MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 1041: Perhaps This Is Happiness (Ending)

Chapter 1041: Perhaps This Is Happiness (Ending)

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Devouring the destruction behemoth.

Digesting it within the time barrier for decades.

Jiang Feng’s strength, Pan Zeng, had also grasped the path of destruction.

His strength had even reached the level of a two-star god of creation, even surpassing the village chief of the Creation Village.

“Hu ~”

Letting out a long breath, the already damaged universe began to miraculously recover.

He transformed into human form and slowly stood up.

With a wave of his hand, the planets that were originally on Earth all flew out and scattered around the entire Milky Way.

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In the form of the nine palaces and eight trigrams, all the planets were arranged and formed into a large array.

This array could produce Qi of true spirit, and its defensive power was also super strong. Even a creator god below four stars in other universes could forget about destroying his universe. Even the attack array contained within the large array could kill the other party.


At this moment, he took out the other nine heaven and earth spirit roots he obtained from Granny Dream and placed them in the center of the array.

The Heaven and earth spirit roots in the center of the array rapidly grew and became incomparably huge.

For a time, the Qi of true spirit in the entire universe became denser, and the speed of recovery also increased.

As the heaven and earth spirit roots grew, it didn’t take long for them to bear fruits.

Jiang Feng picked these fruits one by one, and continued to urge the spiritual roots of heaven and earth in the eye of the formation to grow.

After growing to a certain extent, the number of fruits that a spiritual root of heaven and earth could bear also increased.

In order to restore the entire universe.

Other than Earth and other existing planets, they were all enveloped by a time barrier.

Currently, the time barrier ratio he used was 1:1000.

This ratio was one day, which was equivalent to a thousand years.

The group of people on Earth only saw the spiritual roots of heaven and earth continuously growing in the mirror image, and the universe was rapidly healing. Jiang Feng calmly waved his palm, controlling the stars to move around.

This scene seemed slow, but they didn’t know that a thousand years had passed inside!

Within a thousand years.

Jiang Feng obtained tens of thousands of heaven and earth fruits.


With a wave of his hand, he scattered them.

Tens of thousands of planets had appeared in this universe, and these planets began to grow on their own.

“I’m still lacking stars.”

After muttering to himself, he waved his hand, and numerous stars and meteorites appeared in the universe, forming a Beautiful Sea of stars.


It took one to two thousand years.

The universe had finally recovered and welcomed rebirth.

As for Jiang Feng, he could be considered to have completed his merit.

“It’s time to go back!”

He muttered.

In an instant, Jiang Feng disappeared from the universe and appeared on top of Mount Numinous.

“Greetings, Creator!”

The moment he returned.

The representatives of the ten great ancient sacred beasts, the various planets, and many of his subordinates who had followed him before said respectfully.

“There’s no need to be so polite. It’s time for all of you to return!”

Jiang Feng smiled and waved his hand, causing all of the other planets to disappear, along with their memories of him.

With his current strength…

As long as anyone mentioned his name or thought of his name, he would be able to sense it.

He did this to prevent himself from being disturbed by these kinds of senses in the future.

The creator God had his own dignity.

This kind of ability could be said to be one of his own after becoming a creator god.

It was to prevent others from speaking ill of or insulting him behind his back.

Ling feiyu walked over with a smile. “I’m really lucky to have met you and picked up such an amazing husband!”

Jiang Feng said with a smile, “I’m also very lucky to have such a beautiful and virtuous wife like you!”

Mo Ji pouted. “What? Am I not virtuous and beautiful?”

Xiaolongnu and Xiaolan also pouted as they looked at him.

“Both beautiful and virtuous!”

Jiang Feng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Ling Feiyu asked, “What are you going to do next? You’re not going to leave again, are you?”

Jiang Feng said, “I’m not going to leave. I’m going to accompany my wives and children to live a normal life!”

Ling Feiyu looked at Fairy Zixia and asked, “Then what about the great sage?”

Looking at the somewhat disappointed Fairy Zixia, Jiang Feng said calmly, “Don’t worry. The Great Sage will be back. Furthermore, he hasn’t encountered any danger yet. I’ve just contacted him. He doesn’t want to come back yet. He only wishes me to take care of his wife and children!”

When he had become the god of creation, he had already sensed Sun Wukong’s whereabouts.

Sun Wukong, Norka, and the others had already entered a higher level universe.

The power of the god of creation in this universe had already reached 10 stars. He could be considered as one of the stronger universe leaders among the many universes. The universe he was in was even more prosperous, and there were even more opportunities.

Sun Wukong was now looking for opportunities to create his own universe.

Although it was a long time, with Jiang Feng’s strength, he had a way to shorten the time between Fairy Zixia and Sun Wukong.

“En, Alright!”

Ling Feiyu nodded.

Everyone knew that Sun Wukong was a warmonger.

He couldn’t continue to fight in the universe created by his brother.

He could only go to other universes and fight. He would become the god of creation and open up his own universe. Then, he would challenge other universes and become a stronger god of creation.

He would fight until the end to comprehend the evasive one. This was Sun Wukong’s goal.

He had also tried to persuade Sun Wukong.

However, Sun Wukong said with a smile, “I have an undying body. If I don’t fight to my heart’s content and seek the limits, the following days will only be a torment for me. Even if I am happy to accompany my wife and children, my boiling hot blood will gradually turn cold. I am afraid that at that time, I will no longer be me. Therefore, I want to fight!”

To Jiang Feng.

Fighting was only for the sake of happiness and peace.

His strength could slowly increase, but he had to grasp the happiness in front of him. If he missed it, even as a creator god, he would not be able to save it!


Three years had passed since the cosmic calamity.

Everyone on Earth seemed to have forgotten that the cosmic calamity had arrived and that the world had changed.

Instead, they continued to work and lead a boring life for money in an environment that had suddenly become better for some unknown reason.

In these three years.

China had become the number one country, and its technology surpassed all other countries.

After seeing such a powerful country, all the countries were on good terms with each other, and Wanwan even took the initiative to return to her mother’s embrace.

The moment she returned to her mother’s embrace, everyone celebrated and cried with joy, praising the great achievements of the country’s leader!

Jiang Feng had completely retreated and become an ordinary person.

He accompanied his children to school.

In order for his children to be able to enter a good university, he even stayed up all night to tutor them.

There was nothing he could do. They were too strong, and the teachers who tutor them were all messed up by them.

Although he had already given the order that his strength could not be displayed in front of ordinary people, sometimes they would use their strength to do some small actions.

It would not make the ordinary people feel strange, so he did not care.

In order to increase the average lifespan, he even researched a set of national martial arts. He found some people to carry it forward, strengthen their bodies, and increase the speed at which they absorbed Qi of true spirit.

For a time, national martial arts became popular, and the country also did its best to promote it.

As long as one’s national martial arts reached a certain level, they would receive an admission notice from the mysterious spiritual mountain and specially teach them.

Cosmic Dragon Group.

A group founded by a group of monsters in Qingqiu.

They were a group that developed various virtual games.

One had to admit that they were very bored. Aside from training, only games could bring them joy.

In order to blend in with the secular world, they had already obtained their own Chinese names. Then, they entered the game to play games with ordinary people.

The second day of the divine domain ushered in another game craze.

Fenglan junior high school.

The educational career that little LAN had started.

Jiang Feng was called to school by a teacher on this day.

He stood awkwardly in his office with Jiang Chen by his side.

A beautiful teacher named Li Xin pointed at Jiang Feng and asked, “Father Jiang Chen, what do you do for a living?”

Jiang Feng smiled faintly and said, “I’m just a small employee of the Cosmic Dragon Group.”

Li Xin said, “The Cosmic Dragon Group, AH. They’re quite busy with work there. No wonder Jiang Chen said that you didn’t care about them. But no matter how busy you are, you still have to accompany your children and communicate with them more. is work more important or is the child more important?”

Jiang feng smiled and said, “The child is more important!”

Li Xin said, “That’s it. Occasionally, you’ll find time to accompany your children and teach them the correct concepts. Do you know that he only knows how to brag to his classmates every day, saying that you’re the person who created this universe, that it’s his mother’s credit that other children have such a good environment to go to school, and that the Maple Orchid Education Group is run by his family? He hits people when other students mock him. I really don’t know what kind of parent you are. Instead of teaching him properly, what kind of martial arts do you want him to learn? “Do you want him to become an uncultured hooligan in the future?”? “And…”

Jiang Feng nodded humbly in the face of the child’s class teacher’s teachings. Should he hit Jiang Chen a few times as a form of punishment.

He and Jiang Chen were only let through after being lectured by Li Xin for two hours.

It was already dark by this time.

Two Black Shadows flew past in the night sky.

“Hahahaha… Dad, apart from my mom, this is the first time I’ve seen you being pointed at and taught a lesson by someone else for so long. If Uncle Qingqiu and the others knew, their mouths would definitely be wide open in shock, hahaha…”

Jiang Chen laughed uproariously as he flew through the air.

“Brat, it’s a good thing that you’ve stirred up. Didn’t I tell you not to run around like a train? How dare you say anything to others!”Jiang Feng rolled his eyes at Jiang Chen.

“It’s fine. They won’t believe me anyway. Just treat me as a blabbermouth.”Jiang Chen put away his smile, “Father, do you think this is interesting? You’re clearly the god of creation and can live a life like an immortal. You’re revered by tens of thousands of people. Why do you have to be a Nobody?”

Jiang Feng looked at the sky full of stars he’d created and smiled faintly, “What I’m living now is a life like an immortal. As the saying goes, one will succeed and ten thousand bones will dry up. When a person reaches a certain peak, looking at the mountain of bones that they’ve created will be very lonely. Some will even think about reincarnating and experiencing the world again. Do you know why?”

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Because the seven emotions and six desires of the world will let a person know that they’re still alive. If they don’t have the seven emotions and six desires, then what’s the difference between that and death?”

“But look at how busy they are every day. Isn’t it tiring? Aren’t there a lot of people who commit suicide?”

“They are busy working hard for their goals. The sense of achievement after achieving their goals is happiness. It is happiness to experience the difficulties of love, happiness to get married and have children, and happiness to help others… those who commit suicide are those who go astray and try to gain something without effort but fail miserably. There are also some whose souls are weak and disturbed. subconsciously, they will hate themselves and free their souls. This is the behavior of the weak!”

“Dad, I want to tell you something that makes me the happiest!”


“I’m in a relationship!”

“You Little Brat, stop right there. Little Brat, what relationship are you talking about? Let me tell you, if you don’t get into Fenglan junior high this time, you’ll see how I’ll deal with You!”

“Slightly slightly slightly… little mom will definitely let me get into Fenglan junior high. After all, Little Mom likes me a lot!”

“I can control the entire universe, so I can’t control your mother, right?”


“Perhaps this is happiness!”

The corners of Jiang Feng’s mouth curled up as he chased after Jiang Chen, thinking lightly in his heart.

… … … ..

… … ..

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