Monster Paradise

Chapter 9 Luxurious Life

Looking at the open yard at the Stable Residence, Lin Huang knew that the owner of the hotel was a man of style, just like Li Lang. When he met the owner, he then realized that the owner was far from what he imagined.

The owner was an ordinary middle-aged man, who was short and plump. He was bald and look like a simpleton. It was hard to guess his age as he looked like he could have been in his 40's or even his 60's. He had fair skin that was marked with very few wrinkles from stress and age.

He dressed very casually, with a bright, yellow short sleeve shirt that was one size too big for his body. He looked like he was wearing a short gown and beneath it was a large pair of blue pants that dangled a little below his knees. It looked like it too was one size too big.

"Hello there, are you the guest who is checking into Room 302 today?" The bald man who stood behind the counter said with a pleasant smile. His teeth were slightly showing, and they were clean and neat.

"Yes, you must be the owner of this hotel, are you?" Lin Huang took out the keycard for his registration and complimented, "Your yard is magnificent!"

"Thanks. It’s just a hobby of mine. I just fool around with the designs," the owner humbly said.

Lin Huang was surprised to hear that. He thought they hired a designer to decorate the yard, but instead, it was done by this man who looked messy, at best.

"Dear sir, your room is on the right-hand side, on the third floor. Walk all the way straight and you would arrive at your room." The man returned the keycard to Lin Huang and pointed to the stairs on the right side of the lobby.

"Oh yeah, the guest in Room 301, across your room has a bad habit. He trains with his sword in the yard at dawn. I would like to apologize if he makes too much noise."

"Alright, noted." Lin Huang did not think about it any further and walked upstairs.

The stairs were made of mahogany. It was a spiral staircase where the right handle and railings were carved with very detailed patterns. The patterns were mainly rattan with leaves and flowers of a variety of sizes. They seemed very real from afar.

There were slight creaks when Lin Huang stepped onto the stairs. He went all the way up to the third floor, following the directions the owner had given him. He turned right and walked all the way straight to his room.

Shortly after, he arrived outside Room 302. He could not help but look at Room 301 as he was curious as to what kind of person stayed in there. Awhile later, he smiled to himself and shook his head, "Why would I care what others are doing. My priority should be preparing for the Reserve Hunter assessment!"

He then slotted the keycard into the door of Room 302 and opened the door. He was stunned when he saw his room. "The Union Government surely provides great welfare," he thought.

It was a luxurious suite. The living room alone was about 100 square meters large. There was a chandelier in the middle of the living room. Apart from the light bulbs, the rest of the feature was made of pure gold. It was gorgeous, and it looked really expensive.

The style of the room was luxurious but low-key. Apart from the chandelier, the rest of the decorations were not flamboyantly constructed. Even the carpet was sewn with gold thread at the edges. If one did not look closely, they might think it was just a pattern made of solid golden strings.

"This owner is so rich, even the carpet has gold edges…" Lin Huang exclaimed as he squatted down to take a closer look. "Damn, that’s real gold!" he said upon closer examination.

In the world today, gold was also a rare metal mainly used for luxury decorations. It was expensive and cost 300 credit points per gram. The carpet was made of some unknown monster’s skin and the gold edges of the carpet alone might have cost 100,000 credit points.

Lin Huang then looked at the chandelier above him, "Is this lamp made of genuine gold too? If it is, it might cost more than 10 million credit points…." he concluded.

He took a good look at the entire room and sighed in awe. He could now indulge in this luxury hotel. "No wonder it cost more than 1,000 credit points to stay a night in the cheapest room in this hotel," he thought.

The suite consisted of two rooms and one living room. Not only was the living room spacious, the size of the other rooms were not small either. There were two bathrooms in each room.

Lin Huang chose to sleep in the bigger room on the left which had the amazing view of the yard right under the balcony outside.

He pulled the curtain aside and pushed open the windows. There was a set of tables and chairs made of rattan with a hanging rattan bed on the side.

Lin Huang walked to the corner of the balcony and looked beyond the railing. He could see the entire yard. From this angle, the garden was even more stunning.

"When I’m rich, I’m getting a house with a yard and am surely going to get the owner to design it for me," Lin Huang smiled and thought to himself.

While Lin Huang rested on the hanging bed in the afternoon, Lin Xin who had just finished school, ran straight to the Stable Residence.

She could not wait to see how the hotel room looked like.

But, when she reached, she did not dare step into the hotel when she arrived at the entrance.

She then used her Emperor’s Heart ring to call Lin Huang. He picked up immediately and said, "Are you done with school?"

"Yes, I’m at the hotel’s entrance…" Lin Xin said softly.

"Come in, Room 302." Lin Huang got off the hanging bed, stood on the balcony and waved to Lin Xin.

Seeing Lin Huang wave at her, Lin Xin finally believed that it was not a prank that Lin Huang was trying to pull on her. She waved at him and stepped in through the hotel gates.

Passing through the yard, she arrived at the hotel’s reception. Seeing the owner looking at her, she explained immediately,"I’m here with my brother. His name is Lin Huang."

"Oh, the boy that I met just now. He’s in Room 302, it’s on the right-hand side of the third floor," The hotel owner nodded to her.

"Thank you," Lin Xin said, stuck out her tongue and went up the stairs.

When she arrived at the room, and the door was opened. Lin Xin looked at the room number so that she did not mistake it for another room.

"302, this should be it."

After confirming it, she walked into the room.

"Wow!" She was impressed by the room’s decoration.

"Isn’t it beautiful?" Lin Huang walked to her with a glass of juice.

"Yes!" Lin Xin nodded her head hard and looked at the juice in doubt. "Do we have to pay for the juice?" she questioned.

"No, everything is included. Even the food and drinks in the room are free, I’ve confirmed the fact with the hotel owner just now," Lin Huang smiled while he explained.

Lin Xin then took the juice in relief. Her eyes brighten up after she took a sip. She then finished the juice in a few gulps and said, "It’s delicious, brother, what is this?"

"I don’t know, the hotel owner said he made these drinks on his own. Its called calming tea. The main ingredient was from the juice of a monster plant’s root. I think it’s really nice too." Lin Huang had had a couple a glasses just that day. He was never a fan of sweet stuff but that drink was irresistible.

"The food here is delicious too. Are you hungry? If you are, let’s go for dinner now." Lin Huang had his lunch at the hotel earlier, that was how he knew that their food was so delicious.

Lin Xin was not hungry before Lin Huang asked but now, she was so excited when she heard Lin Huang describe the scrumptious meals they served.

They then went to the restaurant on the second floor.

There were already a couple of guests at the restaurant when they arrived. Most of them seemed like hunters. They must have been part of the team that joined the hunt for the monsters the day before.

It was a buffet dinner. All the dishes were served on small plates. The both of them were not really sure what most of the utensils and dishes were, but they were delighted as the dishes were warm like they had just come out of the oven.

The both of them got themselves a small table and took plates of dishes to the table. Then they started to dig in.

There were not many people in the restaurant. Most of them were chatting among themselves, while Lin Xin and Lin Huang were engrossed in the food.

Suddenly, all the chatter stopped and the restaurant went completely quiet.

Seeing everybody looking at the door, Lin Huang and Lin Xiang looked towards the same direction too.

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