MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 681 All hell breaks loose

Chapter 681 All hell breaks loose

Rudra was the judge , jury and executioner of the dark elves at this moment and nobody could deny him the satisfaction of humiliating his enemy at this point in time as he stomped on the head of the elven prince as he sat on the elven throne.

" So , tell me again PRINCE , how exactly were you going to make my wife agree to marry you after her abduction?

Pray tell me ... Were you going to force yourself on her? Were you going to try and win her heart Romeo style? Were you going to tell her how dissapointed you were in her that she chose to marry this worthless human trash? ".

Rudra's voice had a hint of madness in it , which was shocking to Karna as he had never seen his stable guild master ever lose himself to emotions.

But Karna realised that Ruby was a sensitive topic for Rudra and one of the only topics where no-one should press on him , as when it came to protecting his love , there was no bottom line that Rudra would not cross.

Turning a blind eye to his brothers madness , He decided to not hold anything Rudra said today against him.

The dark elven prince started to sob when facing Rudra's wrath as he said " Pwease *sob* *sob* let me go , i have a wife , I'm a family man ".

Rudra looked at the king of dark elves and laughed at this moment as he said " you hear that KING , your son ... HAS A WIFE , hahahaha , this piece of trash is supposedly a ' FAMILY MAN '.

A family man who has a wife , but still covetts other people's wives , what an excellent son you have raised , i Salute your upbringing ".

The dark elven king looked towards the floor not able to meet Rudra in the eye , he himself was a scum that had 7 wives , 4 of which he stole from other people , he was the same breed of scum.

Although the dark elves standing behind him said nothing , internally they all respected Rudra for calling out the wrongs of the royals.

Rudra continued " So ' Family man ' , you did not answer me , how were you going to make my wife yours ... ? ".

The dark elven prince started to sob violently , he had no answer to Rudra's question. He was perceived as a arrogant brat amongst his people and when he jockingly once said that he wanted to unify the elves , everyone started to see him as a hero.

He started to get the respect he never got , and his political power expanded , his father approved of his ambition and even scheduled kidnappers to abduct the elven princess for him.

Deep down he only wanted to be loved and respected , nothing more.

" I-im sworry , i won't covett your or anybody's wife anymore ". The prince said as Rudra stomped on his head stronger.

Looking at Neatwit , Rudra then said " He doesn't understand simple questions , i don't think he has any use of the teeth that he has left , let's break them all ".

Neatwit's eyes widened in shock as to how violent Rudra was being today but he instantly complied as he forcibly made the dark elves prince bite the steps.

One stomp from Rudra now , would make sure that his denture would be reduced to 0 forever.

Rudra said " Last chance ... Answer the question ".

The dark elven prince said " Make her fall in love with me , respectfully ".

Rudra nodded , it was the best option of the three to say , although the prince did not mean it at all , anything else would have costed his neck.

Rudra said " very well , so the pig can speak and understand English ".

After a long , uncomfortable pause he continued " Everytime i look at your face , i remember the tear in the eye of my wife when i left her palace.

Because of you she had to become a prisoner in her own home , scared to even roam her gardens because of her security issues.


Rudra's hysteria was on display now , he did not need to ask him such questions but he did , he poured out the madness he had been containing in his head for so long and made sure that he put the fear of God inside the other party.

Looking towards the heavens he said " So be it , apologise and swear never to do it again and i will let this matter rest ".

Everyone in the room breathed a collective sigh of releif when Rudra said this , he had been pushing everyone to the edge the last few minutes and now finally it was about to end.

As the dark elven prince got to his knees and said " Forgive me , King shakuni , i will not covett your wife anymore ".

Rudra shook his head as he said , " Again ... But this time call me father and kiss my feet.

Also do it sincerely , else your head will roll by my own sword ".

It was uncomfortable for the prideful elven prince to kiss someone's feet being a noble and everything.

However if he was truly a noble , he would have chosen death over such humiliation , but he chose to sell his pride instead for his life. As he prostrated and kissed Rudra's feet sincerely.

It was uncomfortable for the elves to see their prince in such a pitiful state as it was a massive blow to their pride.

No matter if the prince lived or died after today , as his reputation would never be salvaged after this incident and the soldiers would never accept him as a king.

Nonetheless , as everyone's attention was on the prince , Rudra silently took out the kingdom token from his inventory and clutched into it.

A system notification sounded on his screen at this moment .

System notification : Detected , all 3 symbols of the dark elven kingdom are in posession . Starting power transfer.


The world was about to be shaken to its core.

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