MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 17: The Second Boss

Chapter 17: The Second Boss

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The players continued along their way. After killing five waves of minions, they reached the second boss.

A 3-man tall, green-skinned gnome was sitting in front of a large metal door napping, a sharp spear in its arms. The atmosphere was completely silent, as no other minions were around.

[Babarerba the Sleepyhead] (Black-Steel Boss)

Level: 13

HP: 39,000

“How do we fight it?” the party’s sight had settled on Zhang Yang. Unknowingly, he had become the party’s core.

Zhang Yang recalled and said, “This boss has only 2 skills: first, <Curse of Water and Fire>, it will cast a water curse on a random melee player who is not holding the most aggro and cast a fire curse on a random ranged player. These two cursed players will keep losing HP but once both of them are together, the curse will be removed.”

“In that case, we can all fight in melee range distance. This way, there is no need to move everywhere, no?” Hundred Shots had thought of an idea.

Zhang Yang laughed, “If everyone did melee attacks, the boss will only cast the water curse. Two players will then keep losing HP and there’ll be no way to dispel it!”

“Oh!” the crowd nodded uniformly.

Zhang Yang began distributing responsibilities, “Later when we start the fight, ranged players stand together, remember to stand at least 10 meters away from the boss, that’d be around this line. I will position the boss later, ranged attackers do not cross this line or else the boss will consider it as melee range distance. Melee players attack from the left side, whoever gets cursed should run to the center. Respond as quickly as possible, otherwise it’ll be a burden to the healers. After the curse is removed, return immediately to your original positions!”


Zhang Yang continued, “The boss’ second skill is to summon a puppet to aid him in battle at every 25% HP loss. The puppet’s HP is low, and should be around 3,000 HP in Normal Mode but its damage is sky-high! That is why we must nuke it the moment the puppet is summoned! You guys don’t have to worry about aggro, I’ll be the first to pull it!”

Everyone instinctively looked at Kindling Chest Hair. Usually the main tank would pull the boss’ aggro while the off-tank would pull the minions’. Things would then work out flawlessly. Obviously, Kindling Chest Hair was completely undependable. If he were to pull minions, those minions could end up flying everywhere!

Kindling Chest Hair was annoyed to the point of rage by the team’s stare, “What are you looking at?!”

“Pay attention. Even when the puppet is summoned, the boss will still cast <Curse of Water and Fire>, so always remember to run to the center to dispel the curse!” Zhang Yang reminded.

“Understood!” the crowd nodded again.

“Alright! Start the fight!” Zhang Yang waved his sword and did a <Charge> towards the boss.

“-78!” Normal attack.

“-138!” <Horizontal Sweep>.

Babarerba recovered quickly and with a deafening shriek, it had thrusted towards Zhang Yang with its spear.


“-34!” <Block> reflected damage.

“-99!” <Shield Bash>.

“-55!” Normal attack.

“Attack now!” Zhang Yang commanded in the party channel.

The crowd moved onwards, melee fighters stood together, ranged fighters gathered on their end as well.

In just a matter of time, Babarerba had casted <Curse of Water and Fire>.

“Ding! Player Snowy Death has been affected by <Curse of Water>, losing 70 HP per second. Effect will remain until player’s death!”

“Ding! Player Hundred Shots has been affected by <Curse of Fire>, losing 70 HP per second. Effect will remain until player’s death!”

Without waiting for Zhang Yang’s reminder, these two players had come out of their formation and headed towards each other. They got together quickly and split up instantly, returning to their positions and resumed their attack on the boss. The healers had also healed them, quickly restoring their HP.

“Well done! That’s it!” Zhang Yang complimented as encouragement.

About 15 seconds later, Babarerba casted yet another <Curse of Water and Fire>, its targets this time were Floral Shorts and Ocean Despair.

Ocean Despair had quickly gone to the center but Floral Shorts remained attacking the boss.

“Floral Shorts, quickly head to the center!” Zhang Yang frowned as he yelled.

“Run faster noob Knight, I’m still attacking here!” said Floral Shorts without a care.

“Bloody idiot!” Ocean Despair ran towards Floral Shorts in an instant. The moment the two of them were near each other, the spell was removed. Since Floral Shorts did not cooperate fully, they had taken a bit more time, causing them to lose over 200 HP. That was two-thirds worth of their HP value!

Ocean Despair then ran back to his position and self-casted 3 times of <Holy Light>. Only then did he manage to recover his lost HP, his expression vicious.

Babarerba’s HP had been lowered to the 75% mark soon after.

“Damned intruders, all of you must die!” Babarerba raised its spear and began to chant a spell, “Come forth demon from the depth of the abyss, bring evil with you into this realm!”

“Ding! Babarerba has summoned Demon Puppet Tasair!”

A hexagram magic circle appeared underneath Babarerba’s feet. As a dim light flickered, a red demon only half a man’s height had appeared by its side, the demon’s long tail extended from its hip. It had sharp teeth, and deep green-colored eyes.

[Tasair, Babarerba’s Demon Puppet] (Elite)

Level: 13

HP: 3,000

This was a minor demon, also known as an ‘imp’, the lowest ranked among the demons.

“Tasair needs a sacrifice!” The demon shrieked and set its sight on Prideful Babysitter, leaping towards him.


Zhang Yang dashed towards Tasair and landed a slash on it with his sword.

“-62!” Normal attack.

“-142!” <Horizontal Sweep>.

“Target the imp! Nuke it!”

Tasair recovered from the stun and leaped towards Zhang Yang to attack him.


“-39!” <Block> reflected damage.

“-98!” <Shield Bash>.

Zhang Yang lured Tasair towards Babarerba and when both the monsters were together, he crouched, evading both their attacks, and returned to his original position.

Tasair’s HP was very low and it was immediately killed under the crowd’s combined attacks. After that, the party refocused their attacks on Babarerba.

It did not take long for Babarerba’s HP to hit the 50% mark.

“Intruders! Your attacks have hurt Babarerba! Babarerba is angry now!” Babarerba raised its spear again and began his chant, “Come forth demon from the depth of the abyss, bring evil with you into this realm!”

A hexagram magic circle appeared once again underneath Babarerba’s feet. This time, a blue fat demon appeared by his side. It had no legs, but there was a black malicious cloud floating under it. There were faces with only eyes on both the front and back of the demon.

[Gluttony, Babarerba’s Demon Puppet] (Elite)

Level: 13

HP: 3,000

This floating demon, due to its blue-colored body and fat shape, was also called “Blue Fatty” by the players. This demon was one rank higher than the previous one but both monsters’ attacks and HP were similar here in the Normal Mode dungeon raid, only differing in their appearance.

“Anbaratumargutton!” Gluttony let out a weird low noise and floated towards Snowy Death.


Zhang Yang immediately took over and did a blow, “-59” damage text floating from the top of Gluttony’s head.


“-39!” <Block> reflected damage.

“-98!” <Shield Bash>.

“Ding! Player Kindling Chest Hair has been affected by <Curse of Water>, losing 70 HP per second. Effect will remain until player’s death!”

“Ding! Player Prideful Precepts has been affected by <Curse of Fire>, losing 70 HP per second. Effect will remain until player’s death!”

Babarerba had taken the chance to cast <Curse of Water and Fire> during the chaos.

“Move quickly!” Zhang Yang frowned as he reminded them.

Kindling Chest Hair went on clashing with the boss like he had not heard a thing…

Prideful Precepts remained unmoving, shooting Frost Arrows...

“F*ck me, you two better start moving now. Your fucking HP is dropping too fast, I can’t keep up!” Ocean Despair shouted angrily.

“Bullshit, I’m attacking! Healing is supposed to be you healers’ job! Why else do we need you to raid the dungeon with huh?!” Prideful Precepts answered arrogantly.

“Fine! Fine! Do it your way. I’m not going to heal anymore!” Ocean Despair stopped his actions.

Prideful Babysitter was desperately healing but even if he were to heal one-to-one, he would not be able to keep going. What else could he do when there were two? He then said, “Precepts, Hairy, you two better get going now, I really can’t keep this up anymore!”

Only then did the two of them stop what they were doing unwillingly, looked around and then ran towards each other.

After a few steps, Prideful Precepts’ HP had dropped to rock-bottom, Prideful Babysitter was nearly done casting his healing spell but Prideful Magus had then died from <Curse of Fire>.

“Ding! Player Prideful Magus has died!”

“Sh*tty noob Knight! F*ck you!” Prideful Magus cussed, “How the f*ck are you a healer? What the f*ck were you doing not healing?”

“If I ever f*cking heal you dogs with even another single drop of HP, I really am a shitty noob Knight!” Ocean Despair scolded back.

Without <Curse of Fire>, Kindling Chest Hair could not dispel the <Curse of Water>. He was barely alive from his vast vitality, as he shouted, “Shut the f*ck up and start healing me!”

Ocean Despair did absolutely nothing, determined to turn against everyone in Pride.

Prideful Babysitter had been healing Kindling Chest Hair constantly but how could he heal in time, especially when he was alone? Kindling Chest Hair’s HP loss was much faster than his healing speed. Within seconds, Kindling Chest Hair died as well.

“Ding! Player Kindling Chest Hair has died!”

“You f*cking noob Knight! F*ck your entire family!” Kindling Chest Hair too cussed.

“Ding! Player Prideful Magus was expelled from the party!”

“Ding! Player Kindling Chest Hair was expelled from the party!”

Zhang Yang smiled faintly as two notifications rang out, “Too noisy, it’s disturbing the fight!”

Floral Shorts had wanted to rebuke but he held back and said, “OK, just add them back when the battle is over.”

Gluttony was killed promptly, and the battle’s rhythm returned to its normal pace.

Countering <Curse of Water and Fire> was actually not difficult, they were in Normal Mode after all. With the absence of both of Pride’s barbarians, the party’s efficiency had significantly increased with each player running towards each other almost instantly once they were cursed. The pace lasted until well after Babarerba summoned its third demon, as they finished killing the boss rather quickly.

“Ding! The party you are in has killed Babarerba! Obtained 4,924 EXP (50 points Party Bonus)!”

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