MMORPG: The Almighty Ring

Chapter 1490 - Facing the Ultralisk

Chapter 1490: Facing the Ultralisk

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“Holy motherf*cker! What the f*cking h*ll!”

Although he didn’t directly spy on the real strength of the mother Ultralisk, just looking at the information on the Giant Iron Scorpion species intimidated Jiang Fei, almost making him bounce up in shock.

“Combat level 50-90 million?! How is that even possible?!”

Theon the Plunderer, Jiang Fei’s master, had a combat level of more than 20 million, and his pet Galactic Specter had a combat level of about 30 million. Even the both of them combined were not enough to beat the Giant Iron Scorpion!

And the 50 million combat level referred to Giant Iron Scorpions that had just become adults. Since this one had already given birth, it was definitely at least middle-aged. An Ultralisk in its prime was undoubtedly at the peak of its strength. This mother Ultralisk’s combat power could even be 80, if not, 90 million.

Such a powerful Ultralisk was still in her postpartum period, making her irritable and murderous. With her child still lost, her danger level was off the charts.

Jiang Fei sniggered as he lay in the asteroid crater. “This gang of players are gonna have one hell of a time.”



A deafening screech was heard. Even the vacuum-like universe could not hinder the spread of this evil sound.


As soon as he heard the sound, Jiang Fei spurted out blood on the spot. Although he was more than ten light seconds away from the Giant Iron Scorpion, which was equivalent to more than three million kilometers, the aftermath of the evil sound still hit him hard!

“Damn it…”

Lying in the crater, Jiang Fei didn’t even dare to breathe. The Giant Iron Scorpion was far more terrifying than he had imagined.

0541 was also astonished by the Ultralisk’s power. “Captain, I’m afraid that only the Super Battleship in the light barrier can fight this Ultralisk…”


If Jiang Fei was vomiting blood even though he was more than three million kilometers away, then the players in the pirate base were in an even more miserable state. Almost at the very moment when the Giant Iron Scorpion let out that evil sound, the players instantly perished!

No one would ever be able to witness the players facing off against the creature, as the difference in strength between the two sides was too great. The moment the evil sound was let out, one by one, the players were shot in the head, unable to handle it for even 0.1 seconds.

If the Giant Iron Scorpion’s IQ was slightly higher, she might have spared their lives and interrogated them on the whereabouts of her child. Although the players had no idea where the damn Ultralisk egg went, at least asking them first would be the most basic judgement for any intelligent creature.

It was such a pity that the terrifying Giant Iron Scorpion was a beast without any intelligence at all. The loss of her child had driven the already violent creature into a mad rage. Now, killing was the only way to let out all the fury and pain in her heart.

After massacring the players, the mother Ultralisk began to search for any trace of her child in the pirate base. However, this just resulted in her getting even more angry, because not even the shadow of her child could be found.


With a dreary lament, the Giant Iron Scorpion violently flicked her tail and smashed the pirate base into a pile of ruins.

Jiang Fei’s eyes twitched as he watched the scene unfold. “Damn… this is way too psychotic…”

He had never seen such a powerful body, nor such a ruthless Ultralisk.

Bang bang bang bang…

The raging creature flicked her tail again and again, using her physical strength to smash the pirate base into powder!

“Motherf*cker! Your child is not here, hurry up and get lost! Please don’t start convulsing…”

Jiang Fei started to feel afraid, as the mother Ultralisk had not calmed down after demolishing the pirate base. She was still there, venting her anger. But since there was nothing left to smash and dismantle on the pirate base, she set her sights on an asteroid belt.

After some wild smashing, the asteroid belt quickly became a huge mess. The big asteroids were smashed into pieces, while it was unknown where the small ones were being flung to as the Ultralisk thrashed about.

It would be fine if she was just venting her anger onto one particular asteroid belt. But her rage was leading her to ruin almost all the asteroid belts in the entire sector. The crazy Ultralisk was now about to charge towards Jiang Fei.

“Oh sh*t, please don’t come near me…”

Faintly seeing the eerie red pupils of the Giant Iron Scorpion glancing at him, cold sweat dripped down Jiang Fei’s face.

“What to do, what to do…”

The hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he watched the terrifying creature slowly turn around. If it wasn’t for the existing remnants of his earlier reason, he would have immediately summoned his shuttle to escape right now.

But that one reason was holding him back and telling him that he should treat this situation just as one would deal with encountering a mad dog on the street. ‘If you run, it will definitely chase after you, and you’re definitely unable to outrun it. Eventually, you’ll get bitten.’

If he was bitten by a mad dog, Jiang Fei could still get an injection to prevent any infections. However, if this Giant Iron Scorpion caught him, that would be the end of him! So, Jiang Fei’s reason told him that even if he was afraid, he absolutely could not run!

Extremely anxious, he started repeatedly calling out his own name as he tried to figure out a plan, “What should I do? Jiang Fei, Jiang Fei, you better hurry and think of something! If you don’t, you’re gonna die for sure!”

At this point, the Giant Iron Scorpion had turned around and was heading straight for the asteroid Jiang Fei was on. However, since she had not discovered Jiang Fei’s existence, she was slowly flying over from far away. Therefore, it would take about one or two minutes for her to arrive and flick this asteroid with her tail.

But every second of those minutes felt like years of torment for Jiang Fei. Death was a terrible thing, and helplessly waiting around to die was even worse. Jiang Fei was undoubtedly just waiting to die any minute now, because no one could escape from the Giant Iron Scorpion, not even a great god like Theon!

“What should I do? Should I hide in the 10th Dimension?”

This was Jiang Fei’s last life-saving trick, but the 10th Dimension was not safe either. Although this magical skill had helped him survive a lot of disasters and even occasionally turn the tables, this time, the gap between him and the Giant Iron Scorpion was way too big.

Not to mention, the energy fluctuations caused by entering the 10th Dimension would definitely attract the Ultralisk’s attention. In case she squeezed into the 10th Dimension along with Jiang Fei, her mere bulk could cause him to just burst, and then there was still her combat level to think about.

Seeing the Ultralisk getting closer and closer, the extremely helpless Jiang Fei was incredibly anxious. “Oh, f*ck it! Here goes nothing! Whether or not I die now depends on just how brilliant this space is!”

Closing his eyes, he directly incorporated himself into the 10th Dimension.


A silver light flashed and there was a slight fluctuation in its space. Even such a minor fluctuation immediately attracted the attention of the Giant Iron Scorpion.


Her growl revealed a trace of excitement, because she could sense her still-alive child within this space fluctuation!


The Giant Iron Scorpion suddenly accelerated and appeared at the spot where Jiang Fei disappeared, just a thousandth of a second after he vanished. Although Jiang Fei had entered the Tenth Dimension at this time, the crack in its space had not been completely sealed tight…

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