MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian

Chapter 856: Conclusion

Chapter 856: Conclusion

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"I cannot believe my eyes! My lord! Zhang Yu had killed the third member of Steely Dangs Battle Team! What the hell is actually happening!? Just look at Zhan Yu's HP! It's still at 68%! Looks like Hourglass Figure and Heart of Destruction have no chance of defeating him!"

"Calm down. They had still plenty of opportunities. After all, those two remaining players are the strongest DPS units in the party! What's more, Zhan Yu only has 69% HP left. He has already dispensed {God of War Radiant} and can no longer recover his HP. On the other hand, both Heart of Destruction and Hourglass Figure still have their HP recovery skills. Despite your observations, I think that Steely Dangs would still advance come up top!"

"Relax a little, both of you. You guys look like you're about to start a fight with each other. Enjoy the match. I believe that the winner will show itself soon."

All three commentators were getting hyped at broadcasting their commentaries. Zhang Yang could not help but feel a little relaxed then. Still, he could not let down his guard for even a second. He was facing off both Heart of Destruction and Hourglass Figure at the same time.

"Hmph. I still have my trump cards."

"GARH!" Zhang Yang roared with vigor and leaped forward. With a snap of his fingers, 10 puffs of smoke appeared in the field and 10 Zhang Yangs emerged, concealing the real Zhang Yang somewhere in their ranks. Naturally, he grouped all of himself together and mixed them up to confuse the enemy.

His sudden attack worked marvelously as both Hourglass Figure and Heart of Destruction wavered for a brief second. Zhang Yang caught that moment and immediately made a poker face while the rest of his clones were commanded to express themselves fully.

Even though the clones would only last for 2 minutes, it was equivalent to double damage if Zhang Yang were to attack one of the two players on the field.

"No time to think!" cried out all the Zhang Yangs as he leaped towards them and begun the attack.

With a quick maneuver, Zhang Yang controlled all the clones to attack Heart of Destruction. Even though he had over 120,000,000 HP, he was unable to hold on for long when he is surrounded by 11 Zhang Yangs! All skills were used, including the precious invulnerability and 100% HP restoration.

The last three players that were on that field were no doubt the strongest players. Heart of Destruction welcomed all the clones and with utmost proficiency, and killed them one by one. The real Zhang Yang moved around swiftly, switching occasionally from his clone and himself, taking hits from Heart of Destruction, in the end managing to survive until all 11 Clones had little to no HP left.

"Tired?" one of the clones talked and was continued by the other clone.

"How about-"

"A rest?"

"You look a little-"

"Stressed there."

Heart of Destruction panted heavily but smiled.

"Right back at you."

However, just when there was a glimmer of hope for Heart of Destruction as he thought that he had spotted the real Zhang Yang, the real Zhang Yang revealed himself from behind Heart of Destruction and dealt an upward slice to kill him.

"This….cannot be…"

"OH MY GOD!!!!!!" one of the broadcasters yelled in the microphone.


"Calm yourself. I won't say that the second time."

Panting heavily, Zhang Yang stood still as the rest of the 10 clones disappeared in a puff of smoke.

His HP was still roughly the same as before, at 67%. He had made a living proof of himself that Zhan Yu the player is not someone you can mess with. He f*#[email protected] you up inside out, upside down! Heart of Destruction had made a fatal mistake. He should have used AoE skills to deal damage to the real Zhang Yang.

"I give up."

"Hey man. Did I yell too loud? I think I heard something wrong. Did she just say that she is giving up the fight?"

"Yes. You were practically yelling like a gorilla without his daily banana. And yes, she did say that she gave up."

"…This is unexpected."

Zhang Yang widened his eyes in disbelief and lowered both his weapons. Even Phoenix and Felice both flew down and landed next to Zhang Yang. Hourglass Figure walked towards Zhang Yang with no intention of attacking.


She did not reply. After sighing heavily, she turned around and walked away disgruntledly.

At that moment, she had a total of 2 HP bars worth of HP. (100% HP restoration counts as one HP bar). However, with the combined attack of Zhang Yang, Phoenix, and Felice, she had calculated that she could last for 2 minutes, at best. Even though Zhang Yang only had 67% HP left, the number was over 230,000,000 HP. That HP amount was exactly the same as Hourglass Figure's total HP.

As for Defense, if Zhang Yang was a brickwall, Hourglass Figure would be a thin A4 60gsm paper. As for attack power, Zhang Yang had Phoenix and Felice to account for, what else could she do then but give up? Fighting would only be a waste of time.

"You're going to give up without actually fight it out?" Zhang Yang asked as he dropped his shield.

"I'm not a fool. I know my weaknesses as well as your strengths. It's futile to even try. Although it pains me so to acknowledge this, you're one hell of a fighter, Zhan Yu. Victory is yours. You won fair and square…"

Hourglass Figure raised her hands up into the sky to announce her defeat.

5:4. Silky Soft Battle Team had won the first round!

Zhang Yang laughed. He had accomplished what he wanted to, and that was to crush the hopes of the opponent by fighting five of them, alone. In the second round, Silky Soft Battle Team won the match with a high score of 5:2. They had won the fight against Steely Dangs Battle Team with a perfect score of 2:0!

"Well? Do you want to do it? Or should I?"

"Be my guest."

"*ahem* LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! Feast your eyes on the winners of the fourth World Battle Team S class World Championship League! The mighty, the strong, the powerful SILKY SOFT BATTLE TEAM!"

Zhang Yang could never get used to that battle tag. Not only it does not have a ring to it, it sounds extremely awkward! Still, a champion remains a champion. Zhang Yang raised his sword up high and the entire audience stood up to cheer for him.

Zhang Yang walked back asked Wei Yan Er. "Did I do good?"

The little girl scoffed and wiped away her tears, even though she had wanted to hide it.

"Well…I'd give you a 7.5 out of 10. There was no style."

"Hahahahaha! In that case, I shall make a special sure-kill skill combo and name it "The Drizzler Drop"! How about that?"

"Do that, and I'll give you full marks."

Everyone laughed even though their hearts were literally at their throats not two minutes ago.

All was well. All was good. With the title of World Champion, Zhang Yang and the entire gang returned to Zhou Su City. Not long after, Sun Xin Yu had called in and told everyone that she had just made preparations to leave the country for good. Everyone in the mansion, Fatty Han, two troublemakers, Yu Li and her mother, and Cheng Xue Yao boarded the plane and left for Luxembourg. There, no one could touch them. Dusk Phoenix, the future Queen of the castle will ensure everyone's safety.

Just then, everyone had just received the news about Zhong Xiu Hua's death and although they bore hatred to him, they still mourned for his death. Zhang Yang alone felt a little different. How did that son of a couple of strong powerful parents end up doing something that would get himself killed? Sigh, there's a saying that would fit the situation perfectly. No matter how well a monkey climbs a tree, once it drops to the ground, it will die.

Zhang Yang felt paranoid during the entire time and had everyone he knew and cared for, leave the country to seek refuge in Luxembourg. He could not afford to lose any one of them or he feared that he too will become another Zhong Xiu Hua with all the power he had. There was nothing he could do then except to choose to live a quiet life for a brief period. The sun waits for no man. Even if Zhang Yang wishes otherwise…

The death of Zhong Xiu Hua was not something that the police could hide for long. After just a short duration, the case of taken over by the National Central Investigation Division. Since there were recordings of the accident and countless of human witnesses, physical evidence, and Zhong Xiu Hua's psyche evaluation, the Division had unraveled the truth of the case and had discovered his life of crime.

The case was revealed and brought to light. As such, Zhang Yang was called all the way back from China. The C.I.D wanted his cooperation to solve the case, and wanted him to return to the mainland to present himself in court. However, Zhang Yang was not stupid. With a solid answer, Zhang Yang rejected the call and remained overseas. To go back to China would be to enter the den of tigers. If he were to return, not even the House of Sun could protect Zhang Yang from a mother who has lost her only son. Take away a mother's son, and she has nothing to lose.

However, Zhang Yang did not choose to stay long in Luxembourg even though Dusk Phoenix had tried all sort of methods (including her favorite BDSM stuff), to make Zhang Yang stay. Zhang Yang himself was rather creeped out of her and had made arrangements to move to United Arab Emirates to stay in Dubai. The main reason of him choosing to go to Dubai was not because he liked it. The real reason was because he could legally register all of his women as his legal wives.

"Could you buy us a suite in Burg Khalifa?" asked Wei Yan Er.

"Erhm…I'm not sure if that is possible."


Several years later…

"Daddy! Daddy! Aunt Yan Er is bullying me!" A young boy at the age of four came running to Zhang Yang and buried his face into his embrace.

Zhang Yang lifted the boy to his face level and comforted him. No sooner than that, Wei Yan Er reached Zhang Yang, panting and wheezing in pain. "You sly little brat! I'll have your butt smacked later when Zhang Yang is not at home!"

Zhang Yang sighed. "Yan Er, you're not getting younger, you know? It's been years since you last dated someone. It's really time for you to find yourself a guy and get the hell out of my HOUSE! You're seriously making too so much noise in my already cramped up house!"

"Nishishishi. Aunt Yan Er is a flatty chesty. No man would want to marry that flatboard!" said the little boy after he was sure that he was safe in his father's hands.

That little playful boy was the son of Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue.

After several years of pushing peter into the playpen, Zhang Yang finally managed to get both Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu a child of their own. Although Zhang Yang wanted to have more children to make a football team, both delicate flowers had enough with just one son. Luckily for him, Yu Li and Cheng Xue Yao were fine with having one more kid. Hence, with Zhang Jing Jing as their leader and manager, Zhang Yang could really assemble a team of football players!

"Little brat!" cried Wei Yan Er as she pulled the little boy's ear.

"Perhaps I shall teach you a lesson about respecting women!"

Even though she was no longer the little 18-year-old girl, she was still behaving like an 8-year-old girl. What's even sadder for her was the fact that her chest has remained the same since Zhang Yang first met her! It got to such a point that when Wei Yan Er went to the nearest mall to buy liquor, she would be detained several times until the police even started recognizing her and befriended the poor gir---woman.

"Yan Er, you do realize that you're threatening my son in front of me?"

"So?! He deserves it!" cried Wei Yan Er.

"Nishishishi!" The little boy made faces at her and ran away as soon as Zhang Yang put him down.


"Nyehehehe! Aunt Yan Er is a board! Aunt Yan Er is a board!" cried another little boy from the door.

"ARGHH! Is that how you want to play? You want the entire world to know that I am a flat chested girl!? Fine! I don't care! I'm not buying you chocolates anymore!"

Out of the blue, two more little rascals came out from a room and joined the two boys. Together, they started to chant. "Aunt~ Yan Er~ is a flat chest~~"

"Zhang Yang…save me…I don't wanna be a flat chest girl. Please let me go for a breast enlargement surgery."

A young girl who was clearly elder than the rest of the four rascals came out of her room and bellowed with a commanding voice. "That's no way to treat your elders."

She had a clear and beautiful face. Even at her age, anyone would know that this little beauty will grow up to be a world-class hottie! She was Zhang Jing Jing, the eldest daughter amongst all of Zhang Yang's kids. Although she was extremely beautiful, she bore little resemblance to both Zhang Yang and Luo Yu Rou. Her features were the perfect mix of both and even more.

Once Jing Jing voiced out, all the screaming little rascals immediately came to her and lowered their heads to apologise. Instead of being angry, she lowered herself and patted everyone's head and lectured them kindly.

Zhang Yang smiled satisfyingly and nodded. The little girl was growing up well.

"Ahh! Jing Jing will always be the best! Auntie will always love you!"

"Jing Jing? Could you be a dear and bring the kids to the TV room? I'm actually reading the news right now."

"Yes, papa."

"Guys, you heard what papa said. Let's go."

"But I still wanna play."


At then, Han Ying Xue, Cheng Xue Yao, Luo Yu Rou, Sun Xin Yu, and Yu Li returned home with bags of groceries.

"Honey, I found a poster when I was shopping," said Han Ying Xue as she handed a poster that had a graphic of what seemed to be game.

"…God's Miracle will end soon but there will be a new world that transcends even the God's creation. Players, it is time for you to start a new chapter! It is time for "Glory"!"

Zhang Yang read the poster and the message and sighed. "I see that 'God's Miracle's is finally shutting down."

Wei Yan Er took the poster when Zhang Yang was done with it and said curiously. "What's this 'Glory' thing? Looks interesting. Shall we play it?"

"Games? I'd rather you find a husband before any games!" said Han Ying Xue worriedly.

"No problem! If no one wants this sweet piece of *ss. Noobie tank can take responsibility!" said Wei Yan Er nonchalantly.

Zhang Yang raised an eyebrow and gestured no. "Sorry. I have no interest in being a lolicon."

"LO-LI-CON!? How---GRRRR!" Wei Yan Er snarled at Zhang Yang and pounced at the man with her fingers clawing at his face.

Sun Xin Yu ignored the petty little fight and read the poster. "Hmm…I think it's a good idea. It's been rather dull for the past few years, anyway. The advertisement even mentioned something about a new system that exceeds 'God's Miracle'. It sounds fun."

Zhang Yang and all the main party members had reached Level 300 four years ago and had conquered all Celestial tier bosses in the game. They had even managed to retain their championship title until the sixth World Battle Team League. At that point, they had made themselves known the entire world as the strongest, undefeatable battle team that had ever existed. After that, they started to step out of the limelight.

After traveling the entire world a few rounds, the happy family then chose to buy out an entire floor in Burg Khalifa and live there permanently. During that time, 'God's Miracle' had entered a new game event which was the Age of Heroes, and the War of Nations. However, these were all but empty, repetitive content that got most of the players bored. There was not even a patch to increase the Level cap limit after Level 300. Hence, after witnessing the downgrade of in-game content, many players had chosen to leave the game while new fresh players found no interesting content to play for. Hence, coming out with a new game was the most sensible action that Dream Tech could come up with.

"Honey, stop messing around with Yan Er. Bring out the computer and search for the game's information. The game will officially launch the day after tomorrow. It's time for us to rise anew!"

"Good one sister! This time, I want to be a Guardian! We can't let noobie tank hog all the fame to himself now, can we?" cried Wei Yan Er happily.

"…After so many years…Could you please stop calling me noobie tank. I am your brother-in-law! Call me big brother, or I won't buy you the game! You can start earning your own pocket money from now on!"

"Aiyayaya! Big brother? More like a big bully! I'll never call you that!"

"Well then, perhaps there's an advertisement here that is offering a job. I think you can work at a maid café. Some guys dig lolis, after all."

"WAAAA. Please don't. I'm so sorry. Big…brother…"

"There. It wasn't so hard now, was it?"

Han Ying Xue smiled at Sun Xin Yu. After both of them had given birth, the Ice Queen and the Snow Demon had been closer than ever.

Wei Yan Er picked up the game poster and shouted. "Ah. I think we should also call Uncle Fatty, Uncle Hundred, Dreamy, and the pervy Star!"

"Call them now. Tell them. We're coming home," said Zhang Yang as he got up from his seat.


"Zhou Su City. I don't know about you guys, but I miss the regular old food stalls by the roadside. I'm sick of these fancy steaks and caviar here in Dubai."


"Let's go home then."

"Jing Jing! Pack your stuff! It's time for us to return to the motherland!"


Author's Note:

Hey guys. This is my first time writing a gaming genre novel. I had realized that I've made a few conflicting settings in the story like not being able to dodge skills and certain attacks. The problem was, I have no idea how to balance the skills. It pains me so that the pros of the game could not be stronger opponents for Zhang Yang.

Furthermore, I also found out that I've made many skills in the story with nonsensical cooldown durations. (I've been referring to WoW system a little too much). As result, the characters in the story became unbalanced over time. Even though I made skills with 1-minute cooldowns in the latter part of the story, but there were just too many skills with 10 seconds or even 6 seconds cooldowns in the story. Hence, my apologies.

All in all, I want to thank all my fans and supporters. Without you guys, this book could have never met its conclusion.

The next book that I'll write should be in the Xuan Huan genre. Although I have not much of experience, to begin with, I should do fine. If I don't, I'll just continue writing gaming novels. At least, I have some experience now, so I can keep the mistakes at bay.


Translator Note:

It's been a heck of a run, guys. Here's to you guys and Qidian for giving us the chance to translate this awesome novel! This is my first novel translation and although I may have made a few mistakes here and there, I want to thank you guys so much for your support. I, too, like the author, could never have finished this without your support! Much has happened to me while I was translating this novel. For example, I have begun to develop a knack for reading, which was long gone when I was taking my bachelor's degree. Be it for naught, I've taken a liking to translate novels. Hence, for my next novel, I'll put my back into it. Last but not least, Mucho Gracias! ARIGATO! XIE XIE! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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