MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1295 - The Dominant One

Chapter 1295: The Dominant One


After hearing what Evil Rampage said, everyone figured out what was going on. Evil Rampage needed the fame from Team A Murder of Crows and also a professional team of fighters.

However, with Evil Rampage’s reputation, there would naturally be very little people who dared to bully him. Of course, with Evil Rampage’s skills, he would have no problem fighting people that he wanted to.

By accepting the sponsorship, there would then be not much difference in Quan Zhen Sect’s lifestyle.

The only reason why Evil Rampage was willing to sponsor Quan Zhen Sect was just to ride on their fame to bring more revenue to his company.

Most importantly, Quan Zhen Sect truly had potential. With such a huge business, Evil Rampage could not prevent rivals from eyeing his spot. He merely paid for a sense of security. Even if Quan Zhen Sect did not bring him more fortune, he would still be on the upper hand rather than to let some other company sign with Quan Zhen Sect to fight him.

Even if Wang Yu was Evil Rampage’s brother, Evil Rampage still had to consider external reasons. Moreover, the few times that Quan Zhen Sect fought with Peerless Heaven was led by Wang Yu…

Evil Rampage could not do anything but to deal with Wang Yu’s “brotherly” behaviour.

The special thing about Team A Murder of Crows was that they performed best when they were free-spirited, unruly and untamed. If they were controlled, they would be at the bottom of the professionals in the future.

Of course, every one of them knew what kind of sponsorship was suitable for them. Evil Rampage’s conditions were suited for Quan Zhen Sect’s character. Nobody would reject getting money while playing games.

The most excited among them was none other than Li Xue and her team. These girls were merely workers in the gold farming studio and got the minimal pay for doing the toughest job. Being professional players were too far a dream for them.

However, they did not expect themselves to get signed under the biggest guild in the game.

All these felt like a dream.

If Li Xue had not met Wang Yu and pulled him into the game to repay his kindness, they would have still been living their lives as a gold farmer.

It looked like having kindness at heart will definitely pay off.

Two days had passed since the tournament ended and it was time to return home.

Within the two days, Wang Yu and his team was walking around the big city and gave themselves a break while immersing themselves in the environment of a big city.

When all of them were still sightseeing, the words “martial arts” had spread across the game along with Wang Yu’s name.

Who was the best player in the game? Iron Bull!

Why was he the best? Because he knew martial arts!

Wang Yu had become the epitome of martial arts and the idol of the country. He was also named the war god after fighting five professional players all by himself.

The rumours about Wang Yu spread like wildfire as many of them helped exaggerate Wang Yu’s actual capabilities. People talked about Wang Yu as though nobody could last two to three moves against him.

Of course, all Wang Yu did was merely to spread the word about martial arts. He did not expect himself to become so famous.

After playing the game for such a long time, habits form.

Though Wang Yu was not addicted to the game, a guy at his age still went straight into the game after he reached home from work.

Twilight City looked the same: The sun hung at mid-hill during dusk, players staring at him with envy then whispering among themselves.

“Did you see our City Lord Iron Bull? He defeated five players by himself in the professional tournament!”

“So what? I saw him fight a hundred players from Sanguine Alliance all by himself with my own eyes.”

“Pshh. Do you know Void Blade? Those people from that guild got pressed and rubbed together by God Bull. And even until now, they do not dare to face Quan Zhen Sect.”

“Do you know Peerless Heaven? They led a huge army of a few hundred thousand to attack Twilight City, but got defeated by City Lord Bull alone. He even hung their leader up on the city gate and beat him up. All of them then made Wang Yu their leader!”

Wang Yu heard everything everyone said and got more embarrassed as he walked. He activated his Qing Gong and ran out of the city.

The moment he was out of the city, Sanguine Warflag sent a message, “Where are you, Great God Iron Bull?”

“I’m training! What’s up?” Wang Yu replied.

Sanguine Warflag was someone who would not seek someone for no reason. He must have something to talk to Wang Yu about.

“Hehe!” Sanguine Warflag smile and said, “You’re finally online! You are Twilight City’s pride, I have arranged a feast for you in the Inn…”

Wang Yu was speechless after hearing what Sanguine Warflag said.

Did all players in Twilight City have the same way of complimenting people? The only reason he went out of the town was to avoid all these flowery compliments.

Before Sanguine Warflag could finish what he said, Wang Yu replied hurriedly, “What do you want? I’ll hang up if you don’t have anything important to say!”

“Don’t…” Sanguine Warflag asked immediately, “Is anyone sponsoring your team already?”

“Yes!” Wang Yu confirmed.

Sanguine Warflag got anxious and screamed, “F*ck, which guild is so fast? Brother Bull, considering our close relationship, you should consider Sanguine Alliance too. We are one of the big builds in the country…”

“Peerless Heaven!”

Wang Yu’s words shoved Sanguine Warflag’s self-praise back to himself.

Peerless Heaven was not f*cking one of the top, but in fact the top guild in <<REBIRTH>>. They had people in all the 300 cities in the game and no one dared to be first if Peerless Heaven called themselves second.

About the relationship…

The boss of Peerless Heaven was rumoured to be Wang Yu’s little brother. Even if there were people who did not believe that, Sanguine Warflag was definitely not one of them. It was pretty simple to tell from both of their similar appearance.

They would of course be the closest pair in the game.

Since Wang Yu’s team had signed with Peerless Heaven, there was no hope for other guilds.

Sanguine Alliance was only the first to do so. Nine Solidarity Spears and Boundless Ocean also sent Wang Yu messages but had the same outcome as Sanguine Alliance had.

Wang Yu got really annoyed at one point and closed his private chats then sent a message in the guild chat, “@ me if you have something to tell me. I’m not entertaining any private messages.”

“Why? Is there someone harassing you?” They were happy because they had not seen Wang Yu so helpless before.

Wang Yu repeated what had happened just now to all of them…

Everyone sighed and said, “Psh… Indeed the most dominant in the country, people even shut up upon hearing their name.”

“Aye…” Only Fearless sighed, “According to the situation now, Peerless Heaven is not considered the dominant one yet. The way Evil Rampage signed with us even before so many people did was a little too high profiled. This might not be a good thing.”

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