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Chapter 28 - Get Them in Bed!

Chapter 28: Chapter 28 – Get Them in Bed!

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The ring of fire took everyone by surprise. Those who were closest to the center of all the action were engulfed in flames and blasted backward several meters away. Even those who were looking on from a slightly farther distance were thrown off their feet and onto the ground behind them.

Fortunately for Ren Suo and his group, they had not been close to the scene and had only lost their balance and fallen onto the ground. Although the initial burst of flames had reached them, their clothes had not caught fire. They looked at the flaming man in utter shock and disbelief.

Without a doubt, he was a flaming man!

All of his clothes had already burned into ashes and his skin was dry and fragmented resembling cracked earth. The red, boiling blood underneath his skin glowed intensely and flowed like lava. All of his hair had been burned into nothingness. The flames which caught all the onlookers around him by surprise had now become his protective armor!

His abilities must have been Awakened!

Everyone thought so as they recalled what Yu Kuangtu, the Deputy Director, had told them previously.

There was no other possible explanation for what they had just witnessed! From a student who was still undergoing training to learn to generate his own breathing current, to suddenly utilizing such a horrific skill, it must have been his Awakening!

Up till now, although most of the students had successfully activated their own breathing currents, they still had doubts about the entire concept of Reiki, for the feeling they experienced when they generated their own breathing currents was just too underwhelming. It did not feel fulfilling or grand like what comics portrayed. They merely felt like they had grown another organ inside their body, and when they practiced, they could feel this ‘organ’ growing stronger and bigger.

However, they found themselves being unable to control this ‘organ’.

Taking Xie Qiansi as an example, he had activated his own breathing current on the night of the third day of training. He was so excited that he could not keep still as he announced to the world that he would practice until he “awakened his ultimate skill”…

And yet, he was the fastest one to fall asleep that night.

Dreaming about oneself being able to control a desired energy source seemed to be a very effective sleeping pill.

On the other hand, right in front of everyone, was an ordinary student who had suddenly turned into someone wielding a powerful skill!

Although the effect of his skill still could not compare to the deadly wrath of a hand grenade, the flames were generated all by himself, and this power has a limitless potential to grow! If he could be a flaming man now, what would stop him from becoming a flaming asteroid in the future?

“Shame on him, standing naked in broad daylight!” Qiao Muyi exclaimed.

Everyone lowered their heads as they heard Qiao Muyi’s voice from behind them. Indeed, the flaming man was standing bare in his birthday suit, and the cracks and fissures remained on his skin, as if he was a worm that was about to emerge from his cocoon…

“Ha…Tch…” The flaming man grabbed his throat as the onlookers shouted in shock and fled away from him. A mysterious tinge of sadness emerged from his eyes. He tried to go closer to the crowd, but the flames started to dance around according to his movements!

His feet scorched the ground, leaving dark, black marks as the waves of flames grew bigger and more intense. Everyone including Ren Suo could feel the room heating up suddenly.

Everyone distanced themselves from the flaming man as fast as they could, but Ren Suo took a few steps forward instead and became very noticeable in the crowd which was backing away.

“Brother Ren Suo, what are you doing?” Yuan Dang asked when he saw Ren Suo moving forward. He hurriedly grabbed Ren Suo’s arm to stop him and said, “Let’s go quickly. This guy’s out of control!”

Ren Suo was jolted from his daze as his heart started palpitating quickly. He stared at the flaming man as a look of struggle appeared on his face—

He had found yet another key!

Compared to Qiao Muyi, the flaming man was an extremely dangerous creature. If he were to rush into the ring of flames, the people around him would not suspect anything, but would instead give him a thumbs up and compliment him for being brave and courageous enough to stop the man.

However, the problem was that Ren Suo would not be able to subdue the man!

Even though he had equipped himself with the [Enhanced Physique] and “[Fighter Novice] abilities, it was obvious that his physical ability was still within the limits of humans. Yet, the flaming man in front of him was just like someone who time traveled from the technological times to the magical dimension. Without a gun, there was no way he could defeat the man.

Just at this moment, a few bald men emerged from the crowd—

No, they were guys with a buzz cut.

A few muscular soldiers who were also practicing pushed their way through the crowd and walked towards the flaming man valiantly.

“Stop now!” one of the men commanded loudly. He said, “Take deep breaths. Don’t let the Reiki eat into your brain!”

“Argh…Ah, ah, ah!” the flaming man bellowed as he straightened his back. As he screamed, a pillow of flames emerged under his feet and flames started dancing around the entire dining hall!

“If only he had clothes on…” Qiao Muyi said with a sigh. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

It was only now that Ren Suo realized why all superheroes wore their trademark underwear at the very least; otherwise, no matter how cool or stunning their abilities were, they could not be spared from a very embarrassing predicament…

The next moment, without any warning, the flaming man dashed straight towards the three soldiers with his dark, burnt body that was suddenly glowing like a hot red burning metal!

“Has he gone mad now?” one of the soldiers questioned as he picked up a large table from beside him. He lifted the table above his head and threw it directly at the flaming man. He instructed, “Let’s bring him under control first!”

Accordingly, the three soldiers ran fearlessly into the fire. The flaming man raised his hands as the table flew towards him, and instantly the table fragmented into pieces with a loud crack. The three soldiers took the opportunity to run towards the flaming man.

The soldiers seemed to have an invisible protective cloak around them. They were surrounded by the flames but the flames avoided them automatically. They could even touch the burning skin of the flaming man directly with their bare hands!


The flaming man let out a roar as a slew of fiery flames radiated outwards from him. However, the three soldiers remained unharmed as they pinned him to the ground.

After a short while, the flames died out and the man’s cracked and fissured skin returned back to normal. He was no longer struggling and instead laid motionless on the ground.

“Ah, what a sight, three muscular man sitting on a naked man lying on the ground in broad daylight…”

The dining hall became noisy again as the onlooking crowd and the three soldiers looked grimly at the man.

“What happened here?”

Ren Suo broke out of his daze. He saw Li Dan with his dark eyebags and donning his black vest walking towards him. He seemed to have just finished his meal with grains of rice still remaining at the corners of his mouth. He was slightly shocked as he saw the three strong soldiers pinning a naked man down on the floor, but recovered his senses quickly. He said, “He has been Awakened? Bring him to the logistics area and take care of him there.”

Li Dan surveyed one round around the dining hall and asked, “Can anyone explain to me what had just happened…I remember seeing you. Do you know what just happened? Oh my gosh, have you not eaten yet, that’s so disgusting.”

Everyone else had moved further away from the man just now, and Ren Suo who had stood rooted in his original spot was naturally the most noticeable. He heard what Li Dan said and quickly wiped away his saliva and replied, “I just finished my food…Ah, it seemed like the man fought with another person, and as they were fighting, he suddenly began shooting flames.”

“Fighting with someone else?” Li Dan looked around and saw the students who had been blown out of the dining hall and were engulfed in flames. “Gosh, he created such a big mess…The few of you, carry the injured students and follow us to the logistics area.”

Ren Suo and the few others who had been pointed out by Li Dan looked at each other blankly. Ren Suo asked, “Do we need stretchers? We have not learnt how to perform first aid before…”

“The few of them out there look like they are almost dying; it’s more important to bring them to the logistics department to treat them as soon as possible.” Li Dan said, “The medical officers at the logistics department are all having their meals now. It’s already a hassle to disrupt their meal and call them over now.”

The few of them followed Li Dan’s instructions and gathered over ten people to help carry the six people who suffered the most severe injuries. Five others who had been burned but had been slightly farther away also followed Li Dan to the logistics area.

As they walked quickly towards the logistics area carrying the six burned bodies and one naked man, they naturally attracted a lot of attention. Li Dan, as excited as the smartphone zombies in the cities, was walking at the front while he played on his mobile phone.

The moment they entered the logistics area, they saw two men clad in black vests watching American drama shows while consuming their meals. They looked up and saw the injured members and said calmly, “Leave them on the bed.”

Li Dan said, “There’s one who had just Awakened.”

“That one there without any clothes on? Aish…” one of the men clad in the black vest said as he stood up with his mouth still full. He walked over to the man and hit the man’s stomach with force.

An astonishing sight unfolded before them—mysterious runes appeared out of nowhere from the typical-looking hospital bed with white sheets! Chains suddenly emerged from the four legs of the bed and chained the man securely to the bed!

The man in the black vest proceeded to tap the other injured members’ bodies, but something different happened. A warm glow radiated from the beds they were on and surrounded them completely.

“Stop looking. It’s time to leave,” Li Dan reminded. He said, “It’s been so many days here. Are you all still so shocked at such a sight?”

The students smiled bitterly. They had not been able to snap out from the usual technological world and adapt to such a mystical world.

Ren Suo glanced at Qiao Muyi and walked over to Li Dan. He asked, “That…do you still remember me?”

“I still remember you.” Li Dan said, “You always appear without leaving a trace in front of me…”

Ren Suo was perplexed. How could someone like him who have gone through nine years of compulsory education not know how to use idioms properly? Regardless, Ren Suo instinctively wanted to form a good relationship with Li Dan—even though Qiao Muyi was soon to be in his reach but both of them had his keys. He said, “By the way, is Mo Zhaolong also one of the Awakened?”

“Mo Zhaolong? Oh, that criminal with extraordinary abilities.” Li Dan looked at Ren Suo and said, “I am not supposed to disclose this to normal citizens, but since you are more than ordinary people, and you would encounter them anyway, I will tell you…”

“That extraordinary criminal’s Awakened ability is [Fog of Lethargy], so anyone who is close enough to him will be affected by the Reiki-generated fog which is invisible and has no smell. An average person will fall unconscious within five seconds, and he previously used this ability of his to sexually assault a few girls after they finished work at night.”

Ren Suo was slightly surprised. He said, “He must be so brave to continue being a civil servant…”

Li Dan explained, “Who will look for extraordinary criminals like him? The government. And who will likely be researching on extraordinary abilities? The government. He thought that by putting himself in the government as a civil servant, not only would he be able to hide his true identity, he would also be able to obtain more information from the government and even get a support from the government when he needed to gain higher authority.”

Li Dan smiled and continued, “Actually, his thinking is not wrong; if Extraordinaires want to join forces with us voluntarily, and if they had not used their extraordinary abilities to commit crimes previously, we will actually treat these Awakened Extraordinaires well.”

“But now, ha ha…As the Deputy Director has mentioned, these Awakened Extraordinaires who use their Awakened abilities to commit crimes would all be sent to the research center.” Li Dan looked at Ren Suo and said, “Anyway…you are from Lianjiang City, right? We would likely be colleagues soon. I am Li Dan.”

Ren Suo stretched his hand out and replied, “I am Ren Suo.”

Li Dan looked at Ren Suo’s outstretched hand and laughed. He shook hands with Ren Suo and turned around to leave.

Ren Suo also followed the rest of the group back to their dormitory. Someone asked him, “Ren Suo, you met the guy in the black vest before?”

“Yes, indeed,” Ren Suo said. He then told them about his experience with Mo Zhaolong previously, and what Li Dan had told him about Mo Zhaolong. Everyone started discussing about the matter:

“There’s even such Awakened abilities?”

“If only such an Awakened ability could be used to treat insomnia…”

“That’s right, how could he use it to sexually assault girls!”

Qiao Muyi said solemnly, “But why are all of you so excited about this?”

Xie Qiansi said self-righteously, “How can that be? We are all members of the government. How could we have such inappropriate thoughts…”

Ren Suo remained speechless the entire walk back to their dormitory. When they were about to reach their dormitory, Ren Suo suddenly patted Qiao Muyi on the back and smiled as he returned her gaze. He said, “It’s nothing, there was a mosquito on your back, I swiped it away.”

Qiao Muyi returned a short “Oh” as the voices of those around them who were discussing about Mo Zhaolong became quieter momentarily but returned back to normal after a second.

Ren Suo had not noticed such details. When he got back to his room, he lay down on his bed immediately as the voice he heard just moments ago repeated in his head:

“A key has been found.”

“The key is in a foreign state. Starting to retrieve the key.”

“The key has already been formed. 10999 seconds required to retrieve the key, do not remove physical contact. 10998, 10997, 10996…”

That was what he had heard when he touched Li Dan.

“A key has been found”

“The key is in a friendly state. Starting to retrieve the key.”

“The key has already been formed. 4600 seconds required to retrieve the key. Do not remove physical contact. 4599, 4598, 4597…”

That was what he had heard when he touched Qiao Muyi.

Previously, when Ren Suo had touched Li Dan, the key was “in a high alert state” and was “unable to be retrieved”.

Now, Li Dan’s key was in a foreign state, which meant that Li Dan’s impression of Ren Suo would determine the difficulty to retrieve the key from him. In other words, the closer two people were, the easier it was to retrieve the key!

Based on fighting ability alone, there was no question that Ren Suo would not be able to defeat the experienced Li Dan. However, the varying difficulty for him to retrieve the key from Li Dan was proof that there was an extremely viable method to retrieve the keys from people, which did not involve physical force—

To hypnotize them!

Indeed, as long as they would fall asleep comfortably in front of Ren Suo, he would be able to retrieve the keys from them easily.

He could just treat the voice telling him about the key’s state and the countdown timer as the progress bar in GalGames!

Ren Suo had purposefully touched Qiao Muyi briefly just to prove that his theory was correct.

Previously, when he and Qiao Muyi were still strangers, more than 9000 seconds were required to retrieve the key. However, he only needed 3000 seconds to do so now, and the state of the key had progressed from ‘foreign’ to ‘friendly’, indicating that a good relationship would indeed shorten the retrieval time.

“Make good relationships, and get them in bed!”

Ren Suo had found his own goal!

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