MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 522 Things getting interesting

Chapter 522 Things getting interesting

( Inside hell )

When Lucifer found out that the mission to get the pages of the demon's diary had failed , he was absolutely livid as the devil inside him weng on a rampage .

Thousands of his demon race followers were mercilessly skewered in his rage , as the entire domain of hell shuddered in fear over the wrath of the devil.

Having the posession of demon's diary was paramount for Lucifer , as only with the demon's diary could he become the undisputed ruler of the demon race , which only followed him now out of fear , not loyalty .

Lucifer did not want to always stay banished from the middleworld and the heavens as for centuries he was building up his strength and his army to eventually take over the middle world and then the heavens by defeating the angels.

Currently he was unable to step into the middleworld as the moment he did , the goddess of life , archangel Michael , archangel sariel , archangel Raphael and their minion army would descend from heaven's to stop him.

Even after centuries of his defeat , he was not strong enough to match Micheal's might. Much less that of four angels combined , however that would change with the demon's diary in his posession.

Written by the god of death , the creator of demon race , it contained secrets about the soul and the secrets to the entire bloodline of the demon race , amongst whom was the secret chapter to create the four great demon kings .

Demon king , were a superior race of demons that were never brought to life by the god of death when he created the demon race as the demon kings were the counterparts of the angels , born into the world at the peak of tier 5 , with the potential to reach tier 7.

At any given moment there could be only 4 demon kings , as each one controlled a specific aspect of a demons existance.

The Dark King Doran : A master of the dark energy and dark energy spells. Has the potential to become the god of darkness upon ascending to tier 6.

The Blood King Baron : A master of the blood arts , unstoppable on a battlefield littered with blood and capable of extracting bloodlines and improving them to their limits for his subordinates.

Can become the blood god upon reaching tier 6 .

The Slaughter King Soron : Meant to rival the strongest angel Micheal , soron is the Equalizer and the warrior meant to carve through any enemy lines.

Monstrous natural strength , stamina and HP, an unstoppable beast.

Can become the god of war on reaching tier 6

The Trickery King Toron : The wisest and craftiest demon , meant to lead the demon army from the backlines.

Intelligent , ruthless and cold blooded , yet a master of illusions and formations , he is the last demon king one wants as an enemy.

Can become the god of illusions on reaching tier 6 .

The four of them were immortals in a way , as they were immune to the effects of the forgetting river , as their souls were made from the essence of that very river by the death God.

However because of this phenomenon , the four demon kings became an even bigger danger to the world and broke the natural order of things. As with every rebirth they had the memories of their past life , hence in a way they were immortal.

Lucifer did have some knowledge about them , as he studied deeply about the death god's various projects when he took over hell . However the reason why even after having a vague idea on how to awaken these demon kings , Lucifer never dared to , is because he did not have the strength to force them to comply to his will .

He was the ruler of Hell because noone else was stronger than him , with him putting the god of death to sleep. However should a demon ever rise to his power , he was sure to loose the throne that he had , as the demon's followed him because they feared him , and not because they were loyal to him.

Hence should he revive the demon kings and they rebel against him and succeed , then he would loose everything.

To prevent that from happening Lucifer needed the demon's diary . Having that in his posession meant that no demon could betray him. Not even the demon kings even after reaching tier 6.

It was vital for Lucifer to have such subordinates when he did not have friends like Micheal did to someday stand-up to the angels who banished him from heaven.

Which is why the pages in Rudra's hands were of paramount importance to Lucifer and why the inability to get them frustrated him to the point of raging.

Lucifer needed the pages and he needed them as soon as possible , which is why Rudra was in enormous danger now that the devil knew who he was and what he was in posession of.

Lucifer gave an ultimatum to the blood merchants , to get him results or to perish completely , as he gave them time of 6 months to get the complete demon's diary for him.

A command that pit the entire blood merchant organization in an unavoidable clash against the Elites.

With dronacharya circling like a hawk , the Nineclouds kingdom war being just around the corner and the bloodmerchants on their tail , the Elites were set to have the most challenging 6 months of their lives .

Yet the leader of the elites was currently incapacitated from using a move far beyond his means , having stagnated his growth as an individual , living like a cripple , spending his time managing his territory and developing new bombs.

Although he was making the most of it , just how costly would these 90 days of debuff prove to be for Rudra?

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