MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1592 - Businessman

Chapter 1592: Businessman

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The lights faded and the four quest items in Hermit’s hand turned into four gemstones of different colours, then Hermit passed them to Wang Yu.

After taking the gemstones from Hermit, Wang Yu heard the system notification alert sound.

<System Notification: You have completed an SS-grade quest, Martial God’s Path, and have awakened human’s pride.

You have received xxxx EXP, xxx fame, xxx merit points…>

After a series of numbers, another long list of things appeared, “You have earned 1x Heart of Flames, 1x Obsidian Stone, 1x Dragon’s Reverse Scale, 1x God’s Glory.”

Quests rewarded EXP most generously. The EXP reward in normal quests was more than dungeons. As for an SS-grade top quest, the amount of EXP was astonishing.

Wang Yu was now level 66 so to level up, it required an exorbitant amount of EXP.. However, after completing the Martial God’s Path, a ray of white light entered his body. Following which, two rays of gold light shone from his body and his level rose to level 68, falling just a little short of hitting level 69.

Such a generous EXP reward was shocking.

Other than that, Wang Yu also earned the ‘Martial God’ title.

Martial God (Title) (Legend)

+10% strength attributes.

+10% agility attributes.

-10 skill CD.

[God of Martial Arts]: Passive skill. As a strong barehand fighter, the Martial God’s fighting ability is extremely powerful. Normal attacks by fist and leg +30% attack damage. All Pugilist skills’ power increase by 30%.

[Supreme Expert Prestige]: Passive skill. As the strongest in the world, the Martial God is majestic and will not be affected by any BOSS’ presence.

He was indeed a Martial God. Just based on this title alone, Wang Yu felt that it was worth all his effort…

How could an SS-grade quest’s reward be trashy?

Wang Yu was already strong and agile so with a 10% increase for both attributes, his attributes were on another level.

Especially in terms of strength, this was the most important to Wang Yu.

After all, as a martial artist, Wang Yu understood better than anyone that strength could defy all else.

In the past, when dealing with God of Death’s Left Hand, a full-strength Archer, he almost lost. Now that he had these attribute boosts, Wang Yu could easily kill anyone including Evil Rampage, a full-strength Pugilist.

Martial God helped Wang Yu’s basic attack and skills’ damage increase, putting his attacks on a whole new level. [Supreme Expert Prestige] seemed to not be very useful but for Wang Yu who met strong BOSS often, he understood how important it was.

Just look at Luke. His might made life difficult for Wang Yu even though Luke was a dying level 80 BOSS who was in spirit mode. If Wang Yu met a level 100 BOSS, once God’s might appeared, he might not even be able to retaliate.

As for the four gemstones in Wang Yu’s hand, after they were spiritualised by Hermit, from quest items, they became ingredients for forging.

“Thank you, sir, for your help!”

After getting what he wanted, Wang Yu happily cupped his fists towards Hermit.

“Not at all, this is what you deserve!”

Hermit was also rarely polite and bowed in return to Wang Yu.

After leaving the alley, Wang Yu opened God-slaying Demon-killing Bow’s blueprint before he opened his friends list and sent a screenshot of the required materials to Evil Rampage.

He then followed up with a message, “Find these materials for me.”

Those with brothers would know. What were brothers for? Of course, they were for exploiting. Wang Yu had been exploiting Evil Rampage for years so it had become a habit. Based on how they conversed, others might think that he was Evil Rampage’s boss.

The pitiful Evil Rampage almost cried when he received Wang Yu’s message.

“Boss, can you find someone else to exploit? Our father just snatched a bunch of materials from me and here you are? Can the both of you not be like this?”

Evil Rampage was speechless towards both Wang Yu and their father.

What kind of kinship was this? They were basically sucking-blood vampires… Once they needed something, they would just ask and were not polite about it at all. This made Evil Rampage’s studio seem to be opened just to serve both of them.

For Wang Yu, it was not that bad as he would give him some money when he was in a good mood. However, their father was a real robber as seen from his shameless words, “What is yours is mine so aren’t your things mine too?”

With such a father and a brother, no one would be able to stand it. The owner of <<REBIRTH>> included.

If he did not do what they asked, he might get beaten.


Hmm… Wang Yu and their father were the top two in China’s martial arts community. Fighting with the two of them might just kill him uglily. The only way out was to act poor.

“Oh?” Wang Yu was puzzled after hearing that and asked, “Our dad asked you for materials?”

“Right? He asked for a bunch of rare materials but did not give me a single cent,” Evil Rampage said sadly.

“Tsk tsk tsk, how shameless!” Wang Yu mumbled belittling then said, “Quickly prepare the materials for me then send it to my inbox.”

“I have the materials but the money…” Evil Rampage carefully asked.

Wang Yu rebutted, “Our dad did not give you a single cent so why do I have to?”


Evil Rampage went berserk.

“Why? Do you have an issue with that?” Wang Yu asked again.

“No… Nope.” Evil Rampage sighed and said, “Take it that I’m afraid of you both. They are just materials, I’ll give them to you.”

“That’s more like it.” Wang Yu nodded satisfyingly then closed their conversation window.

Actually paying for goods was a default thing so as a businessman, it was reasonable Evil Rampage wanted money from Wang Yu.

However, to Wang Yu and their father, he was their brother and son respectively. They were a family and this was just a game so helping one another and sending things to one another was a normal thing.

Not just for brothers with blood ties. With his friends from Quan Zhen Sect, Wang Yu did not hide good things from them or kept them for himself. So what was the big deal from getting some materials from his brother?

If anyone asked Wang Yu to get the materials from Evil Rampage, Wang Yu would pay but in this situation, Wang Yu did not think he had to.

For example, when anyone played games with their close friends, they would not make deals based on money, right? It was the same for brothers. Negotiating over money was akin to an insult of their brotherhood.

Of course, Wang Yu and their father did not think that Evil Rampage was no longer that little boy anymore. He was now an adult, and a great businessman…

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