MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 1601 - The Terrifying Quan Zhen Sect

Chapter 1601: The Terrifying Quan Zhen Sect

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There were only two Forgemasters in the game: Wang Yu and Choba 345.

Wang Yu was definitely out of the picture.

Not to mention how Wang Yu was the first to enter Quan Zhen Sect, with Wang Yu’s status, it made everyone think twice before doing anything.

He was the legendary top player in the game from the National Professional League. On the public announcement, there were ten announcements. Over half were related to Wang Yu. He was so high-profile that it made one stunned.

Were they looking for Wang Yu to become their guild’s Blacksmith? Was that a joke? How shameless would you have to be to accomplish something like that?

However, it wasn’t the same for Choba. Even though Choba had been on TV with Wang Yu before, Wang Yu was the main character. Under Wang Yu’s spotlight, nobody would remember a small fry like him..

As such, everyone had a great impression of Choba 345. This kid seemed to come out of nowhere, turning into a Forgemaster.

That was what the gaming world was like. Something unusual happened every day. After playing the game for such a long time, they weren’t unfamiliar with strange matters like these.

It was clear that before this, Choba 345 was a small character that didn’t even belong to a guild. This time, he probably used up all the luck in his life to become a Forgemaster.

These guilds were all extremely cunning. As long as there were benefits to gain, they’d dab their fingers into those matters. Similarly, it was the same for this guild-less Blacksmith.

That was why Choba’s Personal Messaging (PM) box seemed to explode at once. Numerous guild leaders contacted him simultaneously, including Sanguine Alliance.

Since he had a talent in that skill, his abilities were lacking in every place. A Forgemaster Blacksmith was worth five elite squads.

Choba 345 wasn’t someone who turned his back on his benefactors. Everything he owned was thanks to Wang Yu and Quan Zhen Sect. Even though he was sought-after now, one shouldn’t forget their benefactors. On top of that, the large guilds didn’t treat him as well as Quan Zhen Sect.

Since large guilds had many people, they stretched their resources. The boss was still a few standings below the guild leader and captains. On the other hand, Quan Zhen Sect only had 20 over players. They always split their benefits evenly. Finding a guild like this was practically impossible.

That was why Choba 345 sent a group message to all the guild leaders. “Sorry, I have my guild.”

Even so, these large guild’s players weren’t easy targets. In response to Choba 345’s message, they simply smiled before they replied, “Brother, which guild is it? Our guild has great benefits. We can discuss that further.”

“Quan Zhen Sect!”

Choba 345 replied refreshingly.

“Quan Zhen Sect? F*ck!!”

This time, everyone quietened down after receiving this message.

When they heard about Quan Zhen Sect, everyone felt their toothache. Damn, why were these guys everywhere?

There were a total of two Forgemasters in the game. However, both of them belonged to Quan Zhen Sect? Where was justice? That was the worst.

Of course, while everyone was upset, most remained calm.

Quan Zhen Sect was notorious in the game. These b*stards were practically gangsters in the game. Their morals were in the dirt while their abilities were sky-high.

After a strange person like Wang Yu joined, their power increased further. They were nearly strong enough to be a weapon for a massacre.

The heck? Wherever they went, they ran into trouble. Even if there was no real trouble, they’d stir one up, deepening the hatred in the game. Especially in Twilight City, a large guild like Sanguine Alliance was taken care of cleanly. One could see how complicated these hooligans were.

As the saying went, a great pair of shoes wouldn’t step into dog poop.

Treating these guys as enemies wasn’t a good move even if they won the fight. If they lost, they’d lose their equipment and men. A regular person would never attempt to approach them on a regular day. They were more afraid of the Quan Zhen Sect stirring trouble to them. If that were the case, why would they start a fight on their own? Any intelligent guild would stay far away from them.

One would become a Forgemaster as long as they worked hard. However, if they got into trouble because they offended Quan Zhen Sect, that would be a massive loss for the guilds.

That was why most of the guild leaders chose to give up once they heard Choba’s words.

However, there were all sorts of chicks in a forest. Amidst the large guilds, there several low IQ and EQ ones who continued to headhunt the man from Quan Zhen Sect. However, Choba 345 declined strangers’ messages decisively.

Choba’s decisiveness forced them to turn away. At the same time, he delivered the message that he was a member of the Quan Zhen Sect.

Messages spread quickly on the net. After some time, everyone knew about the new Forgemaster’s backing.

With that, Quan Zhen Sect became a hot topic again.

After <<REBIRTH>> opened, Quan Zhen Sect had always been a hot topic.

A Pugilist, National Professional League Champion Team, and even a City Lord that escaped from an array’s encampment originated from Quan Zhen Sect. Now, even <<REBIRTH>>’s two only Forgemasters were Quan Zhen Sect players.

Damn, was Quan Zhen Sect actually <<REBIRTH>>’s strongest guild?

However, as everyone found out that Quan Zhen Sect was just a small guild with around 20 people, their thoughts faded.

Of course.

If Quan Zhen Sect were a top-tier guild that fell from the skies, it wouldn’t be surprising for them to dominate 300 main capitals and command hundreds of thousands of players. Even if one or two experts were in their guild, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Since there were lots of people, there’d be amazing people as well.

However, so many influential people came from a guild of fewer than 20 people. That made the rumours unbelievable.

That was practically saying that all the best scientists from a textbook were in the same class. Of which, the form teacher was Deity Iron Bull.

Even if this were true, it sounded like a dream.

To put things simply, Choba’s popularity made the players recall Quan Zhen Sect’s power again. They learnt that the guild that they cursed as dogs were a terrifying existence.

It was no wonder that they dominated the game casually. They had good reason to do so.

There was a saying that items were split into categories, while people split into groups. The well-known people from Quan Zhen Sect were terrific experts. However, those that weren’t well-known weren’t weak either.

Even so, what they didn’t know was that the influential experts in Quan Zhen Sect were like bear children. They circled their Old Wang, as they yelled excitedly, “Uncle Wang, show us the equipment’s attributes.”


Old Wang laughed as he examined the Night Demon’s Blade in his hands. It was just the right size. He circled the blade with one hand while his left hand flicked the blade proudly, displaying the Night Demon’s Blade’s attributes.

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