Miracle Throne

Chapter 17: Turning the Tide

Turning the Tide

What kind of a figure was Zhang Li Qing?

He clearly understood the cause and effect of the matter in an instant. After Southern Cloud Commerce had met with calamity and lost grounds six years ago, it was exactly then the Ye family supported the Blackwater Commerce, allowing them to rapidly expand. Blackwater Commerce and Southern Cloud Commerce’s major products were both talismans. The conflict between the two had basically never stopped these past years .

Blackwater Commerce’s sphere of influence increasingly grew, especially with the strong Ye family’s support. After Southern Cloud Commerce had run up against bitter setbacks, it had become a second-rate commerce. Without a strong backing, the two commerces weren’t even enemies on the same level.

Meng Qing Wu was not a simple person. She shouldered huge pressures and stood firmly for six years. Under her leadership, not only did Southern Cloud Commerce not collapse, it stabilized and grew despite being put under huge pressure.

Meng Qing Wu was someone with ambition; she wished Southern Cloud Commerce could regain its former splendor. But she knows very well that Southern Cloud Commerce could not directly confront the influential Blackwater Commerce without a strong backing; so she picked a different path. She invested large sum of gold and spent half a year to complete arrangements to enter the pharmaceutical market.

She carefully prepared for half a year. But for such a big incident to occur only two weeks after opening; how was that even possible?


They had definitely been framed!

When Han Shao Long had purposely mislead him into expelling Meng Ying Ying the day before yesterday, his motive was to split apart any relationship between him and the Meng family. When this series of events all connected together, Zhang Li Qing was positive that the Han family had definitely participated in this scheme.

Zhang Li Qing doesn’t pay attention to the fights between businesses, but the situation was different this time around. It involved Meng Ying Ying, it involved Chu Tian and more importantly, it involved his own life. At the same time, the poisoning incident affected too many people; there were too many victims. Confrontation between business could not be more normal, harming citizen is simply unforgivable.

In any case, he had to interfere!

Han Shao Long was surprised and bewildered. He wasn’t sure which side Zhang Li Qing stood on: “Why would you appear here?”

Zhang Li Qing coldly looked at him: “From today onward, our master-disciple relationship is severed. The academic community doesn’t need any youth who is cruel with wild ambitions. I especially don’t need a student that schemes in the dark!”

Han Shao Long’s facial expression changed dramatically!

The famous talisman crafter Zhang Li Qing had just banished his second disciple in front of the whole crowd!

What was going on?

Zhang Li Qing used increasingly harsh tones: “If you don’t stop trying to start a fire, then don’t blame me for being rude.”

Han Shao Long showed an embarrassed face. After all the planning and scheming, he did not foresee that Zhang Li Qing would appear!

There was also Xiong Tian Yan and Nangong Yun. Why were all these important figures here together with Meng Qing Wu? He hadn’t known any of this in advance!

“Old Zhang, you are trying to commit a great mistake!” Another hoarse old voice could be heard coming from the crowd, “Your many years of credibility were not easily earned. I suggest you don’t get involved with this mess; you might bring yourself to ruin, losing everything in your remaining life!”

Xiong Tian Yan’s big bear face stiffened. He humphed, “Li Chang Yun? Since you are here, stop being enigmatic and come out!”

A very lean old man walked out, his skin tight against his body, with very little white hair. On the outside he looked merely around fifty years old, but in fact he was already seventy. He wore an extremely exquisite and luxurious embroidered robe, his hand grasping a violet gold cast snakehead long staff. On his finger he wore a few flashing and expensive rings. His hair had been brushed back strand by strand, looking extremely noble and befitting of his status.

Comparatively, Zhang Li Qing was like an old and slovenly man from the countryside.

Tian Nan City Alchemy Association’s president!

Tian Nan City Scrivener Guild’s guild master!

The clashing of these two leading figures exceeded everyone’s expectation!

Zhang Li Qing’s expression turned serious. For Li Chang Yun to be here not only served to hold down Zhang Li Qing, it also carried a deeper meaning. Li Chang Yun was someone the Ye family had paid a lot of tributes to and he could be considered their visiting elder. In a sense, Li Chang Yun was a member of the Ye family. For him to appear here, means that the Ye family was also involved in this incident.

Southern Cloud Commerce was in danger!

“Xiong Tian Yan, I will deal with you sooner or later on the matter with my disciple.” Li Chang Yun glared at Xiong Tian Yan before turning his attention back to Zhang Li Qing, “Old Zhang, I advise you to cherish your reputation. The Southern Cloud Commerce committed such a grave sin. Heaven is enraged, the people demand justice, as the representative of the alchemist association, I naturally have to interfere in this matter.”

Li Chang Yun laughed coldly, continuing on: “You excel in talisman crafting, but are you better than me in alchemy? Even I can’t diagnose what poison it is this time. If you keep speaking nonsense, I’m afraid you will regret it!”

How could Zhang Li Qing not understand Li Chang Yun’s implication?

If Li Chang Yun as president of Tian Nan city Alchemist Association could not diagnose the poison, then no one else in Tian Nan city could diagnose the poison. If the victim’s poison could not be diagnosed, then how could the victim be treated? According to the law, if Meng Qing Wu cannot find the culprit; then as the commerce’s leader, she would have to become the scapegoat!

If Zhang Li Qing were to back Meng Qing Wu, then his reputation would be ruined!

As thought!

These people were well prepared.

Even the type of poison used was carefully selected.

Zhang Li Qing remained unfazed: “All the contributions the Ye family paid you had worn away your integrity. Your soul is only filled with greed and thoughts of luxury. If we as scholars do not have the demeanor and integrity, then how will we ever seek out the truth? I will interfere in this matter for sure! I will not rest until I find the truth!”

Xiong Tian Yan roared: “Nicely put! This old bear will also interfere!”

Nangong Yun followed: “This lady will make sure the culprit wish they were dead!”

Three people that happened to meet here by chance bid their honor to help her seek justice. This is a big honor! Meng Qing Wu is very moved, but she knows very well that the three stood on her side mainly because of Chu Tian.

When she thought of Chu Tian, she sunk back into a deep feeling of regret.

It would be nice if that bastard didn’t leave. He could protect Ying Ying better than this useless jiejie.

Li Chang Yun fiercely struck the floor with his long staff: “This old fellow will leave you these words, this poison has no cure, no one in Tian Nan city can cure it! Those fail to recognize their error will only be buried alive. Just watch!”

Zhang Li Qing’s heart sank.

Li geezer was full of confidence, perhaps this time there really was trouble!

“Who said no one can dispel the poison? That old fart is just incompetent!” However, it was just at this time that a frivolous voice sounded out from the audience: “Move aside, move aside, let me through!”

“Chu Tian! Chu Tian, is it you?” Meng Ying Ying opened her eyes wide in disbelief.

Chu Tian uneasily pushed himself through the crowd, thievish smiled at Meng Ying Ying: “Of course is me, who else could it be?”

Meng Qing Wu was stunned.

This bastard…didn’t he want to leave? Why is he back!

Meng Ying Ying could not hold back her tears, directly threw herself into his embrace in excitement: “How could you leave without saying anything! I thought I would never find you!”

Chu Tian patted the missy’s shoulder: “You stupid, my contract is still with you, how could I leave? If you were to destroy the contract, then I would be finished!”

Meng Ying Ying finally remembered that Chu Tian was a slave and the contract was still with her. Her tears turned to smile: “Even you have something you are afraid of? But don’t worry, I won’t use the contract against you! Where did you go? I couldn’t find you anywhere!”

“My leg is injured so I went to buy some medicine at the shop and then took a nap.” Chu Tian observed the surroundings, “But then again, for something this big to happen right when I come back really caught me by surprise! Who is this ugly old fart?”

Chu Tian can back her up!

The missy immediately regained her strength!

Meng Ying Ying acted like a bullied child, angrily complaining to her parent: “He is Li Chang Yun!”

Li Chang Yun held back his rage. He was very confident in his reputation. There wasn’t anyone in Tian Nan city that did not know him. Wouldn’t this child just wet himself after he finds out my identity?

Who knew that Chu Tian only shook his head: “I already said before, the president of the Alchemist Association isn’t even worthy to be my lackey, looks like I am right. Trash like you is less than even Xiong Tian Yan. I think you should quickly resign your position and retire early!”

Li Chang Yun was enraged: “Cheeky brat! All boasts! Just for that, this old man shall kill you right now!”

“With President Li’s age, why would you need to get mad at a junior?” Zhang Li Qing understood Chu Tian’s personality Old Li’s cultivation was not weak, so he wasn’t sure of being able to stop them while he had poison in his body. Zhang Li Qing was fearful of Chu Tian angering Li Chang Yun, “Little teacher, can you diagnose what kind of poison these people have?”

Li Chang Yun coldly laughed, saying “You have lived for several tens of years in vain; you would believe the mad ravings of a mere boy?”

Chu Tian directly said to Li Chang Yun: “You are just a frog in a well! Like you would know shit!”

Li Chang Yun’s face turned ghastly pale: “What did you say?”

Chu Tian directly drove his words back: “I said, you are already lived several decades old fart. You are pedantic and old fashioned. Only abusing your power in this small meager city, did you really think you were an important figure? In reality you are less than a piece of shit!”

“What? Why are your eyes glaring so hard? Not convinced? Humph! Self proclaimed number one alchemist in Tian Nan city, what a bold statement! Laozi will leave these words here. If I can identify the poison, will you bow and kowtow before me, or silently leave this city?!”

Li Chang Yun’s clenched fist started making crackling sound: “You are the first in Tian Nan city to talk to me like this. Fine, if you can diagnose the the poison, then this old fellow will forget what happen just now. Else, I will forever shut that annoying mouth of years!”

“No need to diagnose, it is Styx River Water!”

Han Shao Long’s pupil immediately contracted. Li Chang Yun also showed a hint of surprise.

Xiong Tian Yan finally realized, said while in admiration: “After being poisoned with Styx River Water, the poison fuses together with the magic power inside the body. It consumes the magic power, causing the regress in cultivation. The poison is colorless and odorless. When it is mixed in water, it will not react with any other ingredients, therefore hard to diagnose. After the poison enters the bloodstream, it becomes virtually impossible to detect, therefore making it hard to diagnose. Also Styx River Water is extremely rare, normal people would not even think of it.”

“Talking pure nonsense! Are you trying to fool this old man, or trying to fool the public?” Li Chang Yun coldly laughed: “There is no way to detect Styx River Water poisoning. Actually using a kind of poison that no one knows how to detect, what grounds are you basing this on!”

Han Shao Long said in a even angrier tone: “He is a person from the Meng family. I suspect he is trying to get these treacherous traders out of trouble. These people should be hacked to death by a thousand knives!”

The people started to reveal angry facial expressions one after another.

“Ignorant to the extreme!” Chu Tian rudely added, “Styx River Water corrodes elemental power, causing harm to cultivators; so it has no use whatsoever on ordinary people. You only have to inquire a bit into whether the ordinary citizens have been poisoned; that will be enough evidence to tell. If you still don’t believe, then you can experiment the poisonous medicine on a convict to see! If the poison is not Styx River Water, I will cut off my head to let you kick as a ball!”

Xiong Tian Yan’s fierce-looking face twitched, said with enthusiasm: “Styx River Water serves purely as a poison. It is very rare and extremely expensive; more expensive than most of the drugs on the market by ten times. No pharmacy would ever use this kind of thing, and even if Southern Cloud Commerce’s executives were stupid, they could not possibly put large amounts of Styx River Water into their own medicine. Therefore, this was not a problems with the materials nor an alchemy accident!”

Nang Gong Yun nodded her head: “This is a premeditated poisoning, one hundred percent intended!”

The crowd all started to not know what to believe.

Han Shao Long saw that the situation wasn’t favorable, immediately shouted: “You are trying to confuse the public! Even if for the moment we don’t talk about whether the poisoning was premeditated, Southern Cloud Commerce still needs to take responsibility for not supervising their people properly!”

“Right! Thats right!”

“Stop dreaming of washing the black-hearted commerce’s face clean!”

“If the real poisoner is not found, Meng Qing Wu has to take responsibility for the whole matter!”

“Hold your horses, hold your horses, in fact, I have already found the culprit.” Chu Tian lifted his hand to point at the person standing next to Meng Qing Wu: “It’s you, Captain Meng!”

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