Miracle Throne

Chapter 2: Meng Qing Wu

Meng Qing Wu

“Ying Ying, are you asleep?”

This was a very bewitching female voice, like the mysterious singing siren in the sea. Even the most experienced sailors, couldn’t help but be captivated by the sound which might lead to their doom.

JieJie normally will not visit late at night. Why does she come today?

Meng Ying Ying shouted frantically: “I I I…..I already slept, not dressed up at the moment!!”

Meng Ying Ying pushed Chu Tian onto the bed, and whispered: “Nothing else we can do now, stay on the bed and don’t move.”

Meng Ying Ying tucked Chu Tian shoes and coat under the bed. She untied her headband; her long black hair flowed like a waterfall down her back. She quickly took off her shoes and crawled back into bed. First she covered Chu Tian with a big blanket, and then released the tie from around the canopy curtain to cover the bed.

A burst of refreshing fragrance wafted into his nostrils.

The maiden’s exquisite body lay down beside him, a pair of beautiful long legs in front; smooth skin with almost invisible pores, was enough to get anyone’s heart pumping.

This scene was too exciting and too tempting!

Chu Tian found hard to suppress his natural instincts.

At this time, JieJie’s footsteps is getting closer and closer, Meng Ying Ying could not help but shrink backward, right into Chu Tian’s body. She felt something hard pressed against her buttocks. She was shocked at first, and then she immediately reacted to it.

Her face became red!

Meng Ying Ying almost screamed out loud.

Chu Tian reacted quickly, and placed one arm firmly around her waist while the other covered her mouth to prevent her from making any sound. This action caused their bodies to come into close contact with each other and increased stimulation for both.

“Wu Wu!”

Meng Ying Ying struggled a few times; her body was soft like cotton. Chu Tian became excited and could hardly contain himself as her burning butt cheeks started rubbing against him. This body was still young, lacked experience and full of hormones; how could it resist such temptation?

“Don’t move and don’t scream!”

Meng Ying Ying kept making “Wu Wu!” sound.

Chu Tian gently slapped Meng Ying Ying’s butt: “Don’t make a sound!”

Meng Ying Ying slightly moaned.

That handsome face leaned beside her face. That pair of mysterious star like eyes gazed into her eyes; their noses almost touched. A masculine scent tantalized her, creating a spinning sensation in her head.

As she grew up, she had never had any intimate contact with any man before. Such strong stimulation had caused her body to become hot and embarrassed.

JieJie is right outside the room and the situation now is very dangerous. She does not know why but she felt an unquenchable tingling excitement in her heart.

Meng Ying Ying cheeks flushed red; her eyes watery and her heart fluttered.

Chu Tian screamed not good in his thoughts.

This chick gets sexually charged now? Of all times!

This will cost me my life!

ga zhi(sound of door opening)

The wooden door opened.

Meng Ying Ying woke up from her dream and glared at Chu Tian. She removed his hand from her mouth and tried to sound normal: “Ah, JieJie, why are you here? I am still undressed!”

Chu Tian did not let go of his other hand and was still hugging Meng Ying Ying. Through the pink canopy, he could vaguely see a slender silhouette, at least 1.72 meters tall. At this time, he could not see her face, but he could see one amazing pair of long legs.

With nothing else, just her bewitching voice and her perfect pair of legs was enough to drive any man crazy.

“It’s the chronic pain, hurts so much that I can’t sleep, so I have come to visit you.”

“Just stay down, no need to get up.”

The girl with long legs and beautiful voice came over and sat on a stool by the end.

Meng Ying Ying’s heart raced. If the canopy is opened, then JieJie could clearly see Chu Tian hugging me. Then there would be no way to explain it.

Meng Ying Ying became very tense.

In fact, Chu Tian was also quite depressed about this.

Even though I am no hero, but I have been able to do whatever hell I want for half my life. If it isn’t for the damn dimension travel experiment failing and send me back in time for some weird reason. If it isn’t for my conscious to be put into a teenage boy! If it isn’t for my power to be gone! If it isn’t for me becoming a slave!

Of all these unfortunate events, why does this all have to happen to me?

It doesn’t matter how; I will still collect my interest.

Chu Tian put his right hand on her tender white thighs. Chu Tian could not get enough of it. Meng Ying Ying tucked her legs tightly, her body tensed up, didn’t even dare take a deep breath. She had cursed Chu Tian a dozen times in her thoughts. I’ll let you off with just touching my legs, but to dare use your right hand to wander around the important places in my upper body!

But the most embarrassing and condemning thing is, that thing is poking against my butt.

To still take advantage of me in this situation!

Audacious in the extreme!

Audacious in the extreme!

If JieJie is to find out, even though nothing has happened, he will still be chopped up and fed to dogs!

Meng Ying Ying opened the canopy and stuck her head out. Her face was flushed. She said in a trembling voice: “JieJie, coming out to talk to me in the middle of the night, do you have something on your mind?”

Meng Qing Wu’s beautiful eyebrows knitted and her face showed a worried expression. She didn’t notice the strange expression on MeiMei’s face, only gave a long sigh and said: “I am worried about the pharmacy. There is no one I can trust, so I can only come and talk to you.”

(TL Note: MeiMei(妹妹) means younger sister or used by girls to refer to an younger girl they are close to.)

Meng Qing Wu was the manager of the family business.

Nan Yun Commerce (商会 official translation is Chamber of Commerce) mainly sell talisman. Meng Qing Wu spent a lot of money to get MeiMei to be Master Zhang Li Qing’s nominal disciple and learn from him so that she could revitalize the family business in future.

(TL Note: Nominal Disciple(记名弟子) means someone who only has the title of being disciple of a famous master without inheriting the master’s true teaching. Like lackies in a sect or students in college.)

Nan Yun Commerce was created by Meng Qing Wu’s parents. In its glorious period, it had a monopoly on Tian Nan City’s talisman market.

Six years ago, after a major upheaval, Nan Yun Commerce’s strength decreased rapidly; now reduced only to a second rate commerce in the city.

Nan Yun Commerce’s talisman business continued to lose market share to its opponent. Luckily the foundation for the commerce was strong enough but Meng Qing Wu still had to look for a break through. Meng Qing Wu had hoped to revitalize the commerce by opening a pharmacy in the prime location within the city. Nan Yun Commerce had to invest a large portion of the remaining wealth into purchasing equipment, materials, recipes, and hiring pharmacists.

Meng Ying Ying’s vision blurred, gently gasped, distracted, and immediately asked: “The pharmacy only opened a few days ago. Isn’t the business doing very good right now? If it continues, then we can open branch stores. What are you worried about?”

Meng Qing Wu shook her head: “Because everything is going so smooth that it worries me. Do you remember six years ago?”

This question was like a bucket of ice water poured on her, making Meng Ying Ying’s whole body suddenly go stiff. The flame of passion in her heart was immediately extinguished.

“How can I forget?” Meng Ying Ying’s teeth clenched, choked up slightly and said: “I am only 10 years old at that time, mom and dad has passed away that year!”

Meng Qing Wu’s beautiful face was covered in a layer of frost, whispered: “I have always suspected that mom and dad are not killed by magical beasts but are murdered instead! After secretly investigating for all these years, I have made some progress but I just couldn’t find any evidence.”

Meng Ying Ying shuddered: “Mom and dad were murdered?!”

“You are already sixteen. You are a grown up according to tradition of the land, so I will not hide it from you anymore.” Meng Qing Wu slowly clenched her fist: “After mom and dad died, uncle has immediately rushed to take his share of the wealth. The talisman maker in the commerce has abandoned us and our new talisman design is leaked. The suppliers all cut off our supply of materials and trouble makers have constantly smashed our storefront. Within a year, the size of our commerce shrinks 80%. Do you still think it is a coincidence?”

“Does that mean…..”

“They planned it very well, but the only thing they didn’t take into account was me.”

Ming Ying Ying finally realized how hard it had been for JieJie all these years.

“Ying Ying is really incompetent; JieJie is only sixteen years old when she carried much of the family burden during the time of emergency. But I on the other hand don’t know anything, I don’t pay attention to my studies, I am playful and waste our money, and I ..…wu!”

Meng Ying Ying almost disclosed Chu Tian.

Seeing that it was an emergency, Chu Tian’s right hand slipped up her full bosom and pinched!

Meng Ying Ying’s voice suddenly stopped short; her face once again became red. Her body was very sensitive, especially the sacred forbidden region. She felt a surge of numbness passing through her body and could not help but once again tightly clamp her legs, clenched her teeth to not make any sound.

Rascal…..to dare touch my breast!

Meng Qing Wu thought that MeiMei was ashamed of herself after noticing the tears in her eyes and her bright red face; was secretly pleased. This childish and playful MeiMei has finally matured a little.

Meng Ying Ying was afraid of another ambush so she did not dare to try and reveal Chu Tian again. Instead, she asked a question she would very much like to know: “Who is the evil? To be so determined to force our family into ruin!”

Meng Qing Wu hesitated a few seconds, replied with an assured tone: “The Ye family. The Ye family specialize in mercenary business. Only mercenaries can kill without a trace and create an impression of a magical creature attack.”

The Ye family! That is one big giant!

They are a mercenary family. They have three groups and each one is about ten thousand in size.

If the Ye family is really the mastermind, then there is no way Nan Yun commerce can resist.

Meng Qing Wu continued: “More than half of our talisman craftsmen have withdrawn and joined Black Water Commerce, which has led to its rapid growth. Even though Black Water Commerce appeared to be managed by the Han family but the Ye family is definitely behind them. Or else you can’t explain its rapid growth!”

Meng Ying Ying gritted her teeth and said: “We must get our revenge!”

“The matter of revenge cannot be rushed. Recently, I’ve been feeling uneasy. We might have big trouble again, soon.” Outside the canopy, the beautiful slender figure stood up: “Ying Ying, you must promise me, perform well and study hard. Try and become one of the Master Zhang’s official disciples. In that case, even if you encounter a dangerous situation, Master Zhang can guarantee your safety with his high prestige and reputation.”

Meng Ying Ying felt awful.

Even though JieJie has poor health, but she still has to carry the family burden.

She has sent me to Master Zhang; is not entirely for me to graduate and help out with the family business. But instead to find protection for me after she has sensed danger in the near future.

“Jie, you will be fine, right?”

“Silly girl, JieJie is not that weak. I have managed to get through the vile situation six years ago. I want to see what they will use to go against me this time. It is getting late, Ying Ying go to sleep. Get up earlier tomorrow and don’t be late.”


“Master Zhang Li Qing is very important, whether it’s for yourself or for the family, you must work hard.”

“Ying Ying understands, JieJIe has chronic illness, you should sleep early.”

“It’s been for many years, I am already used to it. It won’t bother me.”

Meng Qing Wu comforted MeiMei a bit, then her beautiful slender figure drifted away.

Meng Ying Ying was depressed and remained silent for several seconds, and then suddenly cried.

Chu Tian gently hugged her: “Don’t be sad, don’t be sad, it will be all right.”

Meng Ying Ying felt the hug. It was warm and comfortable. She also felt a bit of attachment.


“How long do you intend to hug me!”

Meng Ying Ying desperately needed a man’s shoulder to cry on right now. She wanted to cry out loud for once, but this guy is too vulgar. To dare take advantage of me just now. I can’t let him do as he like! My body is still pure and unblemished.

Chu Tian reluctantly left the bed, heartlessly smiled: “Sorry, sorry, I do not mean to. It can’t be helped, or else I would lose my life.”

Meng Ying Ying was very sad but this guy was laughing heartlessly. She was furious and stared at the tent between his crotch, “This can’t be helped either, can it?”

Chu Tian awkwardly clamped his legs together: “This is a natural physiological phenomenon and cannot be controlled. Is it not the same for you also?”

“Nonsense, I am not shameless like you!”


Meng Ying Ying was enraged: “No buts! If you don’t shut up, I’ll…..I’ll hit you!”

“Help! Save me! The Second Miss wants to kill me!”

Chu Tian quickly fled.

Ming Ying Ying looked at Chu Tian fleeing in panic, suddenly found it hilarious. Just where did this guy come from?


Chu Tian left the courtyard.

He stopped running. That calm expression returned to his face. He gazed up into the heavens, the stars studded the night sky. The position and the trajectory of stars remained the same as those in his memory. Only the surroundings became unrecognizable.

In this world, no one would believe that the soul in Chu Tian’s body had come from tens of thousands of years in the future.

That’s right.

He did not belong here, he came from the future.

He was the youngest Wiseman of his time. He had a carefree personality, eccentric and uninhibited, a once in a time millennium genius.

During an experiment on space time rifts, an accident occurred. He was dragged into the void and he could not remember the rest. Before he knew it, he was resurrected into a teenage body. Not only was his power gone, but he also became a slave.

The slave contract was a major feature of this era.

The basis of the slave contract was to sever part of the slave’s spirit and seal it into the magic formation in the contract. The slave owner would use his contract to control the slave.

“Trying to control me with such an outdated technology? What a joke!” Chu Tian thought little of the unbreakable spirit contract of this era. “Once I have reached the realm of the awakened soul, I could easily get rid of the contract restriction; although this missy is very interesting. Let’s use this time to experience a different life style.”

Chu Tian had a carefree, easy-going nature. He liked to go with the flow; he not only was a hedonist, but also an inborn optimist.

His mind became clear.

Now that I have come to this era, then I’ll enjoy my life here.

Not only would Chu Tian strive to become the strongest under the stars, he would also use his knowledge to revolutionize this world. He wanted to see how this world would change because of him.

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