Monster Paradise

Chapter 1652 - Six Goldfingers

Chapter 1652: Six Goldfingers

“Those who have already elevated to rank-5 and those who have prepared the materials for elevation to rank-5, or who have already elevated to rank-4.5 can come to the Ricky Star in the Coyne Star Zone. I’ll elevate you immediately to Supreme God rank-5 and Pure Spirit rank-6.

“Those who haven’t completed collecting materials, send me a detailed list of the materials you haven’t managed to obtain yet. I’ll help you gather them. Once I’ve completed gathering everything, I’ll notify all of you, then follow it up with your elevation in rank.

“Also, please inform me as soon as you’ve elevated to ninth-rank heavenly god-level. There’ll be a pleasant surprise at that point.”

Lin Huang sent these three messages to all his imperial monsters through telepathic voice transmission.

Now that Xiao Hei had lifted its restrictions, as long as it was supplemented with Origin Energy, it could create Advance Cards in batches to elevate all the imperial monsters to Pure Spirit rank-6.

When the imperial monsters received the voice transmission messages, their first reaction was to wonder was if Lin Huang had made a slip of the tongue.

They were all aware that Xiao Hei could elevate monsters.

However, from mythical-level rank-4 onward, each advancement required a massive amount of materials.

It was very clear what Lin Huang’s voice transmission message meant—they only required materials for rank-5 to be able to elevate two ranks and advance to Pure Spirit-level.

“Don’t we need materials to elevate to rank-6?” The first one to ask a question through voice transmission was Bai.

This time, he did not choose to message Lin Huang privately via telepathic voice transmission. Instead, he asked his question publicly so the rest of the imperial monsters could hear him.

“No,” Lin Huang gave a straightforward, public answer, “Due to some specials reasons, you don’t need materials to elevate from rank-5 to rank-6.”

When all the imperial monsters heard Lin Huang’s reply, their expressions were full of surprise and delight.

This was fantastic news for all of them. After all, they had already exhausted their efforts collecting elevation materials for just rank-5 alone. The difficulty in gathering materials for rank-6 would only increase.

At that moment, Kylie—who was with the Nephilic Judge Tribe far away—spoke up as well.

“What’s the surprise when we elevate to ninth-rank?”

Kylie had already elevated to rank-6. Moreover, her combat strength had advanced to eighth-rank heavenly god-level. She was only a step away from ninth-rank. Naturally, what she cared more about now was the reward for elevating to ninth-rank.

Lin Huang did not answer her question. Instead, he asked through voice transmission, “Would it be convenient for you to leave the Nephilic Judge Tribe’s star zone?”

“I have ways of not being found out.” Kylie nodded.

“That’s perfect. Let me know as soon as you elevate.” Lin Huang said this because it was impossible for him to keep tabs on the changes in his Monster Cards at all times. “As for the surprise, you’ll find out then. I definitely won’t disappoint all of you.”

Lin Huang still kept things a secret in the end.

He glanced over Kylie’s card—her combat strength was eighth-rank now. He knew that she would probably break through to ninth-rank in less than a month.

Grimace spoke as soon as the two of them had finished conversing.

“Are you on the Ricky Star now, Master?”

“I am,” Lin Huang responded immediately.

When he went to the Ricky Star with Steel Fist and Epic Player earlier, he had secretly used the Gate of All Realms to program the coordinates. After making sure everyone from the Sword Alliance was settled, as well as Lin Xin and the rest, he had teleported here at once.

“Then we’ll sort out a few matters at hand and come by later. We’re not far too far from you,” Grimace said at once.

“Where are you guys?” Lin Huang asked, slightly puzzled.

“We’re in the Kash Star Zone.”

The Kash Star Zone was also in the core zone of the God Territory. Just like the Coyne Star Zone, it was one of the richest star zones in the God Territory.

Grimace had said they were not too far away. In actual fact, there were three star zones in between. Taking into account the distance of the void as well, they were over five million lightyears away.

However, this was certainly not considered very far in the vast God Territory.

Although he was curious why Grimace and his group had gone to the Kash Star Zone, Lin Huang did not delve further into the matter.

“Alright, just come over later then,” Lin Huang agreed quickly.

The other imperial monsters listened enviously. They already knew that Grimace and his group had elevated to rank-4.5 Pseudo-supreme God-level. It was completely in accord with the elevation conditions that Lin Huang had mentioned.

After informing the imperial monsters about the matters pertaining to their elevation, Lin Huang glanced at the hotel room he was in.

There would be barriers in such a high-end hotel. Moreover, they would have been put in place by heavenly god-level powerhouses. It could easily block the probing of most Heavenly Gods. However, it was still not sufficient for Lin Huang.

He set up several barriers himself and isolated the entire room from the outside world.

He then sat down again with his legs crossed to look through the spoils he had obtained from killing the group of Raiders.

The only whole corpses he had obtained were those of Black Mountain, Spy, and Babble. As for the three people he had killed using Mirror’s reflection, their corpses had been blown into bits. Not only were the defense Dao Weapons on the three incomplete bodies damaged, but there was only one storage ring that remained intact.

“If I had known this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have shown off with Mirror,” Lin Huang sighed helplessly. He felt he had lost far more than twenty million.

He felt grateful that Black Mountain and the other two’s storage rings had been preserved in perfect condition.

“I’ll give these bodies to the Queen Mothers to use as materials. They should be able to nurture rank-6 Bug Emperors or Queen Mothers… However, the prerequisite is that I need to advance the Queen Mothers to rank-6 first, then directly elevate them to lord-level.”

After staring at the bodies for a moment, Lin Huang very soon came up with a way of dealing with them.

He withdrew his Divine Telekinesis from the storage ring and sank his mind into his inner world.

When he killed the group of Raiders, he had simultaneously obtained their Goldfingers as well. Those were the most valuable of all his loot.

Earlier, he did not have time to check them through in detail. Now that he was free, he could finally take some time to look at them.

The first one was Black Mountain’s Goldfinger.

It was a tiny golden man the size of a human palm.

“A Goldfinger that strengthens one’s physical body?!”

Lin Huang used Divine Telekinesis to scan the Goldfinger and found out what its functions were.

This Goldfinger could plunder the physical energy and Divine Power of all living things that the host killed, as well as inherit their combat cultivation inheritance, rules related to combat cultivation, sequence powers, and Dao seals.

Lin Huang raised his brows after checking it through. As far as he was concerned, this Goldfinger was not very powerful, but it could remedy his shortcomings at this stage.

His biggest shortcoming at the moment was that his physical body was not strong enough. His God’s soul was already at the strength of a peak upper-rank Lord, but his physical body was merely at the standard of a lower-rank Lord.

Once he refined this Goldfinger, he could inherit Black Mountain’s physical body right away, and the strength of his own body would directly advance to peak middle-rank lord-level.

After this, Lin Huang looked at the second Goldfinger.

It was a piece of “meat” shaped like a brain.

Lin Huang scanned it with Divine Telekinesis and soon found out the Goldfinger’s function.

“This isn’t bad at all, a God’s soul-type Goldfinger…”

Without a doubt, this had to be Babble’s Goldfinger.

The main function of this Goldfinger was to plunder their opponents’ God’s soul and strengthen the host’s God’s soul. It could also read their opponents’ God’s soul’s memory and replicate inheritances…

It was certainly a very useful Goldfinger.

After putting the second Goldfinger away, Lin Huang looked at the third Goldfinger.

It was a gold metal piece the size of a little finger and similar in shape to the chip inside an electrical device.

Lin Huang scanned it with Divine Telekinesis and obtained a rough idea of what the Goldfinger’s function was.

This was Spy’s Goldfinger.

Although its functions were quite outstanding, he did not intend to keep it. Instead, he planned to give it to Yang Ling.

After all, Spy had plundered Yang Ling’s Goldfinger back in the day, and Yang Ling had been pursued by Spy for hundreds and thousands of years all this while. Giving him the Goldfinger would help him gain closure.

Moreover, the usage and utilization of this Goldfinger was extremely complicated. Lin Huang did not plan to waste time and effort on it. As far as he was concerned, Yang Ling was perhaps the only person who could best exploit the Goldfinger’s functions.

The remaining three Goldfingers held no attraction for Lin Huang.

Their functions could basically be replaced by Xiao Hei and the other Goldfingers. Moreover, their effects were nothing like those of Xiao Hei and the rest.

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