MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1109 - Unfathomable Mystery

Chapter 1109: Unfathomable Mystery

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Very soon, all the people around started waking up their idea and pointed at Wang Yu while speaking excitedly, “F*ck, kill Guardians instantly? Since when did Salat City have such a genius?”

A city in <<REBIRTH>> was just the size of a mere village in real life. Though they had a lot of people most of the people were just gathered at a small place.

Hence, if every main city had skilled players like that everybody would know who he or she was. Such geniuses like Wang Yu could not go unnoticed.

“Looks like it was [Fire Tornado Leg]…”

Right at this moment, someone from the crowd said that softly.

The [Fire Tornado Leg] was considered one of the representative skills of Pugilists. The reason why they did not recognise that skill was because they could not believe that a Pugilist could have an attack damage enough to kill people instantly.

After hearing that its that skill, someone responded immediately, “Are you kidding? Pugilist can kill instantly? Is your brain damaged?”

“You can’t be sure about that. Didn’t you hear the Mystery Pavilion players say that he is not from our city?”

“Another main city?” An old player heard what was said and replied, “Could he be from our neighbour, Twilight City?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Something like that!”

“F*ck, it’s him. No wonder, no wonder!” The older players suddenly realised something.

Though Pugilist was a very weak Job, it did not mean that all Pugilists were weak. Especially for main cities nearby Twilight City, anyone would have had an encounter with a Pugilist ruling. If any other Pugilist killed their opponent within seconds, it would be shocking. However, for Wang Yu, it was justified.

After pondering for a while, the old Pugilists all put on an expression to watch a show. They touched their chin and said, “Now it’s interesting. Mystery Pavilion will suffer.”

“What do you mean?” the new players had not been through those times and were curious.

“Did you guys not go to the forum to dig out news?”


“Go look there occasionally, you will learn some history.” The old players had a sense of superiority.

At the same time, the Mystery Pavilion players had realized that the Iron Bull they saw was real, and those tales were indeed true.

There was not much difference between fighting a million people alone and fighting a group of tank players. It would be smarter to not be an overachiever in this case.

A qualified martial artist should be able to control their desire for battle.

Wang Yu was not someone who loved to kill, and was also not interested in killing normal players. Since Salat City was not Twilight City, it was not very convenient for the PK value he had.

Looking at the retreating Mystery Pavilion players, Wang Yu relaxed his fighting stance and asked, “Can I leave now?”


The Mystery Pavilion players did not speak and leaned against the handles of the bridge, making way for Wang Yu.

They did not say anything but their actions spoke for them.

“Thank you!”

Wang Yu thanked them politely and continued walking. After walking for a few steps, Wang Yu suddenly stopped.


Seeing Wang Yu stop walking suddenly, they cried out in surprise and backed away.

Wang Yu turned and said, “Are you still at it?”

“No… no…”

The Mystery Pavilion players retreated while waving.

Wang Yu looked up and pointed to the air while saying, “Not you guys, him!”

“???” All of them were confused.

Right at this moment, Wang Yu reached his hands out and grabbed an Assassin out from thin air.

The Assassin was skinny and masked. He was holding his dagger looking like he was about to stab Wang Yu, but his expression showed that he was taken by surprise that Wang Yu exposed him.

Wang Yu was not unfamiliar with the Assassin’s reaction, because every Assassin that got grabbed out from the air had this expression.

However, this Assassin had a fast reaction. Before Wang Yu could pull him in further, this Assassin took out another dagger with his other hand and kicked the floor with one leg and stabilised himself again. He spun his body around and stabbed his dagger at a weird angle towards Wang Yu’s wrist.

If it was any ordinary Assassins, he would definitely take on this strike and then return the favour by striking the fatal point of the opponent.

Because Wang Yu was a martial artist and had incredible agility, he was naturally going to dodge the opponent’s strike first. When Wang Yu saw the other dagger coming towards him, his conditioned reflex loosened up the Assassin’s wrist.

Wang Yu was forced to back away but the Assassin did not stop there. Instead, he continued charging towards Wang Yu, attempting to stab Wang Yu chest with his left hand.


Wang Yu’s eyes focused right away and muttered, “He is an expert!”

The Assassin’s dagger in the left hand looked fatal and the one in his right hand looked like it was ready to strike anytime. Though the knife looked normal, it was deadly.

There were not a lot of Assassins who held two daggers. It was even rarer to have a player master this skill to this level.

Of course, it was very easy for Wang Yu to classify high skilled and low skilled. Those who were killed by him instantly were considered low skilled, and those who could survive a few rounds with him before getting killed were highly skilled.

No matter the skill level, it would still be a matter of time before they get killed.

When the Assassin’s dagger almost reached Wang Yu’s chest, he slanted his body to one side in an unhurried manner and activated the [Charge] skill, [Iron Back].


Wang Yu’s shoulder knocked onto the chest of the Assassin and his right hand almost his himself, slashing himself on the throat.

Though [Iron Back]’s physical attack was not fantastic, it had a strong judgement and even had a knockback effect. The assassin did not have any high Judgement skills, so he got knocked a few metres away by Wang Yu.

The Assassin’s agility was not bad too and landed with a backflip, offsetting the effect of Wang Yu’s [Charge], pressing his right hand on the floor to stabilise himself. His moves were clean and swift.

Right at that moment, Wang Yu noticed the badge in front of the Assassin was the same as the ones on Mystery Pavilion players and exclaimed, “Did not expect Mystery Pavilion to have such good players like you!”

“Hmph!” the Assassin sneered, “The Legendary Iron Bull is just like that. I am Unfathomable Mystery, remember my name.”

“Remember your name?” Wang Yu smiled and said, “Hehe, why should I remember the name of someone who’s about to die?”

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