents generally appear only after Reiki rejuvenation, and are physiological components which cannot be seen. Instead, it is only generated when the Practitioner has Practiced sufficiently.”

“The most obvious trait of breathing currents is the constant feedback from the body due to the activation of Reiki when practicing the breathing patterns. Practitioners who have activated their own breathing currents can generally perform the intermediate level technique of breathing patterns without much difficulty.”

“The transformation phase is when the breathing current stabilizes and becomes apparent to the Practitioner after a certain period of Practice. The Practitioner will then be able to perform the breathing patterns and train at any location. The breathing currents generated during the maturing phase and the transformation phase is actually very similar. The only difference is that only when one is able to generate one’s own breathing current in the transformation phase, will one be considered to have fully become a Practitioner.”

At this point, Ren Suo had a sudden realization of something.

The middle-aged scholar continued, “Some people may ask, have there been cases where people are able to generate their own breathing currents without Practicing? The answer is yes.”

“Our nation has been able to identify a number of people who are able to generate their own breathing currents naturally without any form of practice. These people would also have been able to master certain Reiki techniques, although they may not necessarily have attained the techniques from birth. Instead, they are able to immediately grasp the techniques after Reiki rejuvenation. However, these Reiki techniques stem directly from the breathing currents themselves, and thus we are not able to fully understand and replicate them.”

“This group of people who are able to generate their own breathing currents naturally are who we call the Extraordinaires. They have extraordinary abilities that are much more powerful than the Reiki techniques used by ordinary Practitioners—although both utilize Reiki. The procedure to using the techniques are also much simpler and utilizes less activated Reiki from the inner breathing current. These Extraordinaires are still able to learn other typical Reiki techniques and continue to improve.”

“Generally speaking, these Reiki techniques which cannot be fully replicated and which vary from one individual to another are termed ‘Awakened Abilities’. These Awakened Abilities are suddenly acquired by these people, and the Extraordinaires who possess such abilities are called the Awakened. For now, we still do not know if ordinary Practitioners are able to acquire Awakened Abilities in the future, or if the Awakened will have further Awakened Abilities. We are also unsure about the total number of Awakened Abilities.”

“In addition, the Awakened will naturally have their own breathing currents, and thus are also able to practice. On the other hand, Practitioners need to train their ability to generate their own breathing currents, and even so, they may not be able to become Awakened.”

The lesson on “Getting to Know Reiki” went on for the entire afternoon. If not for the fact that they were not allowed to take down any notes, many people would have written down all the knowledge that was taught to them. The lesson imparted valuable knowledge which had been studied and verified by the nation, and this knowledge would not have been available to the general public at the current time when Reiki rejuvenation was only at the starting phase.

Even while they were eating their dinner, everyone was still dazed and acting as if they were in a dream. Yuan Dang said as he ate his food, “Is the large fireball that emerged from the Deputy Director’s fist yesterday an Awakened Ability or an ordinary Reiki ability?”

“I think it’s a Reiki ability?” Xie Qiansi replied. He was not sure either. He continued, “In that scenario, wouldn’t it be more suitable to showcase the Reiki techniques which we can learn? Furthermore, it would be better to encourage us by showcasing an ability which we can achieve too.”

“It is also possible that he used an Awakened Ability for dramatic effect,” Zhao Huo said.

Ren Suo asked, “What makes all of you so sure that the Deputy Director is an Awakened Extraordinaire? Muyi, what do you think?”

Qiao Muyi, who was sitting opposite them to eat, glanced at Ren Suo. She said slowly, “If the Deputy Director is an Awakened Extraordinaire, can he make me generate my breathing current at a quicker speed?”

Everyone was stunned for a moment, and they suddenly realized that Qiao Muyi had subtly criticized them for discussing other Practitioners when they had not even been able to generate their own breathing currents yet. At a loss for words, they continued eating silently.

Only Ren Suo was secretly rejoicing—he had asked Muyi a question directly, and she answered!

I am no longer just a stranger to Qiao Muyi, am I?

Great, I should now be able to ask her out to the small forest and get her to sleep in front of me…?


“It’s getting colder…”

Amongst the Tedamia mountains, a group of tourists who were ascending the mountain in an SUV made several remarks and comments about the place as they looked around. A teenage girl sitting in the last row and wearing only a shirt and outer coat shivered as she quickly took out a down jacket and put it on.

“We are now reaching 4000 meters above sea level,” the tour leader who was a government official said. She continued, “It will only get colder as we climb higher, so please keep yourselves warm. There are people who freeze to death on the mountain every year.”

“We have already left the forested areas in Tedamia, and in another 10 hours, we will arrive at the grand entrance to the peak of the holy Hyjal Mountain – the Hyjal basecamp. If anyone is feeling unwell at any point in time, please let me know immediately…”

The teenage girl in the last row of the SUV suddenly interrupted the team leader and said, “I suppose that the only way to get from Grace City to the basecamp is by vehicle, using the mountain roads?”

“Of course,” said the tour leader. He continued, “Grace City is the closest city from the northern peak of Hyjal. You can still fly into Grace City by plane, and then reach the main entrance of Hyjal by car. This mountain road is also the only road that is accessible by car, and even the Kamiyans who live at the foot of Hyjal Mountain access the Hyjal entrance by car.”

“That…that person is…” the teenage girl gasped.

Everyone looked in the direction she was pointing to. They saw a figure with golden-colored long hair speeding through the mountains, slightly over a hundred meters away from them and to the left of their vehicle. The dense forests and the loose gravel on the sloping sides of the mountain posed no challenge to her at all. It was as if she was parkouring.

“Is that a girl?” some of them remarked in astonishment.

It was apparent to them that the clothes the golden-haired figure wore were thin. In the midst of her vigorous movements, her wide black-colored clothes fluttered when the cold breeze blew, accentuating her perfect figure. If one had good eyesight, one could even see her pretty face glistening amidst the dust landing on her.

“What happened to her? Did her car break down? Why is she running upwards…” the tour leader muttered. However, he could not even finish his sentences. The next thing he knew, his eyes widened in terror as he exclaimed, “Be careful!”

The golden-haired girl ran directly upwards onto a steep cliff at close to a staggering 75-degree angle. However, as she reached out to grab the rocks at the edge of the top of the cliff after walking over ten meters upwards, the rocks cracked and split into pieces!

The golden-haired girl lost her balance all of a sudden and stumbled over. Just as she was about to roll all the way down along the sides of the cliff, everyone on the SUV exclaimed in utter horror while looking at the girl fall from such a height. They were about to witness the girl fall to her death if she landed on the rocks at the bottom of the cliff!

However, the golden-haired girl was able to react almost instantly as she leaped upwards from the sides of the cliff onto the top edge of it. The gorgeous girl had forward-flipped onto the top of the cliff!

As they looked on, their hearts all skipped a beat in immense fear!

“Drive over. Let’s see if she needs any help?” the teenage girl suggested.

However, barely a few seconds had passed when the golden-haired girl began continuing with her journey upwards, disappearing quickly from their sight. She was definitely not ascending the mountain by looping around the sides using the mountain road. Instead, she was proceeding upwards along the shortest route while climbing her way past any obstacle!

The trembling teenage girl suddenly became excited as she took out her laptop and started typing furiously on the keyboard.

“You are…writing an article?” asked someone who was sitting beside her curiously.

“I am a media editor from Xuan Nation. This is a miraculous sight! At more than 4000 meters above sea level, an adventurous girl wearing just a thin layer of clothing is parkouring!” the teenage girl replied animatedly. She continued, “If only I had taken a picture of her just now… But no matter what, writing my article first will not be a problem.”

“Either way, I have a feeling that I will meet her again soon!”

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