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Chapter 5: She's Here to Make a Police Report!

Chapter 5: She's Here to Make a Police Report!

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"Mr. Xi, I'm sorry to inform you but the patient you sent over today suddenly disappeared. We believe that she left the hospital of her own accord! However, her body is still recovering so she shouldn't have left. Can you please contact her and get her back to the hospital?"

Mubai was right that it had to do with Xia Xinghe but even he couldn't have predicted the woman would be crazy enough to leave the hospital against the doctor's advice!

Xinghe was involved in a car accident. Her injury wasn't that serious but the doctor did say it was required for her to stay in the hospital for observation for at least a few days.

Who would have thought she would sneak out after she regained consciousness…

The nurse also found 3000 RMB on Xinghe's bedside table after she left. When she woke up, the nurse handed her the money, telling her it was from Mubai. When she snuck out, she left it behind, an obvious rejection of his kindness.

This meant that she had no money and her body was still in a stage of convalesce. Mubai couldn't understand why she would leave just like that.

Doesn't she care about her own health?

Mubai was a bit inflamed by her denseness but he still hopped into his car to find her.

It was not that he was worried about her but, at the end of the day, she was still Xi Lin's mother.

He couldn't just leave her to her own devices for Xi Lin's sake.

While Mubai was out around the city looking for her, Xinghe was at the police station.

She was there to make a police report!

With a bandaged head, bruised face, pallid skin and feeble body, the police thought she was there to report a physical assault.

However, it turned out she wanted to report a car accident that happened six years ago.

"Ms. Xia, let me get this straight. You mean to say the car accident that happened to you six years ago was a premeditated murder attempt?" the police asked in shock.

Xinghe nodded, her eyes held firm, adding, "That's correct! Six years ago, I rushed back from overseas because my father had fallen seriously ill. Someone had made an attempt on my life and faked it as a vehicular accident. Thankfully, I didn't die, I only lost my memory. Today, I got into another accident and everything came back to me."

"How can you be so sure that it was premeditated?"

"I remember noticing that car had been following me since I landed at the airport. He was waiting for me!"

The police turned serious and asked, "Can you remember anything else?"

"I remember the last two digits of the car plates were 53, and it was a black SUV."

The police responded with a hint of disbelief, "But Ms. Xia, this was 6 years ago and you yourself said you've suffered from temporary amnesia, so how can you be certain the things you've remembered are in fact correct?"

Xinghe replied softly, "Because the man wanted to kill me, how can one possibly mistake the details of his or her killer? Furthermore, even during my amnesia, my retentive memory was perfectly fine."

The police were quick to believe her.

This was because he had pulled Xinghe's records and realized she was a top student from Academy S, one of the top ten universities in the world.

"Ms. Xia, do you have any suspects in mind or have you wronged someone in the past?"

"The only suspects are my stepmother and her daughter. After my father passed away, they were quick to cut me out of his will. Everything fell to the mother-daughter pair even though I'm my father's only biological heir!"

Animosity colored Xinghe's eyes when she spat out those words.

Xinghe's parents also divorced when she was young. She grew up overseas with her mom.

After her father remarried, Xinghe would spend some time in the country with her father annually. She got on well with her stepmother and sister. They were always kind and nice to her.

Xinghe treated them as her extended families but who knew the pair had a hidden motive all along.

When her father was on his death bed, they were afraid Xinghe would lay claim to a majority of his estate so their vicious nature finally reared its ugly head.

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