MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 16: Is He Retarded?

Chapter 16: Is He Retarded?

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Shock!! Astonishment!!

Not even a full minute had passed from the moment Wang Yu appeared till the moment he had defeated all the Goblins!

Wang Yu’s movements were smooth like a flowing river. With no wasted movements, he easily defeated all his opponents.

His was like a ghost and had managed to dodge all the long range attacks from the Goblins and even the lighting strike as well!...

The three female players were utterly stunned by his outrageous attack style and his insane damage output!

After a while, one the girls, a Knight, raised her weapon and mumbled: "I’m not dreaming right…...Did that Pugilist really just take down the boss???"

"Th…...This can’t be! How is his Physical Attack so high?" The Magician asked as she picked up her staff.

It had to be said, that at this current point in the game, most players were around level 10. Even if they used all their skills to increase their damage output, they would only be able to deal around 300 damage to a level 15 boss, and that was already considered extremely good!

But the Pugilist right in front of their eyes had somehow managed to decimate a 5000 health boss monster with a single combo…...Even though the three of them had dealt some damage to the boss, but it was still over 4000. This kind of damage was simply not something that people could even imagine!

"Are you guys okay!" Wang Yu looked back, casually asking the group.

"We...We’re fine..." The three girls were still in a state of shock.

"Oh!" Wang Yu responded as he picked up the items dropped by the boss.

The boss had dropped two skill books and a weapon, a Bronze Tier weapon.

[Book of Poison]: Teaches the user how to make poison

Job Requirement: Priest.

[Book of Revive]: Teaches the user the skill [Revive]

Job Requirement: Knight.

Goblin’s Glory (War Blade) (Bronze)

Physical Attack: 15-19

Magic Attack: 7-13

[Thunder’s Call]: Normal attacks have a 20% chance to call down a bolt of lightning to attack the target.

Level Requirement: 15

As he looked at the attributes of the three items that he picked up, Wang Yu dejectedly grumbled: "Just a bunch of trash..."

A rich man truly didn’t understand the plight of the poor. In an era where even Iron Tier equipment was considered rare, this person dared to call this Bronze Tier equipment a bunch of trash... perhaps in the entire game only Wang Yu would dare to say such words.

However trash was better than nothing, at least it could still be sold for some money. Wang Yu comforted himself with this thought as he kept the items in his inventory.

Just at this moment, the youngest of the three girls picked up her blade shouted at Wang Yu: "How disgusting! To think that someone would dare to steal our kill (KS)!"

"KS?" Wang Yu was stunned by her words.

"I’m terribly sorry, I thought that you were..."

As he spoke, Wang Yu took out the items that had been dropped by the boss, giving it to the girls.

Even though Wang Yu was new to the game, he had still been through the beginner village. He knew that something like KS-ing was an extremely despicable act.


When they saw that Wang Yu had given the items dropped by the boss, the three girls were at a loss for words.

Once level 15 Dungeon Instances appeared, Bronze Tier equipments were not worth mentioning. But those two skills books were a different story.

Priest’s would use the poison arts to continuously apply bleed to their targets, while Knights would use their skills to bless their allies, increasing their attack and defense.

[Poison] and [Revive] these two skills, were essential for these two jobs. If it weren’t for the two skills books that Wang Yu picked up, these skills could only be purchased from the Job instructor.

The few bronze coins that players would get from fighting monsters was not even sufficient for them to buy mana potions and health potions. Wanting to buy these skills would place an immense financial burden on the players.

Therefore these two skill books were extremely precious!

Because REBIRTH was a virtual reality game, it was worlds apart from a regular mouse-and-keyboard game. Players had to rely on their own skills and decisions to excel at the game, which made it much harder than other games. This resulted in many players grouping up to train and fight monsters.

The drop rate for items in the game was originally very low, but it was even lower if people hunted in parties. For something as rare as skill books, even if ten bosses were slain, a skill book might not even drop once. One of reasons that the Goblin Chieftain had dropped two skill books was mainly because it was a boss that spawned in the wild, while the second reason was because Wang Yu had killed the boss by himself. But the most important reason was because this was the first time that the boss had been slain.

In market right now, these two skill books could fetch a sky high price.

How could this Pugilist so casually give away such precious items…...

The three girls stared at Wang Yu, none of them could believe what they had just heard.

"You…..You’re giving this to us?" The Priest found this situation completely inconceivable.

Wang Yu nodded his head, indifferently saying: "The monster was yours to begin with, furthermore I have no use for this bunch of trash... since you girls want it you can have it..."

The three girls were flabbergasted: "Trash... he said these were just a bunch of trash..."

"What’s the matter? If you don’t want it then I’ll just keep it for myself!" Seeing that the three girls were not responding, Wang Yu immediately said.

"We want them! We want them!"

The three girls ran towards Wang Yu and took the items from his hands. Even after receiving the skills books from Wang Yu, they still felt as though they were dreaming.

After receiving the book for her dreams, the Priest stepped forward and emotionally said: "My name is Sanguine Primrose, these two are Sanguine Rose and Sanguine Azalea, we are from the Primrose Militia."

As she spoke about her guild, a sense of pride could be seen on her face. The Primrose Militia could be considered a relatively large guild.

"Oh." Wang Yu absentmindedly replied.

"Heh..." When she saw that Wang Yu was not interested in what she had said, she felt rather disappointed. But she still asked: "I wonder if you could tell us your name?"

"My name is Iron Bull!" Wang Yu replied.

"Great God Iron Bull??!!"

The three girls shouted in unison, giving Wang Yu a shock.

"Yeah, that’s me..." Wang Yu shamelessly admitted to nickname that had been given to him "Great God".

The three girls felt extremely relieved. So this person was Great God Iron Bull, no wonder he didn’t seem to care when he heard the name Primrose Militia.

Little did they know, that as a new player, Wang Yu had completely no idea what a Guild was. Not even mentioning the Primrose Militia, even the Apocalypse guild was no more than a bunch of hooligans in Wang Yu’s eyes.

"Great God Iron Bull, if you aren’t in a guild right now, why don’t you join our Primrose Militia, the greatest benefit that you’ll get is..." As she spoke, Sanguine Primrose’s eyes drifted to Wang Yu’s chest.

When she saw the Taiji emblem on his chest, Sanguine Rosa disappointedly said: "So Great God Iron Bull is an expert from the Quan Zhen Sect! No wonder your actions are so decisive!"

"Quan Zhen Sect?" Wang Yu was once again baffled, a western game had created a Quan Zhen Sect? But for some reason, he felt as though someone had mentioned this name in front of him previously.

"You mean you aren’t part of them?" When she saw Wang Yu’s reaction, Sanguine Rosa curiously asked.

After reaching level 10, any player would have the ability to create a guild. Each and every guild would have their own symbol and it just so happened that the symbol for the Quan Zhen Sect was the Taiji symbol.

Currently, every job in the game had their own emblem, but no one had seen the Taiji emblem before. It was easy to understand why Sanguine Rosa had mistaken Wang Yu for someone from the Quan Zhen Sect due to the Taiji emblem he had on his chest.

"I’m not sure... but I probably am!" Wang Yu rubbed his head and thought to himself: The people from the Quan Zhen Sect could very well be what other players are calling Martial Artists! These western games often don’t have a good grasp of eastern concepts and might have just lumped us under this name.

Seeing that Wang Yu was from the Quan Zhen Sect, Sanguine Rosa realised that she might have provoked an enemy she couldn’t deal with. In order to save her face, she quickly tried to change the topic: "We really have to thank Great God Iron Bull this time! If it weren’t for you, we might have even died this time! Even though this sum of money isn’t enough to buy those two skill books, but we hope that you will accept this token of our appreciation!"

These three girls had all attended auctions before and knew how much these two skills books were worth. Thus they had purchased the information that the boss here had the potential to drop these two skill books. Who would have thought that the Goblins would be so hard to kill, if it weren’t for Wang Yu’s intervention, these three girls would probably have died and lost 10% of their experience points.

As she spoke, Sanguine Rosa took out a bag of money. The system alerted Wang Yu that there were 24 gold coins in the bad. It seemed like these little girls were quite rich!

Wang Yu indifferently laughed and refused the money: "Haha, the world is unfair, but as a Martial Artist, it is only right for me to help those in need! I cannot accept this sum of money from you!"

"Martial Artist?"

The three girls were taken aback, glancing at each other and mumbled: "Great God Iron Bull is really absorbed into his persona…...Don’t tell me that he’s mentally retarded?"

"I think so too, would a normal person give away such precious items so easily?"

"Haha, so the rumors are true, all the members of the Quan Zhen Sect are crazy, no wonder he himself didn’t know what guild he belongs to..."

"That’s right, I am a Martial Arts expert!" Wang Yu was very satisfied with himself. After training for so many years, only in this game could he truly display the might of martial arts to other people.

"Haha…...haha" The three girls nervously laughed: "Great God Iron Bull, why don’t we train together?"

Wang Yu dismissively waved his hand and replied: "No need, I prefer to train alone!"

"That’s a waste..." The three girls were disappointed by his answer.

Wang Yu righteously replied: "There’s nothing wrong with that! A Martial Artist’s path is meant to be lonely and full of dangers!"

When they heard what Wang Yu had said, the three girls could feel goosebumps all over their arms, hurriedly saying: "Since that’s the case, then we shan’t disturb you any longer! If you have time let us treat you to a drink!"

As they spoke, the three girls sent Wang Yu a friend request each.

Wang Yu accepted their friend requests and laughed: "Then I’ll see you girls around next time!"

"...Mm!" The three girls nodded their heads.

Wang Yu turned around and dashed straight towards the depths of the Secret Jungle.

Once they could no longer see Wang Yu, the three girls let out a sigh of relief: "How unfortunate, who would have thought that such a strong player was actually a retard!"

The Knight Sanguine Azalea said: "But we really have to thank Great God Iron Bull, at the end of the day he did give us these two skill books and even a Bronze Tier weapon..."

Sanguine Primrose nodded: "That’s right, if Great God Iron Bull ever faces any difficulties in the future, we have to do everything in our power to help him..."

"Hmm, regardless of what you might say, I still think that the less we interact with the lunatics from Quan Zhen Sect the better..." Sanguine Rose said as she pointed at her head, an expression of fear still lingering on her face.

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