Monarch Of Time

Chapter 730 - 730 Silver Door

Chapter 730 - 730 Silver Door

''What did you say?'' Young lady Niu looked at the red-robed Sovereign realm expert next to her with a look of disbelief plastered on her face as she asked in an incredulous voice.

How could someone else other than her still in the Nascent Soul stage possibly make it this far inside the King's PAlace? After all, this place was already considered to be almost halfway inside the inner region of the palace, and only Dao Kings should be able to reach it.

Even a genius who had comprehended a supreme Dao would struggle to make it here without being crushed by the natural pressure of the Daos around them, and yet from the red-haired middle-aged man's tone, young lady Niu understood that that person most likely wasn't having too much trouble heading even deeper inside the King's Palace.

''Uncle Feng, did you recognize that person?'' After a moment of hesitation young lady Niu couldn't help asking the red-haired middle-aged man next to her.

Shaking his head, the red-haired Sovereign realm expert answered solemnly without any hesitation in his voice

''Unfortunately, I couldn't recognize him, young lady. I am certain that I have never met that person before, or there is no way I would simply forget about him.

Naturally, I wanted to ask him about his identity earlier, but since that person seemed to be in a trance and was comprehending the Daos as well, I didn't want to risk offending him by interrupting him and breaking his concentration.

However, I am planning to go to the core region and ask the Northern Sovereign herself about this matter. Considering the young lady's status, even if the Northern Sovereign is unwilling, she should still be forced to reveal a few things about that person.''

Young lady Niu nodded her head as she turned her gaze towards the depths of the King's Palace as well.

For such a genius to have appeared in the King's Palace along with her, it was only natural that it would attract her attention.

Although she was slightly surprised that the Northern Sovereign hadn't mentioned that such a person had also entered the King's Palace along with them, young lady Niu understood that a person with such strength in the Nascent Soul stage couldn't be a nobody and was most likely already famous in the central part of the central region as well.

Young lady Niu even believed that this person's status in the central region was on par, or perhaps it even slightly exceeded even her own, which was why the Northern Sovereign had chosen to remain silent and not reveal anything.

Even though young lady Niu was the personal disciple of 'old freak Gao' and whether it was in terms of talent or status, she was considered to be extremely talented, in her heart she knew clearly that there were some geniuses in the central part of the central region whose talent and status far surpassed even her own.

Those people were mostly the heirs or the personal disciples of the strongest experts of the central region, and even young lady Niu had to admit that she looked up to them.

After a moment of deliberation, young lady Niu looked at 'senior Feng' and said seriously

''Uncle Feng, there is no reason to try and probe too deeply about this matter. It's enough to find out that person's name, or at least which power he belongs to. However, if the Northern Sovereign is unwilling to reveal too much, then uncle Feng shouldn't push it either.

I suspect that the reason why the Northern Sovereign didn't say anything in the first place was because that person told her to keep his identity a secret. If that's the case, we don't need to look too deeply into this matter.

...But of course, if the Northern Sovereign is willing to introduce us to that person, then naturally, we won't mistreat her.''

The red-haired Sovereign realm expert's eyes lit up when he heard this, as he nodded his head in understanding.

He understood that young lady Niu wanted to acquaint herself with that person, and the best person to help her would clearly be the Northern Sovereign.

Nodding his head, senior Feng's figure disappeared, as he headed towards the location where the Northern Sovereign and the others would be, the core region of the King's Palace.

At the same time, Shun Long was completely oblivious to the attention he had attracted, as he kept walking towards the depths of the King's palace all by himself.

His footsteps were calm and steady as he kept walking even further inside the inner region of the palace, his presence naturally attracting the attention of some of the nearby Dao Kings.

However, those Dao Kings only threw a few more glances at Shun Long before they once again closed their eyes, as they continued to comprehend their Daos.

Although Shun Long's presence in this place had surprised them, those Dao Kings didn't have too much time to think about this since they had to focus on their own breakthroughs instead.

After all, there was less than half a year left until the King's Palace closed again.

At the same time, the deeper inside the palace Shun Long walked, the more frequent the purple lightning bolts around him seemed to become.

Inside the foggy space in the 'Stone of Time', Little Black had already spread his soul sense around Shun Long's body, completely covering an area of 300 meters around him.

If one of the purple lightning bolts truly threatened Shun Long's life, Little Black was ready to jump out from the 'Stone of Time' and save him, even if it meant attracting the attention of the nearby Dao Kings and even the Dao Emperors and the Sovereign realm experts inside the King's Palace.


3 days later, Shun Long's speed had yet to slow down, as he arrived in front of a gigantic, half-broken, silver door.

This door that was more than 10 meters(33ft) tall had clearly endured the strikes from the purple bolts of lightning for countless years and was already on the verge of collapse, but somehow a portion of it was still standing.

Anyone who laid their eyes on this door would instinctively understand, that behind this door was the core region of the King's Palace.

And yet Shun Long's footsteps didn't pause for a single moment, almost as if he didn't know that the silver door even existed in the first place, as he walked past it and stepped into the core region of the King's Palace!


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