Miracle Throne

Chapter 14: The Ashamed and Enraged Da Xiao Jie

The Ashamed and Enraged Da Xiao Jie

TN: Da Xiao Jie(大小姐) is a title used for the eldest daughter of an affluent family. It is often used in slang to refer to a spoiled girl (aka Princess or an ojou-sama). Da Xiao Jie is also the nickname that Chu Tian uses to refer to Meng Qing Wu. This is a term that will appear a lot so please take note of it. That is all that you need to know. Do not do further research on this subject. Case closed.

Meng Qing Wu, shrouded in an aura of intense aggression, denounced Chu Tian in a tone as sharp as a blade cutting through ice: “Ying Ying is an innately good-natured and pure person. Having reached a rebellious age, and being driven by curiosity, she would inevitably get herself deceived by people’s sweet words. If you dare to do anything outrageous and hurt Ying Ying one tiny bit, even if that means I lose everything, I will not let you off!”

Chu Tian hadn’t committed anything he felt guilty about. With a clear conscience, he said: “This is a misunderstanding. I really did not do anything wicked, nor do I plan to.”

Meng Ying Wu coldly snorted: “Let me ask you, did you take Ying Ying and stay out for the night?”

Chu Tian knew he could not conceal this matter and said: “That’s right!”


The wooden armrest was crushed into pieces.

“Do you still dare to say that you didn’t do anything?” Meng Qing Wu‘s solemn and beautiful face exuded a wave of insatiable anger: “Why did you take Ying Ying out? What did you do?”

Chu Tian righteously said: “We only went out to earn some money. Miss Meng Ying Ying had a business idea, shouldn’t you as her sister encourage her?”

How could Meng Qing Wu believe such a blatant lie?

How could she not know what kind of material her meimei* was?

TN:*meimei means younger sister

Surely, this villain must have deceived Ying Ying by taking advantage of her eagerness to get strong and brought her outside.

That face capable of causing the downfall of a nation, effused a boundless rage, causing her breasts to bob up and down; it truly was an incomparably beautiful sight to behold. That angry look added another flavour to her stern and able womanly appearance: “No more bickering! I will give you one more chance to tell the truth. If you tell half a word of a lie, I will not spare you!”

Da Xiao Jie’s attitude became even more stern.

However, this kind of attitude that didn’t differentiate between good or bad, right or wrong, instead continually questioning closely, had put Chu Tian in a bad mood.

This Da Xiao Jie had put on a foul face, categorizing Chu Tian as the bad guy from the start. What use was there for an explanation?

“Then according to you, when I brought Miss Meng Ying Ying outside, what should we have done?”

Meng Qing Wu was already very angry. Matters regarding her meimei were something she would never tolerate: “I don’t care what you have done, but you are a servant of the Meng family! As a servant, not only did you not remind your master to follow the right path but instead led her astray. Just for this, you should be punished by being beaten with clubs and then get thrown out of the family!”



This Da Xiao Jie is being too unreasonable!

Do you really think that I am your servant?

Meng Qing Wu said with a stern expression: “Why don’t you hurry up and confess?!”

“Right right right! We went to a hotel!” Chu Tian also had a bad temper. He decided to piss Da Xiao Jie off, and purposely said out loud: “We slept in the same room last night, well, you can’t really say we slept. You should be satisfied with this answer!”

Meng Qing Wu turned pale as if she had been struck by lightning, her whole body unconsciously began to tremble: “You……You dared to do such an immoral act, Ying Ying is only 16 years old!”

“If I say I didn’t do anything, would you believe me?” Chu Tian sneered a few times and said: “Not even trusting your own sister and trying to push all the blame onto us; if this information spread out, then Meng Ying Ying’s reputation would be ruined. Did you really consider this from your meimei’s perspective? Is this how you protect your younger sister? All boobs and no brain, always acting with own selfish interest. It is not hard to see why the Nan Yun commerce is half dead; with you at the helm, I’d say it is close to being finished!”

“Shut up!”

How could Meng Qing Wu not care about her sister’s reputation?

The reason she wanted to see Chu Tian alone was because she wanted to secretly take care of this matter; thus preventing unfounded gossip from spreading out.

Trying to make me shut my mouth?

I choose not to!

Chu Tian continued with a stinging tone: “People like you are the people that lacked love when they grew up, resulting in having a twisted heart. They believe that every person is evil and despicable, everything is vulgar and wrong, as if there is not a single good person in the world. It is very bad psychologically for someone as pure and naive as Meng Ying Ying to have a sister that is so twisted, even I am concerned about her growth.”


Meng Qing Wu exploded, and viciously slapped towards Chu Tian in rage.

Even though Meng Qing Wu had been busy with business matters and had bad health that slowed down her cultivation, she still had the strength of a 4th rank Body Refinement realm cultivator. It would be very simple for her to deal with an opponent that was at an ordinary 3rd rank Body Refinement stage. But she encountered Chu Tian and Chu Tian was definitely not someone that was easy to deal with!

Chu Tian dodged to the side: “Wa! Missy! You can’t outspeak somebody so you resort to violence. Not only are you twisted but you are also violent! Who would want to marry you in the future!?”

Meng Qing Wu once again pounced toward Chu Tian in rage.

Chu Tian lowered his body to dodge the incoming fist. His feet kicked the ground, leaping forward to restrain Meng Qing Wu’s soft narrow waist, pushing her against the wooden pole.

When both of their bodies were intertwined with each other, Chu Tian couldn’t help but concede that this chick has the body of a succubus. It was big where it should be big and slim where it should be slim. That orchid fragranced body scent was enough to make anyone feel extremely refreshed.

Meng Qing Wu had never had skin contact with a man before. She fell into confusion, all the combat techniques she knew tossed to the back of her mind; she resorted to scratching and pounding like a shrewish wife: “You evil servant! You dare to retaliate!”

Did this woman go mad?

You already attacked me and then you hope that I don’t hit back?

Meng Qing Wu did not have a great deal of combat experience. Once she was confused, she even forgot to use magic power. Chu Tian easily restrained her with a simple twist. He first pinned her arms against her back, then used his body to hold her down on the railing; forcing her big and round bottom high into the air.

This pose truly was not very elegant.

EN: But it was very sexy

“Let go of me!”

In her state of panic, Meng Qing Wu’s magic power exploded. She quickly loosened one of her arms, grabbing a jade hairpin and stabbing it towards Chu Tian’s important area. Chu Tian dodged it in the nick of time and the hairpin ended up stabbing into Chu Tian’s left leg; blood immediately began to seep out.


The pain caused Chu Tian to take a breath of cold air.

At the same time, the scare made Chu Tian covered in cold sweat.

Motherfucker! Luckily I dodged quickly, or else I would die without a son!

Chu Tian did not think that the first injury he got after coming to this era would be caused by a woman!

This had completely enraged him!

Chu Tian was a very open minded person and normally did not hold grudges, because he would immediately have his revenge. This time was no exception!

Chu Tian forcibly slapped the full succulent peach-like bottom!

TN: In Chinese, beauty terms associated with water is often used to mean bright, beautiful, radiant and vivacious.


Meng Qing Wu’s mind went blank on the spot!

This bastard hit my…butt!

Today, her pure and noble body – even her hand had never been held by a man before – had been tarnished by this bastard!

Meng Qing Wu was scared and wanted to scream but a hand covered her mouth. She could only make low “wu wu” moans. That hot and well developed body desperately struggled in Chu Tian’s arms. Her eyes were shooting out flames, as if she wanted to burn Chu Tian to ashes. Judging from her eyes, this crazy woman would not let this matter go.

“Fine, one slap is considered as hitting, a hundred slaps is also considered as hitting!”

Since you do not listen!

Then I will beat you until you listen!

I don’t believe that I can’t tame this savage horse!

Chu Tian again slapped that full round bottom.

What did this chick eat while growing up? This bottom is big, tight and elastic; making one unable to get enough of the aftertaste.

Meng Qing Wu felt as if she had been struck by lightning; her body trembled and her face flushed red. This was the first time she had ever been beaten. Chu Tian’s slaps were ruthless. The severe pain stimulated her nerves and at the same time, it was as if an electric current coursed through her body, causing a strange numbing sensation.

“You did not thoroughly investigate the situation before blaming us, guilty!”

“You think you are noble and can look down on servants, guilty!”

“You got outspoken so you attacked me, guilty!”

“You almost discontinued my lineage, guilty!”



Chu Tian made dozens of crackling slaps on Da Xiao Jie’s bottom, making her mind go blank. As if she had been beaten senseless, she completely gave up resisting. Meng Qing Wu was a goddess in many people’s heart, as well as an inviolably strong and able woman, no one would dare do this to her.

Meng Qing Wu became more bitter and angry. She felt a strange sensation where the pain was mixed with a hint of pleasure. As the frequency and intensity of the slaps increased, her body involuntarily began to show a reaction. She wished she could just kill herself!

Meng Qing Wu’s pair of eyes overflowed with tears, as if she was being bullied like a little girl: “You dare to humiliate me, I will not let you off……Oh!”

The words hadn’t even left her mouth.

Her butt took another hit.

Meng Qing Wu’s flushed red face exposed her weakness.

Chu Tian fearlessly said: “Respect should be mutual, If you don’t show any respect to me, how can you expect me to respect you? I know that you cannot accept me and it would be fine if I left your household. But you think too highly of yourself!” As he was talking, he slapped her bottom again.

“Still not listening?”

“Still throwing tantrums?”

At this time, a noise came from the garden entrance.

Captain Meng had brought people into the garden.

“Quickly let me go!”

Meng Qing Wu began to panic. If someone were to see her in this situation, then tomorrow, the whole city would spread with “Meng Qing Wu has affair in garden with servant” rumour. For a strong able woman like her, she would not be able to find the courage to keep on living.

“First apologize!”


Another slap!


“Ok Ok!” Meng Qing Wu was almost close to tears: “I was too impulsive today. Please let me go! We will discuss this matter later. Is that fine?”

Chu Tian saw that Meng Qing Wu softened her attitude, and decided to let go. He said with a humph: “Like I would believe you. I know that you will come to seek revenge very soon. I don’t want to stay in this place anymore. I am leaving, you sisters take care!”

Meng Qing Wu’s butt still burned with pain. When she saw Chu Tian limp away, she felt a bit lost……Could it be that I actually have wronged him?

Meng Qing Wu was not someone with a hot temper and was normally very prudent. Only towards matters regarding Meng Ying Ying would she have zero tolerance. So when she found out that Meng Ying Ying sneaked out with a man and did not come back for the night, the first thing in her mind was that her meimei has been deceived.

Because of her love for her meimei, anger got the best of her and made her lose her reasoning.

Even if I did wrong him, he should have carefully explained. But instead, he used words to insult me, and also beat my bottom. Just from this alone, he should not be spared. It was too good for him to just leave like this!

Meng Qing Wu tidied her clothes. However, she felt a great discomfort when walking. That bastard’s beating was too ruthless, her whole bottom was swollen.

At this time, Captain Meng along with a few other people came in. Captain Meng carried an anxious expression, as if there is an important matter, “Da Xiao Jie, Xiong Tian Yan has come for a visit and demands to see Miss Meng Ying Ying. He said he has important matters to discuss.”

“The executive manager of the Alchemist Association Xiong Tian Yan?”

“It’s exactly this person!”

How would this kind of big figure personally come for visit?

Meng Qing Wu was unable to put aside time to find Chu Tian to exert her revenge, “Xiong Tian Yan is not only the Chief Executive Elder of Alchemist Association, his power has also reached the peak of the ninth rank of Body Refinement realm. He also has a powerful general supporting him and absolutely cannot be offended. I’ll prepare for a moment and then immediately go over!”

To have a great person to come visit was definitely not for some trivial reason.

Meng Qing Wu first put her personal grudges aside and prepared to go see Xiong Tian Yan as soon as she could.

Xiong Tian Yan paced back and forth in the guest room: “Where is Meng Ying Ying? I want to see her!”

Meng Qing Wu walked over: “For elder Xiong to visit, Qing Wu feels honoured. I am Ying Ying’s sister. For what reason has elder come for?

Xiong Tian Yan got straight to the point: “I have thought it through now. I want to become a disciple, Meng Ying Ying’s disciple!”

Xiong Tian Yan’s words almost didn’t cause Meng Qing Wu to have a heart attack!

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