MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks

Chapter 389 - Breakthrough!

Chapter 389: Breakthrough!

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Scumbag Wang howled and waved his kitchen knife, slashing hard at Red Wolf’s butt.

“Why would Brother Wang like you? You should take a piss and look yourself in the mirror. With your IQ, even working with Fengxi won’t help you.”

Red Wolf could have cried out in regret. She had totally forgotten that she had added Scumbag Wang as her friend.

How could he give up such a golden opportunity?

Li Yi drew his bow and unleashed his arrows. After a few rounds of Eliminate, Red Wolf died as well.

“Beware my blade!”

The kitchen knife in Scumbag Wang’s hand was whirring in a spiral. When he saw that Red Wolf was dead, he took a moment to catch his breath before slashing her once more.


Red Wolf’s Keep Going If Alive skill was defeated, and she died for real this time.

A piece of gold-colored equipment flew out from Red Wolf’s corpse. Scumbag Wang bent over to pick it up and, without even looking at its attributes, he decomposed it into pieces in his hands. He then scattered the equipment fragments over Red Wolf’s body.

“C’mon, get up. I decomposed your equipment, hehe, get up! Get up if you got the balls, come and beat me, why don’t you? Come beat me…”

Scumbag Wang had learned the Decomposition Skill before as well, but his Decomposition Skill mastery was only at 22 points. Any equipment he decomposed would only be destroyed without yielding any materials.

It was a good skill for ticking people off, though. How else would he earn the title of Scum?

Since Red Wolf was already dead as well, Li Yi turned around and ran. He had to go help Windless Heavenly Robe, after all.

Gray Wolf and Red Wolf were lucky, in a sense. They had both been finished off by Scumbag Wang, so fortunately for them, Soul Bind did not even work on them.

“Go on, run! Can’t you run?”

Scumbag Wang spat on Gray Wolf’s face.

“Stay away from Brother Wang’s sights from now on, because I’ll kill you every time I see you!”

Scumbag Wang walked away. When Gray Wolf and Red Wolf heard those words, they were so angry they nearly died again.

By the time Li Yi ran over to support Windless Heavenly Robe, Hua Feiwu was already resurrected. This time, however, he did not dare to interfere. Instead, he just stood there obediently.

Hua Feihua had already given him absolute orders. If he dared to interfere, she would never let him hear the end of it.

“Sis, I’m from the Three Major Guild Alliance, and Dark Wing is from the Iron Alliance. Who do I f*ck up if not him?” Ever since Hua Feiwu experienced that trauma, his current favorite word was f*ck.

“The Three Major Guild Alliance was on the brink of collapse. Are you stupid, Lil Bro? The right way is to go with the Iron Alliance.”

“But the Iron Alliance doesn’t want us. Why should we go suck up to them?”

“Who says the Iron Alliance doesn’t want us? This can’t be rushed, we gotta take it slow. Don’t fight, and watch your sis work her magic~”

“Sigh… Am I getting another brother-in-law?”

“That’s so mean! I’m ignoring you now~”

Li Yi activated the Cheetah’s Protection Aura, increasing his SPD BY 30%. He caught up to Windless Heavenly Robe in no time, cast Mislead on his Lightning Leopard and had it pull the aggro again by shooting off two arrows.

The Frog Queen turned around to chase Li Yi, and this time, Li Yi went into a pathway he had never taken before.

Gray Wolf and Red Wolf could resurrect at any time, so he could not take that path anymore. His only choice was to take a risk and use a path he had never taken before, leading the Frog Queen further away.

The Frog Queen only had slightly over 5,000,000HP left, so her Black Magic attack range had increased by a whopping 30 yards. It was becoming harder and harder to fight.

“Hang in there, we can definitely beat this within half an hour.”

Li Yi shot as he ran. He had an extremely long attack range, so he could shoot the Frog Queen as he scouted a path.

On the other end, Windless Heavenly Robe was preparing as well. His Undead Summon was very suitable for fighting like this, since he could use Bagradin for crowd control whenever monsterlings appeared while using the Headless Horseman on the Frog Queen herself. Although his ATK was not as strong as Li Yi’s, it was much easier for him to fight like this. If it were not for the fact that his MP and stamina ran out too quickly like this, he may even be able to solo this.

Hua Feihua followed closely behind them, having long since left Hua Feiwu and Scumbag Wang in the dust.

Scumbag Wang did not find Hua Feihua, but he did see Hua Feiwu. In the end, however, he could only manage one sentence before Hua Feiwu f*cked him over.

“Brother-in-law, where’s your sister?”

“Who are you calling your brother-in-law?! Light of Destruction! Deathstorm!”

The Frog Queen’s HP kept falling. Li Yi explored the way carefully. Even though the fighting was tough, it was still relatively safe. It did not matter even if he did occasionally see monsterlings like Elite Scarabs along the way, because the Violent Bear King could deal with them easily.


When the Frog Queen’s HP reached 3,000,000, her summoning became even more intense. She tossed black magic spells, one after another, with less than three seconds in between. If they were a fraction of a second slower, they would definitely get hit. At first, Hua Feihua had been perfectly safe following behind them, but now the black magic’s attack range had increased, so she could not keep up anymore.

Hua Feihua sent Li Yi a friend request. Under these circumstances, Li Yi could not reject her either. No matter what, she had helped them fight for such a long time, after all.

Li Yi agreed.

Hua Feihua was overjoyed and she immediately sent Li Yi a private voice message. “Brother Dark Wing, sorry but I… I can’t keep up anymore.”

Li Yi shuddered. There were two things in this world that got on his nerves the most, the first being gay guys and the second being coy girls. Hua Feihua was undoubtedly a woman who knew how to act coy more than anything else.

“Then you don’t have to keep up anymore, thanks.”

“That can’t be good, I’m weally weally worried about you guys~”

Li Yi turned off the volume and did not dare to reply. If they continued to chat, he was worried he would lose control and kill Hua Feihua.

When the Frog Queen’s HP fell beneath 2,000,000HP, the situation became even more dangerous.

The Frog Queen’s attacks changed, and she began casting an Epic-level AoE black magic spell called Devour Flesh. Its effect was to absorb the life force from all the living creatures within 30 yards of itself. It took 2,000 to 5,000 HP each time, and each target could be sapped 3 times. The more targets she had, the more HP she could recover.

“Why does this Frog Queen have so many OP skills? We’re done for this time…” Without Hua Feihua behind him to heal him, Windless Heavenly Robe nearly died.

Devour Flesh had a wide attack range, and the pathways inside the Wailing Grotto were never large to start with. Sometimes they could not hide even if they wanted to.

“No way, if we keep fighting like this, we’ll get annihilated.” Li Yi shook his head and stopped in his steps.

The Frog Queen sapped them a few times and her HP went over 2,000,000HP again. Only then did she stop using Devour Flesh quite so often.

“Now what do we do?”

“You go to the other end of the pathway. We take one end each, and take turns hitting her. We can’t run around randomly anymore!”


Windless Heavenly Robe agreed and summoned a Water Elemental. Using the Life Pact skill, he sacrificed the Water Elemental and recovered 6,000+ HP. He then tanked the effects of Devour Flesh, running behind the Frog Queen.

“Take it slow and we take turns! Pets, go!”

Li Yi raised his arms and unleashed two arrows, shooting the Frog Queen and making her croak furiously. Just as it was about to cast Devour Flesh, Li Yi immediately retreated and stopped.

Windless Heavenly Robe summoned the Headless Horseman and Li Yi used Mislead on it, transferring his aggro to it.

No matter how many people the opponent had, the Frog Queen only ate the target with the highest level of aggro. When everyone else’s attacks became ineffective against the Queen, only the Archer and the Thief, the two classes that could transfer aggro, were capable of teaming up against her.

Neither of the two bit off more than they could chew. Once Li Yi’s Mislead skill finished cooling down, he would immediately change the Frog Queen’s target. Just then, Hua Feihua began to help as well. She stood in the distance, healing Windless Heavenly Robe until he just kept thanking her profusely.

The rate of the Frog Queen’s HP falling began to slow down, but the Devour Flesh skill became weaker as well, as she no longer used it randomly. Whenever they saw the Frog Queen raise her arms, Li Yi and Windless Heavenly Robe immediately retreated so she could not absorb anything at all.

“Keep it up, just like this! We’re almost there!” Windless Heavenly Robe laughed.

“Maintain, relax!”


Just as Li Yi and Windless Heavenly Robe were getting in a groove, Pretty Good Mood sent them a voice message.

“Guild… Guild Master, the S-S-S-Scarab…” Pretty Good Mood was so excited that he even stammered as he spoke.

“Did Pale Blue successfully get the contract?” Li Yi was overjoyed as well. Although he knew about Pale Blue’s luck, he was still pleasantly surprised that her luck kicked in so early.


Li Yi’s heart dropped. “Did Amber Sword Heart and Alex bring in more reinforcements?”

Pretty Good Mood took a deep breath and enunciated word by word, “I. Was. The. One. Who. Got. The. Contract!”

“You made a contract with the Scarab King?”


Li Yu was stunned…

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