Monster Paradise

Chapter 5 Gold-Rank Equipmen

Lin Huang brought Li Lang to his home and Lin Huang ran straight into the bathroom on ground floor. He knocked on the bathroom door, "Xin Er, it's safe now, you can come out."

Li Lang was observing the traces of damage. The more he looked, the more surprised he was. From the traces, he could tell the ways that the vampire attacked but he could not imagine how Lin Huang avoided such deadly attacks.

Awhile later, the bathroom door opened and Lin Xin ran into Lin Huang's embrace.

Seeing her teary eyes, Lin Huang did not say much. He ran his fingers through her hair and said, "There, there, everything's okay now."

Lin Xin then quietly wiped her tears off Lin Huang's chest and let go. She looked at him and asked, "Brother, where is the monster?"

"It’s settled." Lin Huang smiled.

Li Lang walked towards them and said, "Your brother killed a bronze-level, rank-3 vampire on his own."

Lin Xin looked at Lin Huang in admiration. Although she knew that there were rankings of monsters but she did not have the exact idea of the different abilities each ranking had. All she knew was that a bronze-level rank-3 vampire was powerful, but that her brother was even more powerful!

"Brother, who is this uncle?" Lin Xin just noticed that there was someone else with Lin Huang.

"Uncle…" Li Lang was stunned by how Lin Xin addressed him, "I'm only 18…"

Lin Huang was surprised that Li Lang was as young as he looked mature for his age. He looked at least 25. What surprised him, even more, was that Li Lang was already a Silver Hunter at the age of 18. He was the genius of the No.7 Safety Zone.

Lin Xin had a doubtful expression.

"He could be telling the truth; you should call him brother." Lin Huang nodded to Lin Xin.

"Oh." Lin Xin then turned around and said loudly, "Nice to meet you, brother!"

"Alright…" It was awkward for Li Lang. After some hesitation, he took out a Life Crystal from his storage space and passed it to Lin Xin, "Since you're calling me brother, here's a gift for you."

"Brother…" Lin Xin looked at Lin Huang helplessly.

She knew very well about Life Crystals; it was one year’s worth of Life Crystals. If they were to redeem the credit points from the Emperor's Heart, they would need 100,000 points. It was too expensive for her to take it.

"This is too much. We can't take it." Although Lin Huang was eyeing on it, he thought Li Lang was up to something for his absurd kindness.

"These Life Crystals are the most invaluable things that I have. Take it; nobody ever gives me back the things that I give away." Li Lang insisted.

"This guy seems like a tycoon, 99 points for putting up a good show." Lin Huang secretly gave Li Lang another label and nodded to Lin Xin, "Take it then."

He was getting more and more suspicious of Li Lang's intention. There was no way that he could be this kind to them without any ulterior motive!

After seeing Lin Huang's approval, Lin Xin took the Life Crystals and passed it to Lin Huang, "Brother, you keep it."

Lin Huang then kept the Life Crystals in his storage space. He turned around and saw Li Lang was checking Lin Xin out, he then pulled Li Lang away from his sister.

"Don't even think about dating my sister, all you gave were just Life Crystals, even if…"

Before he could even finish talking, Li Lang interrupted him, "Don't think too much, I'm not interested in the little girl. It's just that she's quite pretty, that's why I looked at her.

Li Huang got scared and took a few steps back after he realized he was being scrutinized and exclaimed, "Hey, I'm not interested in men! I'm telling you, not only in this life; I'd only be interested in women even in my next life!"

Seeing that Lin Huang got his guard up, Li Lang decided to tell him the truth, "Actually I'm here to understand how you managed to kill that vampire. No matter how weak the vampire was, it was still a bronze-level monster while you're not even an iron-level. So I guess if you have any special skills or equipment, if you're willing to, I would love to purchase them for a high price."

"I'm just a poor kid, how would I have any skills or equipment. Let me show you the attack trails of the vampire and tell you the complete battle story." Lin Huang realized that he misunderstood Li Lang.

He then brought Li Lang to Lin Xin's bedroom on the second floor. In the chaotic bedroom, Lin Huang explained. While listening, Li Lang was observing the damages in the room. The more he looked, the more he was amused.

Li Lang started to admire Lin Huang. He knew that if such were to have happened to him, his survival would be uncertain as killing the vampire was almost impossible for him.

"I didn't expect you to kill the vampire all by yourself. I have underestimated you." Li Lang patted Lin Huang's shoulder in admiration. He proceeded to say, "There's no way to fix your broken Life Wheel. If you could find a way to make it up to your Life Wheel, I believe you would be a fearless hunter!"

"Unfortunately, I don't have much time left…" Lin Huang shook his head and smile. He did not want to talk about his personal life with Li Lang. "Are you done with the damage report?"

"Yes, I'm done. Let me just take a photo of the house." Li Lang then took out a gold coin with complicated patterns from his storage space. He tossed the gold coin into the air, the coin started to spin and soon, it became a thumb-size ball floating in the air.

Lin Huang stared at the golden ball.

Suddenly, the gold ball cracked open in the center into two hemispheres of the same size while there was a white crystal appeared in the middle.

The white crystal was glowing; the white light spread across the house.

Soon, the golden ball returned to its gold coin form and fell from the air. Li Lang grabbed it and kept it in his storage space.

"It's that a gold-rank equipment?" Lin Huang could not help but ask.

"Yes, that's a toy that I got by accident at a medium-sized foothold." Li Lang was proud of himself that Lin Huang was curious. As they were talking, they got closer to each other.

His true self of loving to flaunt was showing.

"This should belong to some investigative equipment, am I right?" It was the first time for Lin Huang to see an equipment of the gold-rank.

"Yes. In the non-combat equipment, this is considered a valuable! But all I needed was to trade with one year worth of Life Crystals. The guy at the market thought it was just an ordinary antique gold coin; he was afraid that I might come back for him, so he left right after we traded." Li Lang laughed.

"That's such a steal." Although he was not sure how much was a gold-rank equipment, he knew a few pieces of Life Crystals could only get him an ordinary iron-rank equipment.

As they were chatting, Lin Huang saw Lin Xin yawning. She seemed sleepy, so he decided to send Li Lang away.

"Mr. Li Lang, since the damage report is done, I'll have to send you off. You have already seen it for yourself; we don't even have a need right now, I and my sister would have to sleep on the floor tonight."

"Alright then, I won't bother you. I will submit the damage control report; you should receive a reply within 24 hours. If it's approved by the government, there will be people coming to repair within three days. You will have a temporary home while they do the repairing work. You will have to bite the bullet for a few days now." Li Lang explained the process to Lin Huang.

After Li Lang left, Lin Huang stared blankly at the house.

His sister's and his bedrooms were destroyed. Their beds were left with broken pieces.

On the ground floor, there was a big pothole in the living room. They could not even sleep in there. In the kitchen, the cupboards occupied most of the space where only one person could sleep in there.

"Brother, erm… Where will we sleep tonight?" Lin Xin looked helplessly at Lin Huang.

"Let me clear my room. My room is less damaged than yours."

After an hour, they had finally made their temporary beds.

Lin Xin was exhausted; she fell asleep immediately while Lin Huang continued looking at the damaged room.

Lin Xin was in a deep sleep. Lin Huang smiled at the sight of her drooling and thought "This carefree girl…"

He then thought about his uncertain future that could affect this cute little girl, Lin Huang sighed, "It seems like it's not an easy task to be a responsible brother!"

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