MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1577 - Infallible And Impenetrable!

Chapter 1577: Infallible And Impenetrable!

“Martial arts?”

Ma Longteng asked in confusion, “In this day and age, there are real Pugilists?”

As a wealthy man, Ma Longteng had great world experience. He admitted that martial arts used to exist. However, how could Ma Longteng not know the most influential experts on the market?

“Of course, there are!”

Mary responded proudly, “He detected his murderous intent just now. Anyone with years of martial arts experience can do this.”

While she said this, Mary alluded that she was a Pugilist too.

“Murderous intent…” Ma Longteng rubbed Mary’s head, speechlessly. “Is this child alright?”

“It’s true!” Mary explained, “I’ve seen this before. If you don’t believe me, did you find any evidence of him hacking?”


Ma Longteng was left speechless again.

Mary was right. Indeed, Wang Yu’s actions seemed like he was hacking. However, when they analysed the data, they realised that Wang Yu’s actions weren’t strange at all. If the hacking detector were purely based on the players’ strength, it would be too harsh.

Soaring Dragon Group was a huge company. As Soaring Dragon Group’s boss, Ma Longteng worked off data and statistics. If Wang Yu were cheating because of something like that, how could the game be considered fair? If word got out about this, it’d be a massive blow to Soaring Dragon’s reputation.

After all, every company was eyeing the entire game simulation system. Heaven’s Will, Abundant Clouds, and all those companies were strong competitors against Soaring Dragon Group. If they gained an advantage, this would be Soaring Dragon’s deathbed.

If that happened because of a small matter like this, Ma Longteng would never stand for it.

Exasperated, Ma Longteng could only continue monitoring the battle. Instead, his analysis and surveillance became more stringent as he analysed every detail.

Ma Longteng didn’t believe that he couldn’t figure out how Wang Yu was hacking. If that were the case, he could only accept fate!

Even though Wang Yu’s senses were sharp, losing his vision restricted Wang Yu’s power.

For instance, Wang Yu couldn’t see a thing now. He could only rely on the opponents’ attacks to predict his opponent’s position before launching a counterattack. There was no way he could make the first move.

Since there was no way Wang Yu could accurately determine Luke’s movements, if he made the first move, there was a chance he would expose his weaknesses. Luke wasn’t just an ordinary BOSS; If Wang Yu suddenly revealed an opening, he would die in the next moment.

As such, when he charged towards Luke, Wang Yu didn’t attack.

Seeing this, Luke flipped his palms as he launched an attack.

When he detected Luke’s movements, Wang Yu lowered his body, dodging Luke’s palms at once. Then, he stepped into Luke’s arms. Using two fingers, he stabbed upward.


Wang Yu’s fingers lodged into Luke’s neck.

Wang Yu didn’t know the passive effect of [Divine Light]. However, he instinctively felt that if physical and magical attacks were useless against Luke, it was likely that there was a specific weak point on Luke that would cause him to receive damage.

Just like his predictions, Wang Yu’s fingers lodged into Luke’s neck. Instead of the feeling of contact, it was as if he struck a bronze armour. There was no effect at all.

Even if Wang Yu couldn’t see, he sensed that his attack didn’t do any damage at all.

Of course, Wang Yu wasn’t a person who gave up quickly. Naturally, he wouldn’t feel disparaged after a single trial. A person had more than 180 critical spots on their body. Furthermore, there were 275 vital points on them. That was merely one spot. Even if he wanted to give up, he had to give them all a try first.

Just like before, Wang Yu couldn’t make the first move. However, after he struck Luke’s throat, his fingers didn’t stop. This time, Luke’s fist hammered down.

Wang Yu smiled as he dodged Luke’s fist. Without missing its mark, he stabbed Luke’s chest.


“No effect!”

He dodged another attack. This time, Luke was enraged. He thrust his leg forward at once. However, Wang Yu rolled on the ground quickly. He landed behind Luke. Without turning around to face him, he thrust his fingers again, striking the back of Luke’s head.


“No effect!”

Since Luke wasn’t an agile BOSS with his attributes only at LV80, there was no way he could deal with Wang Yu’s speed. To make a comparison, Luke was like a lion trying to swat a fly. Even though he had thousands of kilograms of power, there was no way he could use it. To describe this feeling, only “frustration” fit the bill.

Even if Wang Yu’s attack didn’t deal a single bit of damage on Luke, Luke was still frustrated. If it weren’t for his dignity as a God, he would have cussed him out.

The experts exchanged blows. In a prolonged battle like this, dealing with matters calmly was most important.

Wang Yu had been through hundreds of battles. He was accustomed to high-difficulty battles where he exchanged blows over several rounds. As such, he could display his abilities to its full potential.

On the other hand, as a God, Luke was thoroughly frustrated by how he couldn’t even touch his opponent’s clothes. The more he thought about it, the most upset he got. His attacks began to lose their edge.

A master that randomly launched attacks was a master that wasn’t worthy of teaching.

Toward a person like that, Wang Yu had always made it a point to be uninvolved. At first, Luke’s attacks were planned and well-coordinated. He calculated every attack and defensive move, and Wang Yu had to look for openings. However, now that Luke’s attacks lost its purpose, he was vulnerable.

Against an opponent like this, anyone would take full advantage of all those openings.

In the next moment, Wang Yu dodged most of Luke’s attacks. Every time he dodged, he launched his counterattack precisely.

Qihai! No effect!

Dantian! No effect!

Zuxia! No effect!

The number of critical hits above Luke’s head began accumulating.

Those who were in the trade understood what he was going for—those who didn’t simply joined in for the hype.

Even though nobody in the monitoring room understood how amazing Wang Yu’s mechanics were, they weren’t under Luke’s [Blind] effect.

When they saw how Wang Yu dodged Luke’s attacks time and again, everyone from Soaring Dragon was stunned.

In reality, Luke’s attacks weren’t wholly unavoidable. Even though a top-tier expert wouldn’t be able to deal with opponents as quickly as Wang Yu, it wasn’t impossible to avoid all of them.

Since Wang Yu was the National Professional League’s Champion, his abilities were within expectation.

However, one had to understand that Wang Yu was under the [Blind] effect. There was no way he could see his opponent’s attacks. Under a situation like this, how could he dodge Luke’s attacks so easily? That was completely unexpected.

Even Mary, who was very familiar with Wang Yu, was so shocked that her jaw dropped. She muttered, “The… was the landlord this strong? Is he hacking?”

Ma Longteng glanced at the monitoring system subconsciously. The system remained normal, not a single digit out of place.

At this moment, Wang Yu’s tightly shut eyes opened.

The [Blind] effect ended!

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