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Chapter 30 - Knowledge From Understood But Unspoken Experience

Chapter 30: Chapter 30 – Knowledge From Understood But Unspoken Experience

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Zhao Jingzhong gave a brief explanation of the [Lock] technique though he did not bother demonstrating the use of the technique. Instead, he continued with the next topic and asked, “I suppose all of you are very curious about the crystal cubes in front of you, aren’t you?”

“I’m sure that some of you would have guessed correctly. All of you will be making use of these crystal cubes to learn the Reiki techniques,” he answered his own question.

“Although the ‘Clothing’ and ‘Lock’ techniques are very simple, do not have any special or hidden tricks, and have very limited potential for widespread destruction—at least when you all use them—they are still very valuable and precious techniques. After all of you learn these two techniques, you would basically have the ability to subdue any normal person.”

“Your breathing currents would not be detected by regular security checks, such as those on trains and at train stations or at the airport. You all would be able to take any normal person down without any weapons at all, as long as they do not use any extremely violent weapons against you.”

“Taekwondo, Karate, Xing Yi Fist, the Eight Trigram Palm, Brazilian jiu-jitsu…All the close-combat fighting techniques normal people learn would be useless against you. As long as you catch them, they would all be able to be subdued by you.”

He continued, “In other words, once you master the proper way of using the techniques, you would be akin to half a ‘superman’. As such, important techniques like these naturally cannot be transmitted or imparted to just anyone so easily.”

“All of you here can learn these two techniques solely because you have been approved by the nation, and have cleared background checks. Furthermore, all of you are people with ordinary abilities. However, it still does not mean that information from here would not leak out for sure. In fact, this knowledge could even be transmitted to those who are Awakened but had not been discovered yet. If such Awakened people get their hands on these Reiki techniques, they would pose huge security risks to the entire society.”

“As such, this is how you all would receive the knowledge—”

Zhao Jingzhong pointed to his head and said, “Through understanding, not spoken.”

“The crystal cubes you see in front of you are special study tools developed by the research center named ‘The Knowledge Web’. Now, I want all of you to hold the crystals in your hands, and try to generate your breathing flows while letting the Reiki flow in your body,” Zhao Jingzhong instructed.

Ren Suo and the rest of the group gently lifted the floating crystals from the plate. They could feel the coldness of the crystals on their palms. Under the light of the incandescent lamps in the room, a warm glow reflected off the edges of the crystal.

The breathing patterns could be utilized even when they were not exercising, especially for the students in Practice mode who could already generate their own breathing currents. They would still be able to utilize Reiki while maintaining the breathing patterns normally, albeit with lower effectiveness. According to research, when they generated their breathing current while at rest, the basic breathing technique had 0.1% effectiveness, the intermediate level breathing technique would be 0.33% effective, while the advanced breathing technique would be 1.25% effective. With such low effectiveness, they would have been better off spending their time sleeping.

However, as they used the breathing patterns at this time, they noticed that the crystals had begun to glow faintly. Following this, they felt a tingling sensation along their arms as they continued holding on to the crystal cubes. The sensation was akin to that felt in the calves when standing up after squatting down in the toilet for half an hour. The tingling continued radiating upwards through their arm and all the way to their heads.

What followed next were changes that happened to the left eye of those who were holding the crystals on their left hand. Likewise, there were also changes happening to the right eye of those who were holding the crystals on their right hand.

Ren Suo was holding the crystal in his right palm, and correspondingly, he lost all his vision in his right eye—leaving a lonely darkness on one side of his vision.

Zhao Jingzhong said, “Now, close your eyes, and follow the instructions carefully.”

Ren Suo closed both of his eyes and his entire world plunged into darkness. However, he could still make out a distinctive grey seed in the pitch darkness,

He attempted to ‘think’ of touching this grey seed, but in his vision, he could only see ripples forming when he thought of touching it; nothing else happened.

What was going on? Ren Suo was stunned for a moment, until Zhao Jingzhong said, “Hold on for a short while…there are still groups which have not gotten into position.”

Two minutes later, Zhao Jingzhong said, “We are going to start now. Follow the instructions carefully and wait patiently. Don’t mess around! Counting down now, in 10, 9, 8, 7…”

When Zhao Jingzhong reached 0, Ren Suo saw the entire dark space light up instantly by a fire.

The fire was weak and at an extremely long distance away, as if it was about to be extinguished, and yet it was able to glow so brightly. Ren Suo almost thought it was just a figment of his imagination.

However, the next instant, a weak but bright fire lit up in another spot, followed by a third fire, then a fourth, a fifth…

Within a couple of seconds, Ren Suo saw the entire dark space light up with countless flames. Although each individual flame was weak and seemed insignificant, all the flames joined together to form a large, red net of fire, lighting up the entire space!

Ren Suo tried to touch the grey seed again, and this time with just a quick thought, the grey seed also lit up in flames immediately!

Instinctively, Ren Suo knew that this was his appearance in the dark space, and he and the other flames were connected together in a mysterious and unexplainable way.

“Welcome all Practitioners to the Knowledge Web.”

A sentence in an Arial font appeared as flames.

“It is now time to transmit knowledge on the techniques ‘Clothing’ and ‘Lock’.”

“Proceeding to authentication of origin. Representatives from the Qinghai region, please light your flame of authentication.”

Amongst the sea of flames, Ren Suo saw a region of flames flicker momentarily. A red circle emerged from the flickering region of flames, which encompassed the flames in the immediate area.

“Next, representatives from Tianjing region…”

More and more red circles appeared as the sentences which appeared guided everyone along the authentication process. Very soon, it was Ren Suo and his group’s turn.

“Representatives from Lian provincial region, please light your flame of authentication.”

Ren Suo could only feel the area right in front of him become occupied by a wheel of fire, and then saw his flame within an enormous, pale red colored protective bubble. So this is how the red circle actually looks like, Ren Suo thought.

After a few more minutes, the flames of sentences finally finished authenticating all the regions and proceeded to the next step.

“Next, all representative please download [Clothing] and [Lock].”

Download? It had been a long time since Ren Suo heard such a typical term from the internet ever since the training camp started, and he was surprised for a moment.

The flaming sentences turned into two large yellow-colored words glowing warmly: [Clothes] and [Lock]. Countless fire linkages radiated outwards from each of the two words, connecting to the edges of every red circle.

Ren Suo saw the red circle his flame was in shake slightly as the fire links from the two words attached to the red circle. Then even more fire links formed and connected to the flames within the circle.

Ren Suo’s flame instantly became bigger as if more firewood had been added to it. The next moment, he felt as if a wave of knowledge was injected into his subconscious—

No, it was not words, not sound, nor images.

Instead, Ren Suo felt as if he was in one of his memories, and he started generating his breathing current. As Ren Suo manipulated the flowing Reiki in his mind, he could feel the Reiki transform into a protective armor on him, or become a layer of air flowing along and locking his arm like invisible shackles!

When Ren Suo broke out from the memory, he saw a line of words appear in front of him as flames:

“Knowledge of [Clothes] and [Lock] has been transmitted successfully. Exiting current Knowledge Web session in 13 seconds.”

After 13 seconds, the flame furthest away from him extinguished, and the entire space began turning dark again as if the entire city started losing power. The flames which had been present everywhere within the space began to die off, and even Ren Suo’s own flame seemed to lose all its fuel source and extinguished.

The Knowledge Net session ended, and the entire space returned to darkness.

Ren Suo opened his eyes and saw the other students placing the crystal cubes back down onto the table with their faces filled with excitement and awe.

“This is how Reiki techniques are taught,” Zhao Jingzhong said stately as he stood at the front of the room.

“The knowledge is learned through understood yet unspoken experience.”

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