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Chapter 261 - Fulfilling Mission Clearance Requirements Before The Deadline

Chapter 261: Chapter 261 – Fulfilling Mission Clearance Requirements Before The Deadline

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[Desires Collected: 10320]

After clearing Mexico City on the fifth night and Sao Paulo of Brazil on the fourth night, Ren Suo fulfilled the mission clearance requirements, before the deadline.

Unlike Mexico City, there was still law and order in Sao Paulo, despite it being a global megacity with the largest population in the southern hemisphere. It would certainly not have extremely evil monsters, nor true demons roaming everywhere—the reason why there were so many true demons roaming about obnoxiously in Mexico City was because of the frequent deaths there.

In contrast, while Sao Paulo did not have many true demons, there were many spirits! It was in Sao Paulo where Ren Suo encountered a Morphed Spirit which he had not seen before: a jaguar girl.

The jaguar girl looked extremely attractive in Ren Suo’s eyes: she had a typical physique and looked especially cute. She had a pair of animal ears, and her hands and feet had not completely transformed. It was as if she was wearing gloves and shoes in cosplay, looking extremely cute.

However, the jaguar girl was extremely fierce and ruthless as the boss of the night in Sao Paulo. Ren Suo thought that she was very cute as a Kemonomimi, so he extracted keywords using the Holy Water, and even racked his brain to prepare a delicious meal for her.

When the jaguar girl finished her meal, she was clearly satisfied, but then she said: [I’ll give you three extra turns first.]

Coupled with [48-year-old Cockroach], the female stall owner had five extra turns to quickly attack the jaguar girl first. The jaguar girl’s HP was depleted by half, but then she attacked the female stall owner eight times consecutively with her claws, almost killing the female stall owner.

As a last resort, Ren Suo was forced to use his trump card: [Catnip].

That was a gift the female stall owner received from a certain cat-type monster. If the female stall owner ate it, her defense ability would increase by 120, but if it was used as a prop, her attack would make cat-type spirits lose control of themselves temporarily for 5 turns. There were limited uses for it, but Ren Suo would still keep such food items that had specialized uses.

Coincidentally, the target type matched, so the female stall owner used [Catnip] to confuse the jaguar girl for five turns, and finally managed to defeat her.

The jaguar girl named Rica looked at the female stall owner with tears streaming down her face. All of a sudden, she went forward to hug the female stall owner and started bawling. She desperately rubbed her head in the embrace of the female stall owner—Ren Suo could understand her actions, for he would also want to do the same if he saw the female stall owner in real life. After all, when he was customizing the appearance of the game character, he was thinking with the lower part of his body.

The jaguar girl proposed her desire to travel the world with the female stall owner, but obviously, Ren Suo helped the female stall owner to decline her with the reason being that she was ugly. He persuaded her to transform completely and turn back into a human but told her not to remove her beast ears…

The combat powers of the bosses at the end of every night were getting stronger. If Ren Suo had not chosen to clear cities with high [Degree of Concealment] from the beginning, he would not have received a sufficient amount of gifts, and the female stall owner would not have become strong enough either. In that case, Ren Suo would certainly not be able to clear cities with high degrees of concealment later on in the game.

Ren Suo could somewhat tell that the monsters who were ‘fed garbage and then defeated’ contributed fewer Desires than monsters who ‘turned over a new leaf on their own accord’.

There was no specific reason why Ren Suo thought so and it was pure speculation, but the existence of the ‘seasoning’ segment was the best evidence of his guess. Moreover, it was a fact that the chances of clearing the night were higher when as many battles were avoided and the female stall owner lost as little of her HP.

Nonetheless, Ren Suo had collected sufficient Desires. Did he have to continue challenging the cities with a higher level of difficulty?

Since there were still three more days to the end of the game, Ren Suo could simply choose a village with low [Degree of Concealment] to clear the remaining three nights quickly and finish the game.

However, when Ren Suo looked at the list of cities, he sighed.

Ranked third by [Degree of Concealment] was the city of—Tokyo.

Ranked second by [Degree of Concealment] was the city of—London.

Ranked first by [Degree of Concealment] was the city of—Lianjiang!

That was why Ren Suo could not choose Lianjiang City in the very beginning; if he wanted to eat a meal at the fleeing ghost stall himself, he had to gradually strengthen the female stall owner until she was strong enough to clear Lianjiang City.

Furthermore, the more Desires that were collected, the score Ren Suo achieved at the time of mission clearance would naturally be higher as well. Given that Ren Suo desperately needed more merit points, he naturally would not give up in the face of difficulty.

By now, Ren Suo could guess that the order of the various monsters based on their strength, from the strongest to the weakest, should be: beasts, demons, ghosts, spirits, half-demons.

Cities with a large population primarily contained half-demons. However, for a city to have a higher [Degree of Concealment], it was dependent on the total number of monsters, and not just the number of half-demons alone!

Mumbai of Kongque Nation and Mexico City primarily had true demons, which was the reason why they were ranked among the top ten by [Degree of Concealment]. Similarly, Shenhai City and Sao Paulo were also ranked among the top ten as they had many strong monsters.

The top three cities ranked by [Degree of Concealment] were all safe cities where law and order were maintained by common official forces. In other words, there would be extremely few irrational monsters in those cities. The customers would certainly be able to control their impulses, but at the same time, they were strong, Extraordinary creatures that could explode at any moment.

There would surely be no true demons in Lianjiang City, so it was a mystery what kind of powerful creatures existed in concealment in the city.

“At the least, there would be no true demons, so I would be able to season the food after listening to their life experiences and ensure that they are satisfied…” Ren Suo took a deep breath, then chose to ‘flee ghosts’ in Tokyo.

The female stall owner appeared discreetly in a park and pushed her food cart along. The park was sparkling clean and the streetlamps shone brightly. There were few homeless people sleeping on the benches, and from afar, the park could be seen to cover a huge land area.

For such a large park to exist in Tokyo, it was very likely to be a scenic area of interest. Indeed, that was the case: as the female stall owner pushed her food cart along, a few groups of patrol officers could be seen chasing away the homeless people who had been sleeping on the long benches.

If it were an ordinary park, the homeless people could possibly even set up tents to sleep, in an area away from the footpaths. However, judging from how serious the patrol officers were, the park was likely to actually be a famous attraction.

Passing by several patrol officers, they all ignored the female stall owner and the food cart she was pushing. Ren Suo felt that the female stall owner was becoming more and more daring—he remembered that in Hong Kong, the female stall owner still took twists and turns to avoid meeting other people. In contrast, the female stall owner was walking boldly in front of other people, and yet they did not even notice her.

Had the female stall owner become more powerful? Or…

The female stall owner stopped beside a pond named Shinobazu Pond. The water in the pond glistened, and many large blooming lotuses shone warmly under the moonlight. Many black swans were sleeping as they floated on the water, and they did not seem to notice the female stall owner or the food stall either. No noises were made, and it was completely silent.

Not long after the food stall was set up, the first customer… or rather, the first pair of customers appeared.

They were two little girls—one of them had white hair and wore a red kimono, looking cute as she smiled, while the other had black hair and wore cute pink pajamas with a rabbit design, rubbing her eyes as if she had just woken up. Both of them looked like they were five or six years old.

The young dark-haired girl looked at the food stall and said: [Mako… Where are we? Weren’t we playing at home?]

Her missing front teeth were revealed as she spoke in a cute and sweet voice.

The young white-haired girl replied: [The food here is delicious. You often treat me to meals, so it is my turn to treat you.] She pulled the black-haired girl to take a seat at the stall and tapped the table, saying: [We want to eat sushi!]

The black-haired girl asked: [Mako, are you going to treat me?] She was elated as she hugged the white-haired girl and giggled: [Let me sleep for a short while first, wake me up when the food is ready…]

As she watched the young black-haired girl fall asleep again, the smile on the face of the young white-haired girl faded. She looked emotionless at the sign on the food cart, then looked at the female stall owner.

She said: [My name is Mako Asami, and I died 23 years ago.]

The white-haired girl looked at the young black-haired girl beside her and continued: [She is Natsuya Nishino, my younger sister’s daughter.]

‘Is she a ghost?’ Ren Suo thought.

[Adults cannot see me, and only Natsuya can see me. I sneaked into my sister’s house, and my sister’s family began to be visited with good luck. Her husband was promoted at work, her blog became popular, while Natsuya’s grades in school also improved…]

[I think I must have become a Zashiki-warashi spirit.]

Hold on, Ren Suo was not skilled at handling such cases where ‘no one is a pain in the neck’. Feeling that he needed some external help this time, Ren Suo opened the exchange list of the Small Holy Grail of Purity…

… only to find that the exchange list had changed.

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