MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks

Chapter 213 - Heart of the Archer

Chapter 213: Heart of the Archer

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“Fatty, were you up at Blade Peak?”

“Bro, I wanted to but I’ve yet to make it up there even after countless of deadly falls.”

He contacted Chen Yang and confirmed that it was not him who had purchased the Universal Keys.

Li Yi could not help but feel resigned.

It seemed that many things had changed, followed by his reset in life.

The first player to climb up Blade Peak in the past life was Smiling Dummy. He fell to his death no less than a hundred times from fumbling to success over half a year’s time. There was a change in this life, it took off earlier by more than two months.

Li Yi sent Shen Lang a message to get him to investigate if it was indeed Smiling Dummy that climbed Blade Peak.

It was not a big deal for other players to conquer Blade Peak. As player’s Reputation value peaked higher and higher, the secret of Blade Peak would quickly be known to all. Li Yi never intended to hog onto this secret because that was unrealistic. This was an online game, not an offline game.

Li Yi summoned Ice Toad King and jumped down the mountain.

“Pst pst pst pst pst shh—”

Climbing was easy but getting down was hard. Prior to jumping, Li Yi thought he was all good but once he was up in the air, his confidence was torn by the harsh reality.

When he was on the way up, there was a stepping stone that edged upwards. Now, jumping down, this stepping stone was at an inclined angle. It was quite steep.

Ice Toad King did not get a good footing and lost balance, falling…

“Blop cha—”

Li Yi dismissed Ice Toad King at a critical juncture, dispatching an Engineer made Cloak Parachute. Thank goodness, there were no accidents here. The parachute opened with success and Li Yi held on for a slow glide down.

Exposed to the howling of piercing cold winds, Li Yi was in a dull mood. He wanted to get down to the Arena for a look around but great, he was now caught hanging midair.

The model 250 Cloak Parachute was a basic creation of Engineering that could be mastered from the Beginner Level. But this thing had a high failure rate. It could potentially save one’s life at crucial moments but it was not a straw to clutch at.

It may or may not work. Most importantly, the direction that the parachute would move was not something controllable, it would dwindle with the wind.

Li Yi was pushed by the wind as he fluttered and landed in a hanging cave on the mountainside.

Li Yi was amazed. He had never landed here in the past life. He had always ended up in the sea.

“Oh, so mysterious. What could be hiding in there?”

Li Yi summoned Violent Bear King and cautiously pried into the cave.

In King of Parthenon, the riskier the place, the bigger the rewards. A hidden cave like this must have been a refuge to a few treasure chest, there was no doubt about it. The developers would not simply leave a useless cave behind just to mystify the players.

It was a no-fly zone around Blade Peak. When he entered the cave, Li Yi noticed that there was no stepping stone of any kind. In other words, para-gliding was the only way into this cave.

What a coincidence! What luck!

There were phosphorescence elements within the cave. Although the cave was not well illuminated, Li Yi had full visual. It was not a long walk before he came across a treasure chest wrapped in glorious golden radiance.

Li Yi still had quite a number of Universal Keys so he took one out to open the chest.


[You’ve opened a treasure chest and found Heart of the Archer Skill Tome. You continue to rummage and find a Compound Elements Skill Tome.]

A cheerful melody rang as Li Yi picked up these two Skill Tomes. For a moment, he was at a loss for words and could not express how he felt with this sudden stroke of luck.

Heart of the Archer was the soul of Archers. No matter the path one played, this skill was a must-learn for every Archer. As this Skill Tome was a rare drop, at least 90% of the Archer class never learned this in the past life.

Compound Elements was scarce as well. It was a despotic skill of Natural-Path Summoners. With this Skill Tome, Natural-Path Summoners could link with their pets to triple their ATK, effectively becoming assassins.

Compound Elements was great for Chen Yang while Heart of the Archer was used by Li Yi on the spot.

Level 1 Heart of the Archer increased Archer’s ATK by 1% and shooting range by 5 yards.

Li Yi was meaning to use up the remaining two Skills Points but forcefully held back.

A Level 60 Archer could master a skill that lifted an abnormal state called Survival Instinct. An Archer was not lacking in ATK, but rather CC and counter-CC skills. With Survival Instinct paired with the Trickery Ring’s special effect, these two abnormal state-dismissal skills would definitely increase the safety factor during PK and farming monsters.

Ah, he really needed more Skill Points.

Li Yi helplessly shook his head. He still needed 10 Skill Points for a legendary skill while Heart of the Archer needed another 19. This was not mentioning his other skills yet…

Money could buy great pieces of equipment. Even the fairest game would bow to money but Skill Points was a different genre altogether. Money could not buy Skill Points.

There was no further path ahead. Li Yi patiently searched around the treasure chest. Based on his years of experience in looting treasure chests, he concluded that this cave did not just have one treasure chest.

Only one treasure chest at a hard-to-reach place like this? It did not make sense.

It did not take Li Yi long to find an answer. He found a line of words engraved on the wall behind the treasure chest.

“As light departs, darkness enters. The dead returns from the jaws of death to the mortal world…”

As Li Yi recited the engraved words, they radiated a sheer white light, reflecting on his body. Shh shh— At the flash of the white light, the line of words disappeared together with Li Yi.

Li Yi appeared in a world of darkness. The soil beneath his feet was pitch black in unison with the skies above. There was no sun, no ray of light but instead, endless cries of sorrowful spirits accompanied Li Yi. They swayed to and fro the sky as the crippled undead roamed below.

The Dwelling of the Undead!

Apart from common maps in King of Pantheon, there were also seven Secret Places. Legends spoke of those who triumphed over the difficulties ahead in a Secret Place would be rewarded with bountiful returns.

One of the Secret Places, Water World was opened to the public once a year. The remaining six Secret Places were inaccessible to the public. It was up to players to discover them for themselves.

Fire Abyss, Water World, Wind Capital, Life Shrine, Heart of Earth Element, Mount Pantheon and Dwelling of the Undead were the seven Secret Places within King of Pantheon.

Li Yi lifted his head and gazed into the distance. This place that was crowded with the undead was known to be filled with treasure chest. So the legend of countless treasure chests in the Seven Secret Places rang true.

Li Yi yearned for the Seven Secret Places legends the most in his past life. It was a shame though, that he had never encountered the other six Secret Places apart from Water World.

It was revealed a few times on forums on how to enter the Secret Places but no one ever succeeded in doing so. The reason was simple. The entry point into the Secret Place was at random. Li Yi may have entered through Blade Peak’s cave but the next time, the entrance to Dwelling of the Undead would not be within this cave. It would randomly shift to another hard to reach spot.

The Seven Secret Places were shared by the four continents and any player could enter. This was similar to Sea Island’s Trading Center.

Looking at the vast expanse of the undead, Li Yi was hot with emotions.

The famous Fire Emperor Lonely Semi City was awesome in grinding levels at the early stages. He bloomed at the later stages result of entering into one of the Seven Secret Places, Fire Abyss. There, he mastered the Ultimate Fire Magic, then joined ranks with the top league.

There were no display of HP and levels of the undead and spirits. Li Yi gave it a thought before casting Mislead on Violent Bear King, then shooting an arrow before activating Pseudocide to drop the aggro from himself.

One white skeleton walked over with the audible rattling of its bones while the other undead were not startled.

Li Yi heaved a sigh of relief. HP and level aside, at least he could perform single pull.

The white skeleton moved at a slow speed. Although Li Yi could only move in a small space (There were undead all around), there were no issues circling around with a single skeleton.

After a minute in battle, the white skeleton fell into a heap onto the ground and was now truly dead.

His EXP surged by 20,000, giving Li Yi a jerk.

Wasn’t this EXP a bit too high?

He became at ease after sinking into his thoughts. Though the white skeleton gave high EXP, its HP was quite high and took over a minute to kill. Leveling up here was not faster than in Underwater Remnants.

Li Yi went up to loot but came up empty-handed. He helplessly shook his head. He used the same strategy to pull a second white skeleton.

The way Li Yi saw it, the white skeletons did not move any faster than those fleshy undead. He would first take them down and widen his range of motion before handling the undead.

Rattle rattle!

A white skeleton limped over and wielded a fine sword in its hand, void-slashing at Li Yi.

There was a twenty meter-distance between the two parties. A sudden blade glare appeared before Li Yi. He instinctively dodged to the side but the glare managed to hack his shoulder blade, causing a -921 damage to appear on his head.

“F*ck me, Blademaster skeleton?”

Li Yi retreated a few steps before initiating Camouflage to break away from the battle.

In King of Pantheon, there were a handful of classes that were the eyes of envy and could not be learned no matter what. The Blademaster was one of them.

Blademasters were proficient in every type of swordsmanship. Legend has it that the most skilled Blademaster could wield and manipulate the attacks of a thousand swords simultaneously. The drive was so powerful and revered, it scored a 100 percent in the cool department.

But it was a shame that players were unable to choose this class. The reasoning the developers had provided was unacceptable too, the Blademaster class had been wiped out completely in the Ancient War of the Gods thousands of years ago…

Li Yi waited until his HP was full before scouting the area around with a frown.

The Blademaster class monster’s ATK was terrifying. That blade aura was child’s play. He was lucky the white skeleton did not initiate a 3-Combo Blade Aura or death would have followed.

“F*ck me!”

Just cruising by the Blademaster white skeleton was an undead zombie with a huge cross behind its back. This was another dream class, the God-Chastised Paladin, that once again was an unplayable class.

“Mother, don’t tell me this place’s the Ancient War Ruins?” Li Yi could not help but curse under his breath.

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