MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 28: Hidden Boss

Chapter 28: Hidden Boss

Translator: Zenobys Editor: TheRealSeal

The fickle-minded Fatty Han had only felt excited for a short moment when the server announcements flashed. He wiggled happily towards the corpse when Zhang Yang told him to loot it, ignoring the announcements, because his mind was already distracted by the thought of looting a cloth armor top just so he could witness the glorious sight of Silky Snow wearing the miniskirt!

[Heavy Crossbow] (Green-Copper, Ranged Weapon)

Weapon Attack: 42 – 54

Attack Interval: 2.4 seconds

DPS: 20

Level Requirement: 10

Ranged weapon. That would be a Hunter’s weapon! Fatty Han’s eyes shone, “I won’t be giving in this time. I’ll roll 100 points and grab this!”

Zhang Yang laughed and said, “Alright, Hunters roll for the weapon!”

All 3 Hunters wanted the weapon seeing it would be the first Green-Copper ranged weapon in the server at this stage of the game. It was definitely going to be an attention grabber if they could get their hands on it and show it off in the city.

Hundred Shots, 98 points.

Defiant Monk, 99 points.

“F*ck you all!” Fatty Han prayed to all things divine at once before he pressed the roll button. “Abracadabra!”

Slim and Handsome, 100 points!

“Ah, haha!” Fatty Han was surprised at first before letting his laughter follow. The item had automatically entered his inventory.

“D*mn, Fatty, I’m going to report you for using hacks!” Defiant Monk cried.

“Haha, you should’ve known who I am!” Fatty Han flipped his hair in sass and continued to loot the corpse.

[Light Coat] (Green-Copper, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +2

Vitality: +8

Intelligent: +8

Spirit: +4

Level Requirement: 10

“It really came out!” Snowy Death was shocked.

“Flame-using magus, if you dare to roll, I’ll definitely wreck your ass!” Fatty Han said murderously to Flame Emperor.

As perverted as Fatty Han looked, he was like Zhang Yang. They grew up getting involved in fights and had a dangerous aura. Flame Emperor jumped and had actually selected to pass obediently. None would ever find out if it was because Flame Emperor was being pressured into it or because he had also wanted to see Silky Snow in the miniskirt.

Although Silky Snow had only rolled 15 points, the coat had naturally gone to her since there was no competition.

“Hurry up and change into it!” a group of lusty wolves cheered.

Silky Snow twisted and turned, reluctant to put on the coat.

Zhang Yang then added oil to the fire and said, “There’s still a Hidden Boss, so it’s best to power up however you can!”

Since Zhang Yang had already said so, Silky Snow could only change from the long dress she was wearing into the light coat. The sexy miniskirt was then unveiled to the crowd, showcasing her slender milky legs and just barely, her pink undergarments!

“Hallelujah!” Fatty Han wiped his saliva and looted the last piece of equipment distractedly.

[Lord’s Shin Guard] (Green-Copper, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +6

Vitality: +10

Strength: +7

Dexterity: +3

Level Requirement: 10

Phantom Day and Ocean Despair had both chosen to pass and the equipment went straight into Zhang Yang’s inventory.

‘Ding! You have received 9 silver coins after distribution!’

Dadarerda’s corpse then disappeared and the coins on the ground were looted too.

“Brother expert, where is this Hidden Boss?” Snowy Death looked around.

Zhang Yang pointed to a corner of the room and said, “After Dadarerda has been defeated, an extra door will appear in the field and there will be a passageway that leads to the Hidden Boss!”

“Zhan Yu, how do you even know about this?” Crimson Fire asked suddenly, “Don’t tell me that you’ve gotten it from the internet, I won’t believe it!”

“Yeah, me too!” the others expressed their doubts as well.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, “Actually… I’m the Terminator and I’ve traveled 5 years back in time!”

“Boo!” the crowd jeered.

“Alright, alright. I’ve participated in the game’s beta version!” Zhang Yang shrugged.

“Hmm!” The crowd bought it.

“Brother expert, what is the Hidden Boss’ loot? Gray-Silver equipment?” Snowy Death asked.

“It’s nothing that exaggerated. Gray-Silver equipment is only available in Level 20 dungeons!” Zhang Yang shook his head and said, “Have you guys realized? Have the bosses dropped any necklaces or rings before?”


“Exactly, necklaces and rings are only available as loot from Hidden Boss in Hardcore Mode other than being rewards from certain quests!” Zhang Yang explained.

“Wow, in that case we must go for it!” Defiant Monk said excitedly.

Zhang Yang had given life to too many miracles. Their doubts on their abilities to defeat the boss had long since vanished!

“Let’s go!” Zhang Yang waved his sword and walked to a corner of the room. Pressing on a protruding stone after feeling about, a stone door appeared and opened in front of them with a thud.

“Use the skill point awarded by the system just now as it’s better to strengthen yourselves even if it is just a little!” Zhang Yang then assigned the new skill point to <Block>, reducing its cooldown time to 7 seconds.

The others nodded and agreed.

Behind the stone door was a long passageway extending all the way down with both its sides lighted with torches.

Fortunately, there were no minions around. The passageway took them about a minute to traverse before they finally arrived at the entrance of a large stone chamber.

“Don’t go inside just yet!” Zhang Yang stopped at the entrance and said, “Let me explain the strategy!”

In the middle of the stone chamber laid a gigantic gnome. Different from other green-skinned gnomes, its whole body was in crimson red, leaking out a murderous aura. Its feet were shackled with a heavy chain with the other end locked into the walls.

[Demonized Momorermo] (Green-Copper Elite)

Level: 15

HP: 90000

“D*mn, its level is higher than the final boss!” Flame Emperor exclaimed in a hushed voice.

“Hidden Bosses have always been the hardest to defeat in dungeons!” Zhang Yang said. Of course, the badly designed Dadarerda was not included.

“This boss has 3 skills. The first is a DoT1 aura effect. As long as you’re within 30 meters of it, your HP will be drop continuously. It’s a magic effect! If I’m not mistaken, I think it is a Shadow element DoT which can reduce your HP by 30 for every 3 seconds! Priests, please remember to cast and maintain <Regeneration> on everyone.”

“The second skill is demonization. The boss will randomly pick a player to demonize. The demonized player would then be controlled to attack everyone else. Regardless of whether you are melee or ranged now, you would automatically use melee attacks once demonized. A demonized character has 3,000 HP and each attack can deal 1,000 damage! The advantage is that a demonized character’s speed is extremely slow!”

“It’s very easy to dispel this effect. All you have to do is to deplete the demonized player’s HP and the control would return to the player, while restoring the player’s HP to its original state! However, demonization has one more negative effect – the player could still receive damage from party members for as long as 10 seconds after demonization vanishes. So once the effect is gone, you need to stop attacking immediately or else you might kill your own members! Dispelling demonization must be done quickly as once there are two or more demonized players, we’ll be as good as wiped.”

Zhang Yang paused to give them some time to digest the load of information and continued, “As for the third skill, every time the boss loses 25% HP, it will cast a special skill. I’ve forgotten the skill name but it’s an AoE skill and the range is 200 meters, it also does 1,000 attack damage!”

“1,000 damage AoE, shouldn’t we just give up then?” Crimson Fire frowned and asked.

“Not really. During the battle, the Energy Crystal will randomly spawn around the field. A barrier will appear after shattering it, granting immunity to all attacks! The crystal has 1,000 HP and its barrier lasts for 10 seconds.” Zhang Yang had intended to explain further but after seeing everyone’s confused faces, he sighed and said, “Just do according to what I say. Attack what I tell you to, and move where I tell you to!”


“Little Yang, you should’ve just said that earlier, it’s much simpler!” Fatty Han said mercilessly.

Zhang Yang thought for a moment and said, “Fatty, you’ll be responsible for breaking the Energy Crystal. It’s a crystal pillar half the height of a man. It’s very easy to spot but the location is not fixed so once it has spawned, you must remember its location. When I give you the signal to attack, ignore everything else and put in all your effort to break the crystal, got it?”

“You can count on me!” Fatty Han patted his chest in earnest.

“Alright, after we start, ranged classes including healers should stand 5 meters away from each other. If a ranged character is demonized then everyone should get away from him, while the other ranged characters should deplete his HP immediately! Melees just focus your attacks on the boss. If you get demonized, I’ll pull the boss away, while ranged characters concentrate on depleting the demonized melee character’s HP!”

Zhang Yang raised his sword and said, “Let’s give it a go!”

He moved a few steps forward and a red damage text “-24” immediately popped up above his head. At the same time, the system notification rang.

‘Ding! You are affected by <Dark Halo>. Lose 30 HP every 3 seconds (Shadow DoT) until you leave the aura’s area of effect!’

He had a passive skill with 20% damage reduction.

“Ogagaga! Here comes some little bugs to kill Momorermo’s boredom!” Once Zhang Yang entered the boss’ aggro range, Momorermo immediately jumped to its feet, grabbing the chain shackling itself and actually twisted the arm-thick chain off with sheer brute force!

“Momorermo is going to drink all your blood!” The ugly red-skinned gnome dashed forward and stretched its long arms, waving it towards Zhang Yang. Its hands were like the sharp claws of a beast, shining viciously.

Zhang Yang used <Charge> and stunned the boss. He then raised his sword and slashed its head, spraying blood everywhere.

“Begin the attack!”

Upon Zhang Yang’s signal began the final battle.

Translator Note:

1 DoT stands for Damage over Time which refers to an effect that causes smaller amounts of damage over a period of time. This damage is usually calculated per ‘tick’, which happens at regular intervals depending on the effect of the skill or item. The total damage dealt could be calculated as such, [Duration of Effect (s) / Interval for Each Tick (s)] x [Damage Per Tick].

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