Miracle Throne

Chapter 25: Nine Deaths, One Life

Nine Deaths, One Life

The Crimson Lotus pill’s effectiveness had completely vanished.

An overpowering feeling of exhaustion coming in waves swept Chu Tian’s body, causing his vision to waver. He nearly fainted.


The Black Winged Wind Wolf lost its patience; with a deep savage roar, it began condensing green magical power all over its body. Then, like a discharged arrow, it leapt forward, exuding a gust of bone-chilling terror as it flew through the air.


We can’t stop now!

Chu Tian forced out more strength to rotate his magic power. A wave of incomparable pain appeared, as if a fire had spread in an instant through his whole body. This kind of pain that overdrafted his whole body was something normal people had no way of bearing!

Every one of his meridians imperceptibly exhibited a pain, like they were cracking inch by inch. However, accompanying this kind of torturous pain, in his almost squeezed-dry body, a miraculous strength bursted out!

Under these extreme circumstances, unexpectedly there was a sudden breakthrough!

Yet Chu Tian could not strike up the energy to be happy. In front of the black Winged Wind Wolf, there wasn’t much of a difference between the third and the fourth level of Body Refinement. The difference between life and death could be determined in a single instant.

At this time, a small lake stretching over a radius of 20 meters blocked his advancing path, but directly opposite him there was a cave.

It was impossible to jump over the lake, nor had he had the time to take a detour.

Chu Tian clenched his teeth and jumped in, barely making a splash as they both fell into the freezing cold lake. The Black-Winged Wind Wolf pursued closely behind them. Losing its restraint, it started condensing magical power to send forth one last fatal strike.

Right at this moment.

Across the pool, from the cave entrance, noise bursted out.


Some kind of creature had been disturbed!

The black Winged Wind Wolf immediately scrupulously stopped its movements, stepping back step by step. It arched its back, revealing its teeth as it growled. It’s green eyes were glued to the cave, as if it was facing a formidable enemy.

A huge scarlet python around fifteen meters long slowly emerged. Beautiful patterns were distributed around its body, its blood-red scales bright and delicate, sparkling in the sun, as if it had been carved out of ruby. On top of that hideously huge python head grew a long black horn, making it look majestic.

Blood-Woven Flood Python!

Chu Tian was being chilled to the marrow soaking in the freezing lake. When he saw this creature, an expression of dismay flashed in his face.

This was a magic beast who had the chance to evolve into a flood dragon. Normal Blood-Marked Flood Pythons didn’t have horns. When it grew out its first horn, this also meant that it had completed its first cycle of evolution. At its weakest it would possess strength equivalent to a human cultivator at the Realm of the Awakened Soul!

The Blood-Weaved Flood Python’s cultivation surpassed the Winged Wind Wolf, however, because it had just recently finished its metamorphosis, it was in a very weak state. It’s cultivation was at the level of the first rank of the Realm of the Awakened Soul, but its real battle power was probably still at the peak of the ninth rank of Body Refining.

For two weak and small humans to be caught between two dangerous and vicious beasts, life and death could be determined in a single instant!

Meng Ying Ying’s mind went blank as she screwed her eyes shut in despair. We are done for; we are really going to die!



However, after one wolf and one python found each other, they ignored the two puny humans at once. Instead, they roared and screamed at each other to demonstrate their might, a fiery atmosphere around both of them.

Magic beasts got stronger through extremely cruel methods, and their sense of territory was also very strong!

The black Winged Wolf was a very low grade of magic beast. Only by eating higher grade magic beasts’ magic cores and flesh and blood, they could have a chance of evolution. Wasn’t this abnormally weak Blood-Woven Flood Python a one in a million golden opportunity?

The Blood-Woven Flood Python was a proud and irascible type of creature. When the black Winged Wind Wolf had intruded into its territory, especially after finding out the others intentions, it naturally became as furious as thunder.

Chu Tian’s thoughts stirred anew……if the two beasts fight against each other, perhaps there might be a slim chance for survival.

The problem was, magic beasts were not idiots who didn’t have brains. With such a small difference between their battle powers, no one had absolute confidence in victory. Normally, it would be very hard for the two of them to start fighting.

If nothing surprising happened, the black Winged Wind Wolf would definitely back off on its own.

This could not happen!

The opportunity was fleeing!

Sitting and waiting for death was not as good as taking a risk!

Chu Tian suddenly threw out a talisman, instantly activating a 1 grade magical array — Water tie!

The Blood-Woven Flood Python completely had no defense and was suddenly wrapped around by four pillars of water.

Chu Tian certainly was not hoping to wound it, but rather to distract it. The talisman’s power was enough to cause disturbance to its movements. One should know, when two experts were fighting, even a glimmer of interference or the tiniest flaw would cause the opponent to take the opportunity and take advantage.

Chu Tian was purposely trying to create a distraction to cause this hesitant and indecisive black Winged Wind Wolf to see an opportunity. If the black Winged Wind Wolf made its move, the Blood-Woven Flood Python would definitely return the blows. The huge fight would then be hard to stop.

Of course, the dangers of doing this was extremely big!

What if the black Winged Wind Wolf didn’t take advantage of the opportunity? What if the black Winged Wing Wolf didn’t have enough time to react? What if, in its anger, the Blood-Woven Flood Python exterminated the two humans first?

Even though this was a gamble, but Chu Tian chose it!

To achieve this end, he used the last of his effort, immediately sinking into the deep lake water.

“Ah! Chu Tian!”

Meng Ying Ying hurriedly rushed into the water to dredge up the drowning person.

The Blood-Woven Flood Python was greatly angered. It raised its body high as a burst of red energy condensed on the top of its head, turning into a flash of red lightning that would shoot towards the two people.

The two humans’ lives were hanging by a thread. It looked like they were just about to be killed.



Two powerful green wind blades blew over, viciously hacking into the Blood-Woven Flood Python’s body. A huge patch of scales were ripped off on the spot. It also caused two deep wounds.

“Roar! ”

The black Winged Wind Wolf leaped into the air, pouncing towards the python with the power of a thunderbolt.

The Blood-Woven Flood Python angrily roared as it broke free of the weak water prison, shooting three or four bolts of red thunder towards the black Winged Wind Wolf, who was in midair.

The black Winged Wind Wolf avoided a few attacks, but the last attack hit its left wing, causing it to fall from the sky.

The Blood-Woven Flood Python furiously dived towards it.

The black Winged Wind Wolf brazenly engaged in battle!


The two magic beasts heavily collided together!

A terrifying magic beast battle was on the verge of breaking out!

In the places that they’d passed there was bulldozed gravel, overturned vegetation – their momentum was terrifying, causing people to become nervous.

Meng Ying Ying took this opportunity to pull Chu Tian onto the shore, hiding behind a huge mossy rock. She panickedly and dis-concertedly pushed down on his chest, causing Chu Tian to spit out the water in his belly, “How are you?”

Chu Tian’s face was pale white. He waved his hand, saying: “It’s just the side-effects, nothing major.”

“You really are so formidable and resourceful, at such a dangerous moment, provoking them to fight with each other. Their strengths seem to be around the same, so both sides will definitely be badly wounded. This way we might be able to escape with our lives!”

Meng Ying Ying was soaked to the skin, her thin silk dress stuck tightly to her body. Those full and perky breasts, her thin willow waist, and her perfectly round bottom were all fully outlined.

Chu Tian smiled bitterly: “It’s not that easy.”

Magic beasts that could survive in the cruel forest were definitely not impulsive idiots.

Survival was always the most important. Evolution, reproduction, these things were secondary.

Destruction of both sides was not a smart idea. If things really progressed so far, than the side that was slightly weaker would definitely choose to run away to prevent being severely wounded or dying.

Chu Tian raised his head.

In the girl’s chest, two bundles of Jade Rabbit dripped with crystal drops, slowly flowing into the bottomless ravine. The strong temptation made one’s blood boil.

Chu Tian didn’t forget to include words of ridicule: “Remember, this time you have held on to your small life because it was me who didn’t throw you away or give up on you! If we are lucky enough to get back alive, I won’t ask for much. You can give a couple million gold, and as to paying me back with your body, I will also consider it.”

“Pei*! At this kind of time, you are still so evil!” Meng Ying Ying prepared to lift Chu Tian on her back: “What should we do? How about when they are still fighting, I carry you away from this place.”

TN*: It’s kinda like the disdainful sound you make when you spit

“No! ” Chu Tian shook his head, saying: “There isn’t enough time, we can’t go far enough.”

Then what should we do? Are we really going to die here?

Chu Tian pointed in a direction with his hand: “Help me over to that part of the forest, don’t ask so many questions, move faster.”

Meng Ying Ying hurriedly lifted Chu Tian on her back and went into the forest. This place directly faced the Blood-Woven Flood Python’s cave.

“You take this paralysis talisman.” Chu Tian stuffed a talisman into Meng Ying Ying’s hands: “As soon as the black Winged Wind Wolf tries to flee, activate the talisman to stall him.”

“The black Winged Wind Wolf will really try to run away?”

“It definitely will. This is the Blood-Woven Flood Python’s territory, so it has no way to retreat. It will definitely fight to the death, so once the battle reaches a stalemate, the black Winged Wind Wolf will not be as stupid as to fight to the death. It will definitely germinate the idea of retreating. If we want to see both sides severely injured, we definitely cannot let one of them escape alive.”

Was this real?

Could Chu Tian predict the future?

Right when Meng Ying Ying was feeling a bit skeptical.

The black Winged Wind Wolf had experienced a few minutes worth of bloody battle and the intent to retreat sprouted in its mind. It continuously shot a couple of wind blades towards the Blood-Woven Flood Python as it turned tail to run in the opposite direction.

“Now! Quick!”

The talisman array activated, the talisman burning as a streak of inconspicuous gray light quickly shot over.

The black Winged Wind Wolf had a very fast reaction speed. At the first moment it dashed to the side to avoid it, but was still hit on its back leg. In an instant it was put into danger of death, as the Blood-Woven Flood Python caught up.


The flood python’s long body coiled around the huge wolf. Not to be outdone, the black Winged Wind Wolf attacked back with its teeth. With the two vicious beasts intertwined together, the battle began again, falling into a stalemate.


The two people hid inside the heavy foliage for around five or six minutes, constant angry roaring and screaming from the two magic beasts ringing in their ears.

Suddenly, there was no more sound!

Had the battle ended?

Meng Ying Ying was extremely nervous, carefully sticking out her head. The ground was covered with fresh blood and broken scales. The extent of the brutality of the fight could be imagined!

The two magic beasts were lacerated and bruised all over as they lay on the ground. The Blood-Woven Flood Python was deathly wrapped around the black Winged Wind Wolf’s body, almost crushing the giant wolf’s bones. The black Winged Wind Wolf had used its teeth to desecrate the huge python’s body, even various different organs had been dragged out.

The two magic beasts just lay there without moving.

Meng Ying Ying’s eyes opened wide and round.

No way!

They perished together?!

After a few minutes, the two magic beasts still had no sign of movement.

“They really perished together!” Meng Ying Ying grabbed Chu Tian’s elbow, shouting: “Wow! Both these guys are dead now, I am completely safe!”

The respect Meng Ying Ying felt towards Chu Tian immediately rose to the level of worship!

Such a dangerous situation!

Such a sinister environment!

Their lives had been hanging by a thread every minute and every second, yet Chu Tian had been calm from the beginning to the end. He had accurately predicted every kind of possibility, at last coming out with a lifeline on the edge of the cliff!

If the person was changed, who could accomplish that?

But Chu Tian accomplished it!

Meng Ying Ying hurriedly said: “Let’s leave!”

Chu Tian impolitely knocked on Meng Ying Ying’s forehead: “Stupid! If you leave like this, are you treating me fairly? There isn’t enough time to take all these materials, but at least we have to dig out the beasts’ magic cores!”

Oh right, in a spur of happiness I forgot.

A beast core was the source of strength for magic beasts. It was an extremely valuable material!

How much money these two magic beasts’ magic cores would be worth!

Meng Ying Ying quickly got to work. The two beast cores were covered with intricate patterns. One of them, the Blood-Woven Flood Python’s magic core, fluctuated with a strong magic power. The color was bright as blood, and the energy was even more pure. A faint flood python’s roar came from it, still filled with a breathtaking power and dominance.

A beast spirit!

A beast spirit was an extremely precious thing!

This kind of stuff could only be condensed in a magic core of a beast above level 2. When a magic beast died, after at most a week, the beast spirit would dissipate and become a normal magic core. Because they were so hard to preserve, their was an extremely scary high market price for them.

Chu Tian nodded his head in satisfaction.

To him, this beast spirit had a special usage.

“I don’t have enough energy to move right now, help me over to that cave up ahead to rest for a while.”

Chu Tian really did not know how to write the word ‘polite’, taking the initiative to hug Ying Ying’s shoulders, more than half his body leaning onto hers.

This bully!

Meng Ying Ying’s face turned slightly red as she silently spit. Seeing that you’re a patient, I’ll let you take a little advantage. She helped Chu Tian as they slowly walked into the cave. The inside of the cave was foul-smelling, the ground covered with broken relics, with not a small amount of broken weapons and armor.

At this time, a strange mouth of a spring drew in their views.

The stones encompassing the spring mouth were gorgeously deep red in color. The spring-water was also a bright red liquid and looked blood-like as it bubbled faintly. Yet there was a kind of clean and fresh air emanating from the spring, improving the air in the cave by not just a little.

Many precious medicinal herbs were distributed around the lake, Hundred-Year Blood Fungus, Hundred-Year Dragon Veined Ginseng, Hundred-Year Amethyst Bamboo Shoots……

Meng Ying Ying was so happy she was unable to contain her joy: “Oh my heavens, so many elixirs!

Of these medicinal ingredients Meng Ying Ying could at best identify one or two and they were all treasures that were priceless and could not be bought. If you combed through the entire of Tian Nan city’s medicinal markets, perhaps even one would be hard to find. These were treasures one could only get by luck and not by searching!

Looking at the quality of these ingredients, they would be at least two to three hundred years old, and the medicinal effect would definitely be very strong!

Every stalk of medicine could save at least many years of cultivation!

If one didn’t die from a hard time there would definitely be rewards later!

They’d earned big!

This time they really earned big!

Meng Ying Ying gripped Chu Tian, and shouted in excitement, saying: “Did you see? Did you see? Everything in here is precious treasure!”

Chu Tian turned a blind eye to the elixirs.

He walked step by step to the blood spring.

“We really have dog-shit* luck!” Chu Tian’s expression grew a bit hot: “This is the spring of life!”

*TN: He’s swearing because his luck is good, not bad/his luck is very extreme

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