MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

Chapter 7 - Back To Real Life

Chapter 7 - Back To Real Life

The real world was a funny place for Rudra

His reincarnation knowledge was a complete cheat in the game ... however his reincarnation knowledge was a undo ticket in real life

20 years of life taught him the difference between who mattered and who did not, in his 'past life'

He lost touch with his college friends about 2 years after graduation.

His high school friends stayed longer especially fatty Kalash however he never cherished that bond.

He chased after a stupid girl who dumped her the first opportunity when someone better than him showed her interest , funny thing he was actually planning on marrying her .

He lost touch with his brother after he went to highschool

He lost touch with his father about a year after that

The only time they came together as a family was when his mother was critically ill about 10 years from now.

His past was riddled with mistakes but he would never repeat those again

He may not be an overpowered character in real life like he is in the game world

But he considered his real battlefield to be here

To never wrong those who stood by him this life.

Today was the day he would meet fatty Kalash again

they were supposed to meet at the restaurant near their highschool which they frequented previously

Fatty Kalash was the only real friend he ever had who had his back through thick and thin....he once loaned him a 100K dollars his savings of over 5 years at a moments notice when he was facing financial issues ... he was a very simple and easy going guy who would give his all to his friend . A gem a real gem.

He never took fatty Kalash seriously in his last life when he told him that the girl he was dating was a vixen he slapped fatty Kalash and broke all bonds with him but boy o boy was he right!

He was overjoyed as he saw fatty Kalash enter the restaurant, all sorts of emotions welled up inside him but all he could show was a cheeky smile

The smile boys give to their close friends

That half smirk half mocking smile

that seems like it says

"yo a****le"

Fatty Kalash smirked back

" Congratulations you successfully look like a monkeys rear part " He said as he took a seat

Rudra shuffled his hair .... because he rode his bicycle here the wind ruffled his hair

" Well I do my part to look like the friend of a chubby gorilla " He retorted

They both looked each other dead in the eyes

Then both bursted laughing.

The ice was broken and the conversation just flowed from there

They talked about everything and nothing over lunch

Fatty was shocked when he heard that Rudra had left his house to live on rent untill he made something of himself, the usually easygoing Rudra was serious about earning money ..... this soothed his mind.

He was secretly always worried about his friend who was immature beyond belief .... he was talented but overall a complete idiot. But that seemed to change today .

Even though he seemed his same carefree self he seemed mature..... much much more mature like someone in his 40's .... not a 21 year old kid.

Fatty too was playing 'Omega' hence their next talk went over to Omega

" Well do you play ' Omega'?"

" Yes of course , I dont live in a cave dude" Rudra retorted

" What class did you choose?? , And which kingdom?"Fatty asked exitedly

" Knight, Hazelgroove kingdom " he said

" Whoaaa... Im a blacksmith , Hazelgroove kingdom.... Im at level 3 you know "

" Yeah you always liked crafts plus you are a mechanical engineer it makes sense " he said

" Well have you heard of the gamer ' Shakuni' that dude is sooo sick .... he is aldready at level 10 , can you believe it ..... I bet he is the son of the game developer or something ".

Rudra was barely stifling his laughter at this point

he was wondering how fatty would react once he told him he was 'Shakuni' ..... But he could not tell him yet ... Well not untill he did some preparations first , so he just smiled right now

He needed to put a mask on his real identity

Boasting was not going to get him anywhere

Untill noone knew that he was 'Shakuni' he would be fine fending for himself in game .

" Yeah , sounds like a damn lucky bastard to me". He said

They talked a lot and finally decided that one day maybe if one of them started a guild the other would definitely join him.

They paid the bill and stood up to leave

there were no farewell words between men but

Rudra said something he felt deeply today

" Hey fatty, thankyou for being my bro"

He said as he walked out, he did not understand why it was soo hard to show emotion , it was a simple appreciation sentence but it made him feel uneasy

Maybe insults are the only way to address friends he thought.

He did some light grocery shopping before he returned home .

Called back home to let his mom and dad know he was doing fine...

He ate enough to keep him afloat for next 24 hours as he would now initiate his first plan of earning money .

As he put on the virtual headset a familiar game screen of

' Omega ' came to view then with a white flash he was back at blackwater village.

Most adventurers did not know this yet but even after becoming level 10 you could not simply walk into the capital city , you first needed to get a approval letter from the village administration office first.

He walked into the village administration office

where a burly man with a Hitler like moustache greeted him

" How may i help you sir Viscount?" the NPC asked

very respectfully at that

" Id like to do my adventurer registration , i have achieved level 10 and would like to enter the capital city".

The NPC smiled

"I would surely do that for you sir , however seeing as you are a reputed knight and a Viscount of the kingdom I believe you do not need one for entry into the capital "

Rudra hit his forehead , yes thats right he was nobility now .... he did not need common people's registration .

Well he was not used to this soo can you blame him?

He got his adventurer Id and decided to embark on the journey to the capital.

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