Monster Paradise

Chapter 1755 - Black Sea

Chapter 1755: Black Sea

It was already the fifth day since Liu Fu entered the mystic territory.

For the whole five days, he had been disguised as a reef and had not dared to move at all.

The reason for that was the Putrescent Dragon Whale wandering in the area nearby.

He had escaped death since the monster was not proficient in probing techniques.

However, he knew that as long as he moved an inch, it would definitely notice him instantly.

Therefore, he could only remain in his motionless state for the past five days. He secretly hoped that the monster would leave on its own accord, or that other explorers would come here and kill this monster.

However, as time went by, he felt his hopes were gradually getting slimmer as he watched the Putrescent Dragon Whale wandering nearby happily everyday.

There were less than 5,000 people from the seven organizations participating in the exploration this time. They had been randomly teleported, and there were definitely only a few people who were teleported to the same area as he was.

Even if there were people teleported to the same area, they might not be this Putrescent Dragon Whale’s match. They might have gone around the Putrescent Dragon Whale after sensing its aura from far away. Naturally, it would be impossible for them to notice him, given that he had concealed his aura.

Moreover, the exploration would only last for a month. If he failed to escape within a month, the chances of him dying here would be high.

The reason being was that, under normal circumstances, the first time each mystic territory appeared, the dimensional anchoring had yet to stabilize completely.

Its appearance would not last for long.

If he did not retreat with everyone else, the fog might cover this mystic territory once again. By then, even if he was a major dao-level powerhouse, he would not be able to return.

Even if he managed to live, he could only wait until the mystic territory’s second anchoring for a chance to return. That process might be a couple of years if short, or tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years, if long. The mystic territory might not even have a second anchoring. He could even be stuck in this mystic territory forever.

As Liu Fu knew those rules regarding the mystic territory, he thought that the chances of him surviving were extremely slim.

However, just when Liu Fu was about to despair, he suddenly heard a familiar roar.

It was the sound of the Putrescent Dragon Whale!

He had heard this sound countless times throughout the past five days.

However, it seemed to be a little different this time. There was fear and horror in its roar. It even sounded somewhat like it was begging.

Nevertheless, the sound only lasted a moment before suddenly stopping.

Liu Fu did not even sense any battle energy fluctuations.

“What happened?” Liu Fu looked in the direction of the source of the sound. He still did not dare to not spread out his Divine Telekinesis or use other probing techniques.

A moment later, he saw a giant monster swimming over slowly.

It was a giant snake that was completely black, whose size was no smaller than the Putrescent Dragon Whale. Its aura was even more powerful than the dragon whale.

As Liu Fu was checking it out, he suddenly saw the giant snake peeking at the place where he was hiding.

He suddenly had goosebumps from the scare.

He closed his eyes immediately and concealed his aura completely.

“Oh no, oh no… I’ve been discovered… As I expected, I can’t escape death…”

He did not even have the intention of fighting and escaping.

Given the gap between him and the monster, he would only die a more painful death if he tried to fight back or escape.

However, he did not sense himself being attacked at all after closing his eyes for a long time.

He could not help but open his eyes after some hesitation.

He realized that he was still where he was and still in one piece.

That snake monster was gone.

“It didn’t notice me?!” Liu Fu was overjoyed. This was not the ending that he had expected.

When that snake monster peeped in his direction, he really thought he was going to die.

A casual peep from the monster’s had startled him.

“Seems like the snake monster killed the Putrescent Dragon Whale. Otherwise, it’s impossible that the snake monster would be wandering around its territory with such ease.” Liu Fu had a rough estimation of what happened. “But the battle ended a little too fast. The Putrescent Dragon Whale didn’t seem to struggle much before being killed. There weren’t even battle energy fluctuations.”

“So what exactly was that snake monster’s ability level then?”

Liu Fu did not think about running away just yet. Instead, he analyzed the Shackle Serpent’s ability.

The reason being was that monsters usually fought over territory.

Since the Putrescent Dragon Whale was killed, it meant that this area had become the snake monster’s territory.

Liu Fu thought the snake monster would most probably occupy this area for a long time. The chances of him escaping might be even slimmer now.

The Shackle Serpent returned to Lin Huang after it completed the assigned task.

Lin Huang noticed that Liu Fu did not seize the opportunity to run.

He shook his head helplessly.

He guessed that Liu Fu might not know that the Shackle Serpent had already left the area, and that his crisis had been lifted.

After all, he dared not spread Divine Telekinesis to probe.

However, Lin Huang did not want to tell him that. He had already done what he had to do. Liu Fu would have to depend on himself now.

He only hoped that Liu Fu would find out about it soon before other sea monsters came to occupy the area.

After solving Liu Fu’s crisis, Lin Huang and the Enchanted Fairy rode on the Shackle Serpent’s back and began a new round of hunting.

There were many monsters in this sea. Most of them were undying and spirit species.

Although the monster density was lower than the foggy area, the number of monsters in the sea was a few times more than the foggy area.

Lin Huang’s hunt came along much easier than before.

It was mainly because the sealing power the Shackle Serpent had was useful.

Even if the Shackle Serpent could not seal a creature whose number of Dao seals surpassed it completely, it could suppress it using its ability.

It worked together with the Enchanted Fairy. It would usually control the monster while she would attack.

In water, the Enchanted Fairy’s Moon Power was rather useful too. Each attack came with an extreme freezing effect.

The two of them could almost kill the enemies that had mastered some 40,000 Dao seals or so instantly when they worked together.

This meant that Lin Huang’s hunting rate only dropped by less than 10%.

He did not have to fight most of the monsters at all.

The Shackle Serpent’s sealing power was indeed useful. Most of the battles ended before any energy fluctuations were leaked.

Within a day of entering the sea, Lin Huang and the other two had killed over 1,800 monsters; most of these monsters had mastered between 10,000 to 40,000 Dao seals.

Throughout the day, Lin Huang had personally attacked less than 15 times.

Apart from finding Liu Fu in the beginning, Lin Huang had also seen a few more explorers in the sea. One of them was Royalty.

He chose to avoid them decisively.

He would just hunt while keeping a low profile. It was unnecessary for him to interact with those people..

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