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Chapter 8: A Return to Form

Chapter 8: A Return to Form

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After a quick glance at Xia Zhi, she nodded.

He smiled and said, "That's wonderful news! It's great that you've recovered your memory! Let's forget all about the past and start anew. Sis, after my graduation this year, I promise I'll work super hard to support our family. Your body is still weak so do stay home and rest. Leave everything to me, I'll bring home lots of money to support the three of us!"

Xinghe replied with a smile. "I believe you but please stop worrying about me, I assure you I'm fine."

Xinghe saw through Xia Zhi's words and picked up the concern he had for her.

"Sis, you're still human so how could you be fine about the drastic changes? You were a star student at Academy S, heading for a bright future if it wasn't derailed by that godforsaken accident."

Xinghe's encounter if experienced by anyone else would be extremely discouraging.

Anybody would be frustrated if their bright future was forcefully taken away.

However, Xia Xinghe was not a random anybody.

She believed her ability wasn't defined by an Academy S certificate.

She believed she could survive a divorce and break free from poverty.

She was no longer afraid of the things that once pinned her down.

She was going to reclaim her life and this time no one and nothing could stand in her way.

"I'm really fine, don't you have faith in your sister? By the way, what kind of job will you be looking for?" Xinghe asked to change the subject.

"My degree is in computer science so I plan to join an internet company but don't you worry, it will not be Xi Empire," Xia Zhi said with some excitement.

Xi Empire was their country, Hwa Xia's most famous internet company and in this day and age, online business was all the hype.

Xi Empire used to limit their business ventures to hotels and real estate, but Mubai saw beforehand how lucrative the online business would become.

Under his expert leadership, today's Xi Empire was Hwa Xia's biggest company, and Mubai had multiple times entered Forbes' Ten Richest Person in the World list.

Xinghe said kindly, "Xi Empire has the best technology, good management and favorable benefits, it's a good platform for aspiring programmer like yourself. You should go."

Xia Zhi replied firmly, "Over my dead body. They treated you so badly, I couldn't possibly work for them!"

"Fine, I won't force you if you don't want to. In the future, we'll have an internet company of our own."

"That has always been my plan. Sis, believe me, I will definitely make you proud!" Xia Zhi said with much enthusiasm. With Xia Zhi's potential, Xinghe believed that her cousin truly could make it in the world.

Not that he needed it, but if the worst was to happen, he still had her to lean back on.

While Xinghe was chatting the night away with Xia Zhi, Mubai was out looking for her.

He had been searching for 2 hours but it was to no avail.

He only realized how ludicrous he was acting when Tianxin called.

"Mubai, are you in bed?" it was Tianxin's habit to call him every night.

Honestly, Mubai didn't have many conversational topics in common with her and he had no interest in listening to her recap her daily life so the nightly calls rarely went beyond the perfunctory hello and good night.

"I'm still up, is there anything you want to discuss?" Mubai asked half-heartedly.

"How is Lin Lin? He didn't look so well during dinner." Tianxin asked cautiously. She knew Xi Lin was averse to her presence but for the sake of preserving her image, she had to pretend she didn't notice.

"He's fine. He's sleeping now."

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