Monster Paradise

Chapter 1670 - Lin Huang, Now Elevated To Lord-Level

Chapter 1670: Lin Huang, Now Elevated To Lord-Level

“What happened?”

Lin Huang stared in a daze at the peaceful black and white sky in front of him. He could not really understand what on earth had just happened.

Just an instant before his God Territory collapsed, there seemed to be a being above lord-level that had sensed his Dao seal and tried to cross over to snatch it away.

Right as this other party was about to get their hands on the Dao seal, another unknown entity had attacked and instantly destroyed the Dimensional Whirlpool.

The being above lord-level had used a mere mystic sound to penetrate through space and had almost killed Lin Huang’s virtual body.

The unknown entity had spoken then and obliterated the mystic sound.

After the danger had been resolved, Lin Huang’s God Territory collapsed completely soon after, and the unknown entity had not revealed themselves either.

He did not know whether it was because the space anchor points had been erased when his God Territory collapsed so they could not lock onto his coordinates, or because they did not wish to meet him.

Looking at the still, calm sky spread out before him, Lin Huang even had a moment of doubt, wondering whether everything that had just happened was merely a figment of his imagination.

“That voice… Why do I feel like I’ve heard it before?”

That “Get lost!” was uttered in a clear, cold female voice. Lin Huang had a vague sense that it was somewhat familiar, but he was not able to connect it with any of the girls that he remembered.

‘Perhaps I’m over-thinking this.’ Lin Huang shook his head with a wry smile. He felt it was not very likely to be a girl he knew.

The reason for this was that his cultivation speed had been very swift all along, far outstripping all of his friends. It was highly unlikely that there would be a girl whose cultivation speed was faster than his, who could cultivate into a being above lord-level within a short few years.

Lin Huang felt that even if it were another traveler with a Goldfinger, it was also highly unlikely that her cultivation speed would outstrip him by so much.

After setting aside these jumbled thoughts, Lin Huang released his Divine Telekinesis and scanned his surroundings but did not find anything. He had a feeling that the girl who had saved him was probably nowhere nearby. However, he cupped his hands in a respectful fist-palm salute toward the sky and bowed. “Thank you, Senior, for saving me! If there’s anything you require from me at all, I’ll try my best to fulfill it for you.”

Lin Huang purposely waited for a few seconds after saying this. However, he did not receive a response.

He had expected this, but one should show proper respect to one’s seniors after all, especially since this individual had intervened and saved his life twice.

After retracting his Divine Telekinesis, Lin Huang checked on the state of things within his body and nodded in satisfaction. Only then did he summon the Gate of All Realms and return to the material realm.

As soon as he returned to the material realm, he began looking over the state of his body in detail.

The first thing he noticed was an inexplicable surge in the number of god sequence chains within his God Territory.

Before, there had only been a total of 7.16 million god sequence chains in his God Territory. However, there were now 14.71 million—more than double the previous amount.

Lin Huang thought back on this carefully and realized that it was a result of his Dao seal devouring a massive amount of Origin Energy in the last step of unification, the Dao plundering.

Furthermore, his successful consolidation of a Dao seal during the unification process seemed to have caused his Godly Right to undergo a transformation as well.

Now Lin Huang could borrow not only the god sequence chains from his God Territory but also the Dao seals that he had refined from those Lords.

An example would be the Dao seals that he had absorbed and refined from the Origin Energy of the Voids he killed this round. There were over eight hundred seals.

Although all of them did not have the same number of Dao tattoos, when added up together, their Dao tattoo power was comparable to the compounding of over one point two million levels of god sequence chains.

Together with the level-3 Dao seal within Lin Huang’s body, this Dao tattoo power that could inherently fuel three million god sequence chains was the equivalent of compounding four point two million or more levels of Dao tattoo power.

“It looks like I need to consolidate more Dao seals…” Lin Huang knew that the most direct way to elevate his ability would be to consolidate Dao seals.

The total number of god sequence chains in his body had already come to over fourteen million chains. Furthermore, including the Dao seal power that he could borrow, he could only invoke four point two million god sequence chains, which was less than one-third of the total amount.

To use more Dao tattoo power, it was necessary to consolidate even more Dao seals.

Apart from the changes in his Godly Right authorization and his god sequence chains, the massive volume of Divine Power in Lin Huang’s body had transformed entirely into Odyl.

Odyl was considered the high-level form of Divine Power that could perfectly integrate Dao seals and Dao tattoo power.

With this surging spread of Odyl, Lin Huang’s physical body and God’s soul were strengthened even further.

Currently, the strength of his physical body was now at the level of an upper-rank Lord. His God’s soul—initially peak upper-rank lord-level—had achieved a further breakthrough and was now at ultimate-rank lord-level strength.

His overall abilities had undoubtedly received a transformative boost.

However, Lin Huang was not the only one who had gotten stronger. The God Weapons within him had also leveled up, following the elevation of his combat strength.

They had broken through from low-grade Dao Weapons directly to supreme-grade Dao Weapons.

This was, without a doubt, another round of external enhancement.

Lin Huang even felt that his current ability ought to be sufficient for him to go head-to-head in battle with some newly elevated ultimate-rank Lords.

An ultimate-rank Lord would have consolidated thousands of Dao seals at the very least. However, even if one were to use Buried Heaven as a benchmark, a level-1 Dao seal could only invoke the Dao tattoo power of one thousand eight hundred or so god sequence chains. A level-1000 Dao seal could only invoke the Dao tattoo power of less than two million god sequence chains.

At present, Lin Huang only dared to go up against a newly-elevated ultimate-rank Lord. An ultimate-rank Lord with more powerful abilities would have consolidated at least three thousand Dao seals and above. Lin Huang’s abilities were not yet sufficient to fight back.

However, Lin Huang was in no hurry. He knew that as the number of Dao seals in his body increased, he would only become more and more powerful.

It was incredibly difficult for the ultimate-rank Lords in the universe to further elevate their abilities.

‘At my current level of ability, I should be able to handle the investigators that the Raiders send.’ The threat present in Lin Huang’s mind abated slightly after he checked his body thoroughly.

According to the information Yang Ling had provided, Royal would not allow ultimate-rank Lords to enter the great world, which was their territory. Therefore, the most powerful investigators that the Raiders could send would only be upper-rank Lords.

For Lin Huang at present, upper-rank Lords no longer posed any kind of threat to him.

However, he did not plan to just wait passively for the investigators to arrive.

Although the investigators were no longer a threat to him, he had no intention of ending his cultivation just yet.

After mulling over the possibility that his coordinates in the virtual realm might have been exposed, for safety purposes, Lin Huang opened the Gate of All Realms and directly teleported himself to an uninhabited planet in the human world.

This place was millions of star zones away from the Ricky Star in the God Territory.

After arriving at this new location, Lin Huang summoned up the virtual realm cabin again.

He took out his storage ring and put it in the cabin.

After that, he opened the Gate of All Realms and stepped into the virtual realm again.

Upon entering the virtual realm, Lin Huang spread his Divine Telekinesis and noticed three lower-rank lord-level Voids within the perimeter of the dozens of star zones nearby.

After using his God Weapon flying daggers to dispose of the Voids without hesitation, Lin Huang was finally able to be at ease and enter the virtual realm cabin. He picked up the storage ring from the floor, then sat down with his legs crossed.

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