MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 28 - Moving Forward

Chapter 28 - Moving Forward

/// A short Backstory of Ethan Grey ///

Ethan Grey is a reincarnator just like Rudra ..... Ethan had lived his past life as a investment broker in a top firm . He died on New Year's Eve at the Turn of the century year 2100 in a police lockup 'Unexpectedly' when his firm decided he was a liability .

Reincarnated back into 2080 he washed off his opposition and became one of the six trillionares in this world with his investment knowledge .

His rebirth advantage took him a long way in life and he Built an incredible empire out of it. But as 2100 hit he started becoming more and more anxious ... He was at his wits end and the world was changing fast. 'Omega' and the new trillion dollar market is not something he has experienced .

Hence he is on the edge recently , and also the reason he accepted a nobody like Rudra into the Upside where even Billionaire's find it difficult to enter.

He felt a different vibe from Rudra , It was an inexplicable type of vibe that he could not put to words .... he felt when he saw Rudra like he was seeing himself 20 years ago .

Although it might seem like he was extorting Rudra of 30% share , he was actually providing a great value to him. With the name and backing of Grey international the road will be much smoother for him, if he thinks for one minute that the elite guild he dreams of building will be let build by others without oppression , he was sorely mistaken. 'RESPECT' needed power , without power there was no respect and as talented as Rudra maybe he had no real power. He had absolutely no intention of interfering with Rudra or oppresing him , which shocked him as this is not how he did most of his buisness.He was actually helping a kid realize his dreams by beleiveing in him rather than controlling him .

He still went ahead and threatened Rudra , but deep down he was a fillial man himself and would never stoop soo low as to remove a roof from someone's parents.

Even his closest Advisors actually told him to ask for 70% of the guild shares but he actually on his own gut feel reversed it to ask for 30% , It was not like Rudra could deny him either way.

What about Rudra Rajput is soo different? This question baffled Ethan. Why?

///Authors thoughts: Dropping this part here as many readers are frustrated about the current MC's situation , and I as an author clearly have something planned ..... i beg your patience to let the plot develop///


( Back in the Purplehaze city , Virtual world)

Rudra did not want to think about what all happened in reality anymore . He did his family duty as a son , now it was time to focus on his dreams and career.

Being the calculative man Rudra was he plotted three current short term goals he needed to achieve now

1) Finding 'Him' to be his vice guild leader and establishing his own guild 'DarkShadows' .

2) Make a grand debut at the auction , showcase his grand wealth while buying resources he knows would not appear for a few years in the game . In this way others will look upto the wealth and status of his new formed guild , while he actually had gotten a bargain for the stuff he bought.

3) Hold the Recruitment of the first batch of elites he would enroll in his guild ... then raid the Nightmare mode of the Lv 30 dungeon ' Labyrinth of the dead' with his party getting them the first clear .

All three parts of the plan were intricately linked and failure at any part will be a big dent in his long term vision for his guild.

Onto Part1 of the plan ..... it was time to go recruiting the single greatest player in the history of the game 'Karna' to be his vice guild master. Karna was someone Rudra looked upto in his past life .... Guild Leader of a 3rd rate guild , he was a man playing the game with a bunch of friends , His guild made up of old school buddies and longterm associates , and he never stood out untill the 2nd update patch that opened the 'Arena' in the game .

With a win - loss record of 1653-0 he was a legend in the game.Although various guilds tried to buy him over , even offering outrageous salaries and benefits he always said my loyalty cannot be bought , offending many .

When a guild leader of a first rate guild declared war on his Guild , he alone slew 10 thousand enemies before dying , only getting a single point in damage after he slew the opposing guild leader and completely exhausted his stamina .

The undefeated warrior 'Karna' was the only one worthy of being His Vice Guild master. Loyal , Strong and with a heart to lead.

The thing now was , how to find Karna and how to fu****g recruit him?

Even with rebirth knowledge , finding a person ingame at a specific time was not humanly possible , the best possible way to tackle this problem was by searching his character ID and private messaging him . The only problem was .... why would a known player like 'Shakuni' suddenly go looking for some unknown guy? And try making him a Vice Guild master?

He still had to rope ' Karna ' in somehow soo he hatched a plan ... He messaged 'Karna' and wrote " I have an offer for you , if you are intrested , if you are interested lets meet up ".

And he just hoped that the guy would take a intrest to atleast have a chat , as he had a solid plan to rope him in once he did.


( PurpleHaze city Karna's POV)

" WHAT THE HELL , are you friggin kidding me?? The 'Shakuni' just messaged me? " Karna said

His friends all laughed , " It is probably someone just pranking you ... why will someone like that message you?"

No guys seriously look at this , he then screenshotted his message request and shared to his friends

Everyone went silent , It really was 'Shakuni'

" Reply to him quick dammnit what are you waiting for" one friend cheerfully said

" Nonono , something is fishy , how does he know your id? Is it a mistake or is it a trap? " an overcautious friend said

Discussion broke out amongst all of them on what to do ..... They all agreed that something about this situation seems off but the curiosity got the best of them

Finally it was agreed to atleast talk to him once and hence Karna took a deep breath and replied

" Sure , where".


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