Miracle Throne

Chapter 22: Help Me Kick His Ass

Help Me Kick His Ass

It took two days to clear up the mayhem.

Meng Qing Wu brought the group of people to register the new commerce.

Setting up this new commerce would inevitably be a lot of work; applying for the registration was merely a part of it. However, by making use of Nangong Yun’s connections, all those cumbersome procedures were quickly taken care of.

Suddenly, waves of wild beasts howls resounded from the street ahead.

“Look! Wolf Knights!”

“They’re the Wolf Tooth Mercenaries!”

“The Wolf Tooth Mercenaries are giving welfare to the townspeople, let’s hurry to grab some!”

Hints of awe, veneration and worship were revealed through the townspeople’s gazes. The Wolf Tooth mercenary group was one of the three great mercenary groups under the flag of the Ye family. Their combined strength was so impressive that even the mayor had to give his respect. Then again, this was an group of more than ten thousand elite mercenaries!

At this time, more than a hundred awe-inspiring mercenaries were leading huge wolves, cows, and other kinds of magic beasts into the city streets. Every magic beast’s back carried: red wine, beer, cooking oil, bread, flour, and rice. The mercenaries were currently giving away these for free to the townspeople that they passed.

“Everyone please do not rush!”

“Everybody has a share, everybody has a share!”

“Wolf Tooth Commerce is opening a branch in Tian Nan City!”

“I am the branch’s president, Ye Han. Everyone please support us in the future!”


After the townspeople had gotten free benefits, they left elated and in high spirits. They couldn’t help but sing merits and chant praises about the Wolf Tooth Mercenaries. These grandsons were pretty good at building hype!

TN: Calling people not your grandson is an insult since you have seniority over them.

The mercenaries were clustering around a youth sitting on the back of a battle wolf. He was not yet twenty years old and was wearing silver armor; appearing outstandingly mighty. His outer appearance could still count as light and handsome, his gaze was cold and fierce, having an overbearing and arrogant presence.

“Isn’t this the great Ye Wei’s eldest son Ye Han?”

“This is our Tian Nan City’s famous genius!”

“Didn’t Ye Xiong send him to Central State’s main city to cultivate last year? Why did he get sent back here?”


The kingdom of Nan Xia had eight major states, Central State was one of the eight major states.

TN: Nan Xia/南夏 means Southern Autumn

The Ye family’s base was in the main city of the Central State. Tian Nan City was just a normal city within the influences of their power. Ye Xiong was an elder in the Ye family. He had been sent to Tian Nan City ten years ago to maintain and care for the Ye’s estates in the city.

Out of the many sons that Ye Xiong had, he only cherished two.

One was the younger son, Ye Feng.

Other one was the oldest son, Ye Han.

Because Ye Feng had unordinary talent in the field of alchemy, he was sent under Li Chang Yun to study. The oldest son had utmost talent for cultivation, so was sent to Central State for the purpose of leeching off the main family’s resources to grow stronger.

When Ye Han’s cold gaze swept through the crowd, he suddenly noticed a tall, slim, and sexy figure. He immediately licked his lips, driving the wolf he was sitting on to gradually walk over: “President Meng Qing Wu, I haven’t seen you for more than a year. You’ve become even more beautiful and alluring.”

Meng Qing Wu coldly replied: “Many thanks for the praise.”

“I think you are probably curious, why would I come back?”

“You’ve thought too much about it, I don’t have any interest in knowing.”

Ye Han’s eyes flashed with a thread of sinister viciousness, “A branch of Wolf Tooth Commerce is establishing itself in Tian Nan City, we have already collected all of the Han family’s estate, now it has all been given to us to manage. About this matter, I really have to thank you.”

Meng Qing Wu bit her lips, but didn’t speak.

Ye Han proudly raised his head: “Though I have to say, Southern Cloud Commerce has really stirred up too much trouble, this time even the Ye family in the main city of Central State has noticed you guys. In fact, you know very well that in front of the Central State’s Ye family, you are less than ants. We merely need to move our fingers a bit to crush you to death.”

Blatant threats!

Who would have thought!

Meng Qing Wu’s mood was slightly heavy. Right after the cruel wolf left, the wrathful tiger came, this time there was a big trouble!

Right now if their goal of creating a new commerce was eyed with covetous eyes by this tiger, she feared that their hands and feet would be tied.

Ye Han squinted at Chu Tian who was standing beside her: “If I haven’t guessed wrong, this is the Chu Tian who seriously injured my brother, right?”

“It is I, your grandfather that did it.” Chu Tian had never known how to write the word ‘polite’: “Why are you so shameless, daxiaojie has no interest in talking to you, yet you still shamelessly try to strike up a conversation where you aren’t wanted. Scram! Don’t block the road!”

Ye Han’s expression instantly changed.

A couple of mercenaries pulled out their weapons at the same time: “Audacious!”

Ye Han waved his hands, causing the mercenaries to pull back their weapons. A playfully hideous grin hung from the corners of his mouth: “Tian Nan City’s Ye family had almost completely destroyed the Meng family. Six years have passed and our power has increased many folds, not to mention we have the support of the public. This time I’d like to see how you can resist our fury!”

The Meng Qing Wu sisters faces turned pale.

This was basically admitting that what happened six years ago was all their doing.

Could it be that their parents were really killed by the Ye family!

This bastard!

Meng Ying Ying’s eyes turned red as she tried to rush out, but she was grabbed by Meng Qing Wu. Meng Qing Wu said to Ye Han: “Blackwater Commerce was playing with fire and got burned, this is something all people in Tian Nan City knows. Southern Cloud Commerce has suffered heavy losses, we have no intention to fight with you, hoping that the Ye family will lift your hands in mercy.”

Meng Ying Ying was angry and could not understand why they had lower their stance to this person.

They were the enemies that had killed their parents!

Ye Han sat on the battle wolf, looking down on them with a high-up manner. He felt a delightful sensation in his heart: “Since you have humbled yourselves and begged me, then I will give you a chance. Destroy Chu Tian’s cultivation and give him to me. This way, you can have a temporary peace. As for the future, that will depend on whether you are obedient.”

Meng Ying Ying glared at him while gnashing her teeth, yelling: “In your dreams!”

“Relax, I don’t plan to kill him. I’ve heard that he has a bit of talent, and this young master loves and cherishes talent. I plan to let him live life like a dog. This is already a very kind and generous way of taking care of the matter. Else, with all the things he’s done, even being hacked to death by a thousand cuts would not be enough. You don’t have any other choice, either hand over Chu Tian or bear the fury of the Ye family. Choose one from the two, judge for yourselves.”

“Have you said enough?” Chu Tian’s face was full of disdain. He impatiently stifled a long yawn and suddenly beckoned his finger towards Nangong Yun, saying: “Come here.”

Nangong Yun walked over: “What for?”

Chu Tian indifferently waved at her, saying in a commanding tone: “If you help me kick his ass, I’ll give you a bit more when we split the stock.”

“Really? Thank you so much!” Nangong Yun revealed an expression of excitement: “Jie was just waiting for you to say this!”

Ye Han extremely dreaded Nangong Yun, however, he never believed that Nangong Yun would dare move against him.

After all the Ye family’s power was on display here!

Even so, the moment he saw Nangong Yun walking over, he was still a bit flustered: “Your blood is nothing but a side branch of the Nangong family. It wasn’t easy for Nangong Yi to rake in this mayor position. I urge you not to be too rampant, a mighty dragon cannot suppress a native serpent. If you anger the Ye family, you won’t even have the mayor position. Try to touch me and see!”

What Ye Han said was right.

Nangong Yi was a branch member who was assigned to be Tian Nan City’s mayor. Nangong did not have any presence in the Central State and there were many opposing forces. Nangong Yi’s foundation in the Central State could not even be compared to the Xiong family. Therefore, they must be cautious, else they might encounter danger.

The Ye family was not a force to look down upon.

Nangong Yi had also repeatedly ordered his daughter, that no matter who she provoke, do not under any circumstance provoke the Ye family. This was the reason for Ye Han’s reassured and bold attitude.

Nangong Yun simply didn’t care.

“The one surnamed Ye, stop trying to be high and mighty. Don’t think that I can’t through that you are only 6th rank Body Refinement. Though you can barely be considered a genius in Tian Nan City, you aren’t worth shit in the Central State. How I see it is that the Ye family doesn’t really consider you worthy for further teaching so they sent you back here to manage their business. Even though I am only a side branch of the Nangong family, do you really think that the Central State Ye family would offend one of the three strongest families in the kingdom for a side character like you? Stop giving yourself so much credit!”


Ye Han’s face turned livid. Nangong Yun’s words hit his sore spots.

A year ago, Ye Han had carried high expectations when he set off for the Central State. Who would have thought the top genius of Tian Nan City, was a dime a dozen in the Central State.

Ye Han was completely neglected and was given the cold shoulder for a whole year. He took the initiative to go home. Due to the Blackwater Commerce incident, he picked up the leader position of the branch unit.

Nangong Yun’s clenched fist made crackling sounds, her body emitting a crimson light. A low and deep phoenix’s cry resounded, giving off a powerful intimidating pressure, forcing all the mercenaries to take a step back.

The bones in Nangong Yun’s finger crackled: “How do you want it beaten?”

“Of course go for the face!”

Did it even need to be asked?

Ye Han’s face turned pale as his voice began to tremble: “If you dare to touch me, I swear your family will not have peace!”

“There is nothing in Tian Nan City that laoniang does not dare to do!” Nangong Yun’s imposing manner surged. Her body was covered with crimson magic energy, flashing through the air like a meteor. The palm of her right hand landed heavily on Ye Han’s face. Ye Han was slapped to the ground from the top of his wolf. Even a few of his teeth got slapped off.

Everyone was dumbfounded!

She actually attacked!

Ye Han was one of Ye Xiong’s cherished sons, at the same time, he is one of the more outstanding geniuses in Tian Nan City. He was supposed to be basked in glory now that he has come back to Tian Nan City and taken on the role as the leader of the branch unit. Who would have known that he would be bitch slapped right after he entered the city!

What was left of Ye family’s dignity?

Ye Han clutched his swollen face. His eyes emitted fires of rage. For someone as proud as him to be slapped in the face in view of the general public was the greatest humiliation: “You all will regret this!”


Ye Han suffered another slap, flying into the crowd.

“Trash, weren’t you very arrogant?” Nangong Yun went and grabbed him. Her beautiful face showed a vicious look: “Stop being a whimp! Retaliate!”

“Young master!”

The mercenaries were in panic but no one dared to make a move on Nangong Yun.

After all, Nangong Yun had the cultivation of peak 9th rank of Body Refinement!

After all, Nangong Yun was the mayor’s daughter!

Of the few people in Tian Nan City that could beat Nangong Yun, which one would dare to actually beat her up?

Ye Han angrily said: “Chu Tian! You dare to hide behind a woman! If you are a man, then face me fair and square at the Tian Nan City’s Summit twelve days from now!”

Nangong Yun’s brow knitted: “I’ll kill you first!”

Nangong Yun’s hot temper made her lose her reasoning.

Chu Tian immediately stopped her: “Enough!”

Ye Han had just came back from Central State, at the same time, he is Ye Xiong’s eldest son. Although the two slaps was humiliating, but it was still acceptable. At most the Ye will cause a bit of trouble for them. But if Nangong Yun really killed Ye Han on the spot, then there would be limitless consequences.

At least, now is not the time.

What kind of figure was Nangong Yun?

She was a demon that reached peak 9th rank Body Refinement in a place with sparse resources like Tian Nan City!

A super genius with unlimited potential and a divine spirit!

Powerful personal strength combined with a strong background made her completely unrestricted by the law, even the mayor was helpless against her. No one would believe that such a demon would behave and completely listen to Chu Tian.

Chu Tian sized up Ye Han, his eyes showing a hint of provocation: “I accept your challenge, we will fight at that whatever meeting ten or so days from now.”

Nangong Yun’s eyes opened wide: “You are mad! You are only 3rd rank Body Refinement!”

Chu Tian was at 3rd rank Body Refinement.

Ye Han was at 6th rank Body Refinement.

The difference was not small!

Even if Chu Tian could enter hyperfocus and use its ability, it would be hard to defeat Ye Han. The higher the rank, the bigger the differences was between each rank. It would not be like the beginning where he could beat someone 3 ranks over.

“Don’t we still have a dozen days left? What’s the hurry?” Chu Tian generously waved his hand, “Tell this guy to scram! It makes me sick just looking at him!”

“Are you deaf? Scram!” Nangong Yun glared at Ye Han, viciously saying: “Don’t let laoniang see you again, I will kick your ass everytime I see you!”

Ye Han clutched his swollen pig face, his expression carrying enmity and viciousness: “I will return the humiliation today hundreds fold! Let’s go!”

This group of ferocious and tough mercenaries were shaken by Nangong Yun’s despotic power, all dejectedly leaving. Ye Han felt extremely aggrieved. He could accept being oppressed by evil people in Central State, but he hadn’t thought that he’d be bullied even when he came back to Tian Nan City!

Chu Tian!

Watch and see!

At the Summit, I will break your bones one by one to vent my anger!

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