Mr. CEO Loves The Devilish Beauty

Chapter 398 - Uncle J

The silence that Bao's words brought was only broken when Juan clicked her tongue and tugged at her brother's sleeve saying, "Bro, did you just shade your own sister?"

Bao's response was indifferent as he casually shrugged his shoulders and asked, "When did I do that?"

Juan gave him a pointed look and said, "You indirectly just called me childish." Bao nodded his head and Juan's mouth opened wide in shock. "So, you're really calling me childish?"

Both Xu Mey and Jie along with the rest on the call stayed quiet to see how will Bao get out of this one. Since Juan was childish but no one was allowed to say it out loud otherwise...

"So, my dear sister, are you saying that you've grown up?" Bao asked calmly.

"Of course," was Juan's reply without missing a beat.

Bao smiled at her which didn't look like a smile and said, "Then as a grown-up, stop calling me to fight for you in school. It's always your arguments but I have to be the scapegoat for them." He touched her head and added, "So, now fight your own battles, dear sister."

Juan's eyes widened in panic as she held her brother's hand started her cutesie act again, "Bro, my dear brother. My only brother. My awesome brother, I'm not a grown-up at all. I'm your little sister. How can I dare to grow up? Juan is very childish. Very very childish. So, don't throw your sister from under your protective wing. Eh?"

Everyone around let out a cold breath, as expected, only Bao was the one who could dare to mess with Juan and still be the winner. This kid really knew how to exploit even his own sister.

"Okay, let's eat now. Stop talking." Xu Mey said goodbye to her friends and sat down with her family for breakfast.

As they had just settled quietly to have a harmonious breakfast, the back door was opened and with that came a very tired Ye Jun. "Good morning, Uncle J!" Juan was the first one to greet him and seeing his niece's cute little face, Ye Jun's previous scowl was swapped with a blooming smile.

He picked her up from the chair and kissed her on the cheek as he said, "Morning to you to my little J." Juan giggled before she sat back on her chair.

"Why are you here so early in the morning on Saturday? Did you have an argument with Lina?" Xu Mey questioned as she asked him to sit down with them for breakfast.

"Sister Mey, are you the worm in my stomach. How do you know that I just came defeated?" Ye Jun was frowning as he took a glass of juice and gulped it down.

"What did you guys argue about this time?" Jie asked looking at his brother's face which didn't look so good.

Ye Jun sighed and was about to speak when Juan answered for her father, "Daddy, our Uncle J can only have one argument with his pretty wife."

Ye Jun looked at his niece with surprise as he pinched her nose saying, "My little J knows a lot huh? Tell me what did we argue about?"

Juan looked at her uncle's face and said, "There is no little J or little B in your house. Obviously, that's the only thing that bothers Auntie Lili. And you make it worse by saying that we both are enough for each other."

Xu Mey and Jie laughed at the way Juan imitated Ye Jun's voice while Ye Jun was left gaping. This little pea-sized of a niece was really good at this. She always knew what was going on around her. In a way, she was exactly like her mother; never take no for an answer but always be the one to know people's secrets.

When Ye Jun got over his shock, he said, "Little J, how do you even know that? Aren't you too young for knowing adult matters."

"Is it my fault that your house is right next to ours? I can practically hear every single word from my study room," stated Juan in an innocent manner as if it really wasn't her fault at all.

"Juan, finish your breakfast," Xu Mey spoke out and turned to Ye Jun, "Jun, did you really argue for the same reason?" Ye Jun nodded his head in a defeated manner. "Well, it's natural for Lina to be this agitated. You guys have been married for five years and yet... There is no child. She must be feeling lonely."

"But I'm right here with her all the time. Why does she always take it out on me when I say that we are enough for each other?" Ye Jun looked dispirited.

Before Xu Mey could reply, Jie beat her to it, "Because you're saying the wrong words." Ye Jun looked at his brother inquisitively. "You're practically raining all over her hope with your words."

"What do you mean, bro? What did I do? How is it my fault?"

"Instead of saying that we're enough for each other, you should be telling her that if not today, you guys will get lucky tomorrow," replied Jie calmly.

"What's the difference?"

"Even my son is smarter than you," said Jie. "The former statement is like taking Jun Lina's hope of having a child away. While the latter statement is a bit more hopeful to ensure her that you'd be with her today and tomorrow waiting for that miracle to happen."

Ye Jun finally nodded his head in understanding even though Jie knew that his brother was gonna mess up anyway. There was no point in guiding him.

"Jun, why did this child matter come up early in the morning?" asked Xu Mey curiously.

"Because Zelie is coming from America today," replied Ye Jun.

"So?" Both Jie and Xu Mey asked with confusion.

Ye Jun looked at them both and asked, "You both don't know why Zelie left her project in the early stage to come back?" Both husband and wife shook their heads. "So, you really don't know that Zelie is pregnant with her first child?"


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