MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1575 - Duel Between Experts

Chapter 1575: Duel Between Experts

Since Ma Longteng spoke, Zhao Xinpei was naturally not going to care about Director Li. He went ahead to click on the warning images.

Even though Wang Yu was messing around on the Korean server, the data from all the servers were gathered in one place. As China was the headquarters, they definitely had the authorities to investigate these data.

Once the images opened up, all they saw was God of Light Luke facing Wang Yu…

“It is Brother Bull!!”

When Mary saw that the location was on the Korean server, she thought that they had gotten the wrong person. However, a familiar face appeared when the images popped up.

That burly figure, sharp face and persistent calmness exuded a tremendous sense of security.


Ma Longteng was the godfather of the gaming world as he single-handedly established a company like the Soaring Dragon Game Studios.

As the top-earning game of the Soaring Dragon Game Studios, CEO Ma Longteng definitely knew<<REBIRTH>> well.

As a job more inclined to the Eastern culture, Pugilist was not an easy job to play and this was this fundamental setting of <<REBIRTH>>. This was also a petty trick of game developers.

The plan was to create a slightly weaker job at the beginning and when the players started to be sick of the game, they improved this job drastically to bring the older players back…

Ma Longteng was a businessman who knew how popular jobs with Eastern cultures appealed to the Chinese. Therefore, the difficulty level to play a Pugilist was high and this was all intentional from the Soaring Dragon Game Studios.

When Ma Longteng saw that Wang Yu was going to fight without a weapon, he was slightly taken aback and started doubting Wang Yu’s strength.

If Wang Yu was a Warrior or Knight or a heavy tank, Ma Longteng might believe that he could challenge Luke even at level 60. However, Wang Yu was merely a Pugilist whom he had yet to fully develop. This gave Ma Longteng plenty of doubts.

“Look! They are about to fight!”

Just when Ma Longteng was in disbelief, the voice of the monitoring crew drew his attention back onto the screen.

God of Light was set to be a Knight and a Priest in the game.

Priests were the strongest supporting job in <<REBIRTH>>. Even though light magic was not the most proficient in dealing damages, there were many terrifying damage methods.

There was no need to talk about Knights as they were the ultimate jack of all trades. Knights could fight, could defend and have a high HP.

The combination of these two jobs made Luke a formidable opponent.

However, Luke was merely in his spirit form and while he had his Knight’s skills, his physical capabilities were not strong. His main techniques were still magic spells.

Presently, Luke was only level 80 and in terms of attributes, he was indeed stronger than the level 70 Wang Yu but to a limited extent.

But the more important point was that neither of Luke’s jobs was an agile job.

Speed was of the greatest importance in the world of martial arts.

To a skillmaster like Wang Yu, the BOSSes in <<REBIRTH>> were all pretty average. Even Dragon Emperor Dales, who was known for his close combat skills, was nothing if he didn’t have sufficiently high attributes. This was especially so for a partially impaired old man like Luke.

But because of the restriction in the attributes, Wang Yu’s agile abilities couldn’t match his reaction capabilities. Therefore, unless the BOSS didn’t have attributes that greatly surpassed Wang Yu like the ones Dales had, Wang Yu was confident in taking on any BOSS. Only agility-type BOSS would make things more difficult for Wang Yu.

As for Luke, he might be a god-grade BOSS with decent level, his jobs were both not agility-type. Both his speed and other attributes were not high enough to suppress Wang Yu so the only advantage he had was his innumerable succession of skills and god-grade fighting capabilities.

Of course, Wang Yu wouldn’t be too concerned about all these terms just like how he dealt with Dales.

Wang Yu’s fighting style was mainly known for his speed and ferocious manner. As long as the opponent revealed the slightest of gaps, there would be a chance for Wang Yu to penetrate. When facing a BOSS like Luke, Wang Yu was undoubtedly going to be extra cautious.

A radiance flashed on Luke’s body as he covered himself in golden holy light.

At the instant Luke executed this skill, a gap was formed and Wang Yu charged forward.


A deafening sound was heard and Wang Yu flew over like a cannon. He covered tens of metres in an instant as he arrived in front of Luke.

Luke had just completed his skill and the short stun time had yet to end but Wang Yu was already in front of him with his palms.


A red and a blue radiance surged out from Wang Yu’s palms and a dragon roar could be heard. A [Double Dragon Strike] was pressed onto Luke’s chest without any reservations.


The entire monitoring crew were stunned when they saw this.

[Double Dragon Strike] was the ultimate move of Qigong Master and while the damage output was frightening, it couldn’t be executed so quickly and the range it covered wasn’t far too. It was a skill with low hit-rate which could be effective against BOSS with no AI. Using it against a BOSS like Luke was simply a waste of MP.

However, Wang Yu had already started executing the skill when he charged forward and when he arrived in front of Luke, [Double Dragon Strike] was ready to be fully executed. Whether it was the timing of his execution or angle of the attack, it was perfect that Luke couldn’t dodge it.

Who says that it has a low hit-rate?

Everyone was astonished because Wang Yu’s unexpected methods of fighting… and formidable battle instincts were simply not commonly seen across the gaming industry.

However, the pity was that while Wang Yu’s [Double Dragon Strike] was firmly executed on Luke’s body, the golden light on his body flashed. Luke did not even flinch or move an inch, let alone lose any HP.

The monitoring crew was, however, not surprised by this.

“[Divine Light]!”

God of Light Luke’s special talent as a God-grade BOSS made him invulnerable during normal circumstances… If it wasn’t for the fact that Luke didn’t have a physical body, he wouldn’t have needed to use the [Divine Light] skill.

“So shameless? Do I have to use physical attacks on him?”

Wang Yu was startled when he saw this.

According to his past experiences, physical attacks were useless on spirit-type monsters which was why Wang Yu chose to use magic attack from the start. But the fact that even magic attacks couldn’t deal any damages on Luke confused Wang Yu.

As a top BOSS with slightly reduced attributes, there was no reduction in his combat abilities and reactions. This old man might be old but his reaction was exceedingly swift. After being attacked by Wang Yu in the chest, Luke extended his arms in an attempt to hug Wang Yu.

At the perfect timing, Wang Yu pushed himself against Luke’s chest once more. Using the recoil, he jumped backwards and escaped out of Luke’s embrace. He did a backflip and landed about five metres away from Luke.

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