Miracle Throne

Chapter 8: You Don’t Have Long to Live

You Don’t Have Long to Live

The guard captain showed an angry expression. Brother Long was only a small local thug, but he was still able to get things done and understood the rules; he was also an important source of income. Now that his income source had been cut short, how could he not be angry?

“Who killed him? Come on out!”

All eyes gathered on Chu Tian.

Guard captain angrily said: “Nice! Killing people in the middle of the street, where is the law? This crime cannot be forgiven. Come with me unless you want to avoid pain!”

Meng Ying Ying stood up for Chu Tian: “I cannot stand for this! These guys bullied us first; Chu Tian only acted in self-defence. We all saw it.”

“Who saw it?” Guard captain turned around and pointed at a few people, “You? You? Or you? Who saw it was self-defence, come forward and testify!”

The crowd whispered among themselves, no one dared to speak.

One of the thugs that Chu Tian beat up struggled to stand up and shrilly cried out: “Captain! We were wronged! We were wronged!”

The guard captain snorted and said: “Just say it, this one captain is selfless, will naturally sought justice for the victim!”

The thugs stared at Chu Tian with hatred and said while crying: “We only came to eat, but who knew these two guys would try to extort us. Our boss only tried to come and discuss this with them, but they took advantage when boss wasn’t paying attention and killed him!”

“Who would believe something like this?” Meng Ying Ying almost did not explode: “This is complete nonsense!”

The thug knelt down on the ground with a running nose while crying said: “I ask you sir to uphold justice!”

“Ok, the situation is now very clear to me.” The guard captain waved his hand: “These two are now suspects of robbery and murder; immediately escort the prisoner to jail!”

The security guards and the local thugs were complicit; there is no way to reason with them, making the innocent guilty. Meng Ying Ying shouted angrily: “We will not go with you; you guys are simply bandits!”

Guard captain sneered: “Robbery, assault, murder, and now resisting arrest; these are all felonies. No one can save you. Go! Arrest them!”

Normal guards are all at the 3rd rank of body refinement strength. Although Chu Tian has his hyperfocus ability allowing him to deal with one enemy at a time, multiple enemies were still an issue. Not only that, but the guard captain is even stronger than the others. There was simply no way for Chu Tian to handle all of them and fight back.

At this time, a voice from within the crowd resounded: “You maggots are completely ruining Tian Nan City’s credibility!”

Is someone picking a fight with me?

“Who wants to die?” Guard captain became enraged: “Who said it! Come out if you dare!”

Immediately after he said it, a girl in red walked out from the crowd. She had smooth white thighs, long high-heeled boots, and red waterfall-like hair. An absolute beauty with a hot temper; one look and you can tell this woman is like fire.

Nangong Yun lightly shook her head: “You don’t even know who I am and yet you dare to boast in front of me; I would think you are the one seeking death!”

The guard captain unsheathed his officer long sword: “I don’t care what kind of background you have. To dare go against the law enforcement; you don’t even have to think about being able to get away. Bring her back together with the boy; I will personally interrogate her and make her regret today’s action.”

Keng! Keng! Keng!

A few guards unsheathed their swords and surrounded her!

Nangong Yun’s face turned cold, her red hair suddenly began to dance beautifully, despite a lack of wind. A surge of strong hot energy stormed out of her body, suddenly turning into a red light that erupted into the sky like a volcano, screeching with the shriek of a phoenix!

A crushing surge of intimidating pressure instantly erupted into the air.

The surrounding people felt as if their blood was being clotted by the pressure!



“She is an awakened spirit cultivator!”

Everyone was shocked and sighed. Within the Tian Nan city’s population of a few million, there were hundreds of thousands of body refinement cultivators while only a few dozen who achieved the Spirit Awakening realm. Even Spirit Awakened cultivator is strong and mysterious. Ordinary people would not have a chance to see one!

Nangong Yun was a cultivator who had reached the pinnacle of the 9th rank of body refinement. She was half a foot into the realm of Spirit Awakening already, so therefore she could use Spirit Awakened abilities albeit with some difficulties.

From the eruption of red light, one could see a fuzzy figure. A Chicken’s head, a swallow’s beak, a snake’s neck, a turtle’s back, and a fish’s tail; both majestic and incomparably magnificent. It’s overwhelming pressure terrified the surrounding people.

“Fire Phoenix spirit!”

“She is Nangong Yun!”

She is the only one in Tian Nan city who was that young and who also had achieved a 9th rank strength. Everyone knew that the Nangong clan has fire attribute spirits. She is famous because she is the daughter of Tian Nan city’s mayor, a once seen in a hundred years genius, and the owner of a phoenix spirit with boundless potential.

Magic power is a cultivator’s fundamental power.

Spirits are a cultivator’s fundamental power source.

Every cultivator has their own exclusive spirit. When a cultivator reaches the Spirit Awakening Realm, their spirits will fully awaken and take on a concrete form such as beasts, plants or even artefacts. Spirits are the visual expression of talent, ability, and potential. A powerful spirit leads to powerful strength which meant a powerful potential.

Nangong Yun’s spirit was a Phoenix!

What kind of a mythical creature is a phoenix?

Nangong Yun was blessed with extraordinary talent and combat potential. She can destroy all the other cultivators that reside in the same rank!

Chu Tian was also a little bit surprised: “Although it is not a complete phoenix and has not fully awakened, its potential is enormous. To encounter such a rare spirit in this kind of small place, now this is interesting.”

“Are you not going to arrest me?” Nangong Yun was enveloped in a powerful fire attribute magic; it gets hotter for every step she takes forward, making people unable to breathe, “Why are you so surprised? Come arrest me!”

“I did not know it was you, miss .” The guard captain was scared pale; he immediately knelt on the ground and made a few loud kowtows: “I won’t dare to anymore, I beg miss to spare this worthless life!”

Nangong Yun was not just an Awakened Soul elite.

She is the mayor’s daughter and also Zhang Li Qing’s inheritor.

These few people were petty when compared to Nangong Yun!

Nangong Yun was enveloped in a red aura, like a goddess descending on earth. Her magic power was endless like a surging river: “What you are saying is, I cannot be bullied, but others can?”

The guard captain had his soul scared out of him: “Mercy! I was blinded by greed, I don’t dare to do it again!”

“Tell this to the citizens of Tian Nan city; Tian Nan city has no place for you maggots!”

She concentrated her magic and pointed her finger!

A bright fire instantly turned the guard captain into a fireball. The shrill screams and mad struggle only lasted for 3 to 4 seconds before it ceased. What remained was a black human figure, charred from head to toe!

Too Strong!

This is the power of the pinnacle of the 9th rank?

Only this small amount of magic was enough to send chills down people’s back. If her spirit were to fully awaken, then what kind of powerful existence would she be?

Nangong Yun withdrew her magic and looked over to the other guards: “You all performed evil deeds together and cannot be forgiven. Destroy your cultivation and get out of Tian Nan city!”

Cultivation destruction? How ruthless!

It’s completely over this time!

With a destroyed cultivation, they can still live as a normal person. This was much better for the guards than losing their life like the captain!

Everyone in Tian Nan city was aware of Nangong Yun’s fierce reputation. This kind of outcome was already merciful of her!

“Tha..Thank you for your mercy!”

The guards ruthlessly strike their dantians, dissipating their many years’ worth of cultivation. After losing their magic, they had just became ordinary people.

“We will leave!”

“We will leave immediately!”

The guards dejectedly supported each other and quickly left.

The crowd cheered. The collusion of the local thugs and those maggot guards had made people’s lives miserable. Now that they were eradicated, people could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

Meng Ying Ying already knew that Nangong Yun was strong, but did not know that she was this strong!

If Nangong Yun was already this strong, then how strong was Zhang Li Qing?

Meng Ying Ying quickly walked over: “Senior sister apprentice, how come you are here?”

Nangong Yun acted as if nothing had happened and simply sat down: “I heard that there were some delicious steaks around here so I wanted to come and try them. Now that I beat up the bad guys for you, are you not going to invite me for steak?”

Meng Ying Ying nodded: “Okay! Please wait!”

A hoarse voice resounded “I also one want.”

When Meng Ying Ying saw him, she almost lost it: “Teach..Master Zhang, how come you came also?”

He was a grey robed senile old man with white hair. Even though he looked ordinary, everyone in Tian Nan city knew him. He was the well-known Tian Nan city Scrivener guild’s guild master. At the same time, he was also one of the strongest people in Tian Nan city!

Zhang Li Qing was not a fool and knew what Meng Ying Ying was capable of. When his brain cooled down, he could already guess that the homework turned in today was not Meng Ying Ying’s own work.

There must be a master near her!

Zhang Li Qing’s gaze landed on Chu Tian.

After a few minutes, Meng Ying Ying brought up the steaks.

Nangong Yun cut a small piece and put it into her mouth, her eyes shone like bright stars, “Wa, this is delicious!”

Zhang Li Qing was not concerned about the taste of the steak but instead focused on the magic array on the top, very curiously asked: “How did you come up with using magic array to cook beast meat?”

Chu Tian bluntly said: “Eat your food old man, don’t ask so much!” (EN: God I love his personality)

Meng Ying Ying quickly bumped Chu Tian with her shoulder and surreptitiously winked at him: “What are you saying? Don’t you know who he is?!”

Chu Tian said in disgust: “People need to be sincere. I despise those people that are only hyped up.”

Meng Ying Ying felt her little heart could not bear it anymore. Zhang Li Qing was a person of distinction. Chu Tian dared to openly insult him, does he not fear death? Judging by Zhang Li Qing’s strength, lifting a finger is enough to instantly kill him a dozen times.

“Sorry, Sorry. This is business secret. It is inappropriate for this old man to ask such.”

Zhang Li Qing did not get angry. From Chu Tian’s words, he is certain that the design is all likelihood came from this man. Even though there is some misunderstanding, it is still trivial.

The feeling Chu Tian gave him was simply too mysterious.

It was unheard of for someone this young to be able to master hyperfocus.

This person was likely to have come from a powerful family, or was the successor to a hidden sect which had come to this small city to gain experience. Tian Nan city could not afford to offend such a big power, as they can easily wipe out Tian Nan city.

Chu Tian said snappily: “Good that you know!”

Zhang Li Qing smiled: “This old man was observing your battle just now. To enter hyperfocus at such a young age puts this old man to shame. I would like to organize an academic seminar and hope you can give a speech that explains your experience. Of course the reward will be generous.”

Meng Ying Ying felt a little dizzy.

Not only did Master Zhang not get angry at Chu Tian’s arrogant attitude, but he actually boldly asked Chu Tian to be a lecturer!

Was there a mistake?

A master level person lowered himself to make a request from a kid that hasn’t even grown hair yet!

Chu Tian directly refused: “Not interested!”

Nangong Yun stood up and said: “Kid, you need to get this clear. This old man has plenty of money and your reward will be certainly be generous; but that is only the minor benefit. You will become famous overnight; no one in Tian Nan city will dare to make a move on you. This is simply a reward from heaven.”

Chu Tian still rejected: “I don’t have time!”

Zhang Li Qing calmly said: “I can wait. When you have time, we can talk about this.”

Meng Ying Ying was anxious to stomp on Chu Tian. Isn’t this a widely sought after opportunity? For Zhang Li Qing to recommend a youngster meant that that person would be the centre of attention. In addition, it would without a doubt mean that Zhang Li Qing wants to support that youngster. Not only would Chu Tian become famous overnight, he would also be able to make connections with powerful people and have access to a vast amount of resources. The amount of power involved is unimaginable!

Chu Tian shook his head: “With all due respect, you don’t have long to live!”


Meng Ying Ying gasped!

Nangong Yun’s eyes rounded.

Although Chu Tian did not accept Zhang Li Qing’s invitation, but to actually curse Zhang Li Qing for death, what was he thinking?

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