MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1180 - Invitation Letter

Chapter 1180: Invitation Letter

There were quite a few restrictions on the usage of the Black Crystal and at this phase of the game, nobody had use for an item like the Black Crystal. The only person who could use it was Spring Halo.

Spring Halo hurriedly replied, “I haven’t gathered them yet. I will go to the PVP arena now.”

Nobody expected Wang Yu to be able to get his hands on something as rare as the Black Crystal so quickly. Therefore, Spring Halo didn’t head straight to the PVP arena straight after being told about it.

“En!” Wang Yu continued, “The PVP arena isn’t hard and gathering points is relatively simple. If everyone does it together, one night should be more than enough.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk… Old Bull is getting more arrogant by the day.”

Everyone shook their heads.

The PVP arena isn’t hard… A sentence like this was how Wang Yu made so many enemies.

How bad could the skills of players who only focused on PVP battles all year round be? Now that the professional tournament was approaching, most battle squads of major guilds would also prepare themselves by heading to the PVP arena. Who knows if they might match with a professional team?

The true professionals experts were nothing like those players Wang Yu met when he was previously grinding quests.

Only an unorthodox fella like Wang Yu would dare say that the PVP arena isn’t hard.

“Alright, everyone, go ahead first. I have to go offline.” After saying that, Wang Yu wanted to head offline.

“F*ck!” Everyone cried out, “You’re not coming together?”

Wang Yu furrowed his brows and said, “Look at the time now… I’m not as lonely as all you nerds. I have other things to settle.”

“It is only 6 pm… What do you even have?” everyone questioned.

Recently, Wang Yu went offline pretty early. As a professional player, playing all night long was a normal thing to do.

Wang Yu had no other jobs so even if he didn’t stay up all night to play, staying till 10 pm seemed pretty reasonable for him to have enough rest. Now that he was getting offline before the sky turned dark, it just felt pretty unprofessional.

In the face of everyone’s questioning, Wang Yu replied in a serious tone, “Human life is beyond value!”

Following which, he logged out of the game.


Fearless and the rest were equally dumbfounded by his reply before revealing a peculiar expression.

Only Yang Nuo was still concerned as she said, “Human life is beyond value? What happened? Let me go offline to take a look.”

“Forget it!” Fearless quickly halted Yang Nuo as he said, “That is between the two of them. There is no need for a third party to get involved.”

Yang Nuo, “…”

After getting offline, Mu Zixian was still in the game. Wang Yu washed his face and practiced some moves in his bedroom before. After that, he had nothing better to do so he sat in front of the study table as he got ready to read the gaming forum to expand his knowledge.

At this moment, the express delivery mailbox sounded.

In this generation, the express delivery market had been transferred online.

Each household in the district have their own express delivery mailbox. When one made purchases online and did not pick up the phone when the delivery arrived, it would be automatically placed into the express delivery mailbox. Nowadays, people didn’t even have to purchase meat and vegetables from the supermarket anymore. Everything had become convenient with the additional express delivery fee.

Mu Zixian was an honest and straightforward person who seldom shopped online. Unless there was an urgent need, she wouldn’t purchase any meat or vegetables online too. The main reason was because she wouldn’t be able to pick and choose the meat and vegetables that she wanted. She could be considered as a standard housewife. Therefore, they seldom used the express delivery mailbox at home which made it weird that it suddenly sounded today.

Of course, the main reason was still because they were poor. Mu Zixian and Wang Yu were already struggling to feed themselves so she was naturally not going to make unnecessary online purchases. Now that their living standards improved, it was reasonable for her to start shopping online. After all, it was in a woman’s innate character to like shopping.

As everyone knew, Wang Yu was a pampered young master so Mu Zixian never let him do trivial household matters. However, if Wang Yu didn’t even know how to collect a parcel delivery, he would be retarded.

After putting on his clothes, Wang Yu came out to the mailbox area below his house. After opening it, all he saw were two envelopes lying there quietly.

The two letters had words on it: ‘A Murder Of Crows’ Leader Feather Immortal Private And Confidential’ and ‘A Murder Of Crows’ Iron Bull Private and Confidential’.

Looking at the sender of the letters, Wang Yu realised that it was the Soaring Dragon Game Studios.

“Soaring Dragon Game Studios?” Wang Yu looked at the sender and opened up his own letter as he took out a golden card.

On the card, there were two massive words, ‘Invitation Letter’.

Dear Respectable Mr Iron Bull,

It turned out to be the invitation letter for the professional tournament. The fact that they even sent personalised invitation letters showed how serious this event was.

This professional tournament was personally organised by Soaring Dragon Game Studios which would be held at Linhai City a week later.

When the Quan Zhen Sect was fighting for the qualifications to enter the tournament, those professionals squads had already started competing.

Players who frequent the online forums would be aware of the news of all those professional squads in the tournament… While Wang Yu didn’t spend time watching those competition clips, he wasn’t completely unfamiliar with the latest news because the players from the Quan Zhen Sect would talk about it too.

When Wang Yu received the invitation letter today, he couldn’t help but feel pumped up and excited for it.

Wang Yu had interacted and fought with quite a few professional experts such as the country’s number one Thunderlord Block, Archer King Sanguine Rain as well as the one that the Quan Zhen Sect constantly brought up to curse, God of Death’s Left Hand. All of these players were not any weaker than the players from Quan Zhen Sect.

In fact, the Quan Zhen Sect was not even confident enough to say they could guarantee a win against the retired Twelve Celestial Bodies, let alone the young and upcoming experts of the professional tournament.

As a martial artist, Wang Yu’s desire for PVP was actually much greater than ordinary people. However, bullying others in the game was a major turn off for Wang Yu.

Now that this tournament only had top experts in their field, Wang Yu couldn’t help but get excited over it.

Presently, Mu Zixian had already gotten offline as she was already preparing to wash her ingredients. When she heard Wang Yu entered the house, she walked out with ingredients in her hand and asked, “Where did you go? Why didn’t you say anything before leaving?”

“I went to collect this delivery,” Wang Yu replied delightfully.

“Delivery? You bought something online?”

“Nope!” Wang Yu chuckled as he waved the invitation letter in front of Mu Zixian proudly, “Look at these.”

Mu Zixian rolled her eyes when she saw the cards in Wang Yu’s hands as she replied, “I really wondered what it was… Isn’t it just the invitation letters… Why are you so excited over it? Haven’t you seen these before?”

“Damn it…” Wang Yu scratched his nose embarrassingly, “So you do know what these are.”

“Of course!” Mu Zixian shook the ingredients in her hands, “Did you forget where I worked in the past? These playthings are equivalent to VIP admission tickets.”

Just when Wang Yu was slightly confused, Li Xue also walked out of the bedroom coincidentally and saw the invitation letters in Wang Yu’s hands. She couldn’t help but comment, “Brother Yu received the invitation letter… The Soaring Dragon Game Studios is really stingy.”

“What?” Hearing these words, Wang Yu was even more confused.

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