Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 1303 - How shameless are you!

Chapter 1303: How shameless are you!

Bai Xiaonian chose a few pieces of baby outfits and a baby hooded towel. Whenever she saw a new design, she bought a few of those too.

Perhaps because she knew she wasn’t pregnant with a girl, Bai Xiaonian hadn’t had any thoughts of dolling up a child. She didn’t buy many things, but she couldn’t help but linger in the girls’ accessories section after settling the bill.

Before leaving the baby store, Bai Xiaonian asked Lu Jinnan, “Say… our child isn’t born yet. Although the doctor said it’s a boy, what if he was wrong and the baby turns out to be a girl after all? Wouldn’t we then be unprepared?”

Seeing his wife’s bright and sparkly eyes, Lu Jinnan knew what Bai Xiaonian had in mind. He nodded. “Mm, you’re right. Then let’s buy some girls’ items too. Then we’ll be prepared for it…”

Bai Xiaonian nodded vigorously in agreement. “Even if the baby turns out to be a boy after all, perhaps when Xiao Liuli gets pregnant, she will have a daughter. She then can use them on her daughter!”

“Mm! Right! Then let’s buy them…”

Hence, Bai Xiaonian picked out a bunch of girls’ baby items. But because there were too many of them, they couldn’t bring all of them. Lu Jinnan arranged for the items to get delivered to their house.

As expected, Bai Xiaonian still wanted a girl…

After they got home, she happily placed the girls’ clothes and accessories on the bed. She seemed elated when she touched and looked over them.

Lu Jinnan leaned against the door frame. Seeing how happy Bai Xiaonian was, his mood was unbelievably good.

In the past, everyone wanted a boy. Now, Lu Jinnan realized that more young married couples wanted a girl. Just look at Tang Zheng, who had become a father first amongst the group of friends, Fu Huai’an, and Cen Mo. They all seemed… to want a girl.

Out of the three, only Tang Zheng and Fu Huai’an got what they wanted.

Ever since he knew it was a boy, he had never concerned himself with the gender of the baby. At least when a boy grew up, he would have a wife to protect. Lu Jinnan was already very satisfied with this.

Moreover, now that he thought about it if they were to have a daughter, and once she grew up if she were to meet a man, who was as foolish and hostile as he was in the past, Lu Jinnan probably wouldn’t be able to resist killing that man!

At the thought of this, Lu Jinnan couldn’t resist walking to Bai Xiaonian’s side and sitting down, kissing the top of her head. “You want to have a daughter so much…”

“That’s right! I want to wear the same dress as my daughter, mother and daughter outfit!” There was a hint of disappointment in Bai Xiaonian’s eyes. “It’s just a pity that since he’s a son, we can’t wear beautiful dresses together!”

“You can wear a matching dress with Yuan Yuan. You’re Yuan Yuan’s godmother. When she’s old enough, you can wear a matching dress with Lin Nuan and Yuan Yuan. You can also get Tuan Tuan to wear a matching outfit with our child. If all of you were to walk on the road together, the sight would definitely turn people’s heads!” Lu Jinnan comforted Bai Xiaonian.

“That’s right!” Bai Xiaonian smiled. The hint of disappointment in her eyes was fading away. “They might think Nuan Nuan and I are a couple if they didn’t know any better!”

“How is that possible? Both of you are too famous for going unnoticed… and everyone knows that the two of you are good friends! It’s impossible for them to think of you both as a couple!” Lu Jinnan hastily denied.

Bai Xiaonian couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re right…”

Bai Xiaonian, who was in a good mood, put away all the baby girls’ items, placing them into a pretty pink box. She then said, “But I still have a glimmer of hope. Perhaps the doctor was mistaken. It’s still possible that our baby is a young lady!”

“Right! You’re right!” Lu Jinnan nodded, looking like a total fool for his wife. “It’s not like this has never happened before!”

“In any case, before the baby is born, we still don’t know for sure what’s the gender! We can look forward to it!” Bai Xiaonian picked up the box.

“Let me put it. Where do you want to put it?” Lu Jinnan took the box from Bai Xiaonian’s hands and asked.

“Just leave it in the dressing room, so I can look at it whenever I want to…” Bai Xiaonian said.

Initially, Lu Jinbei thought that Cai Jingyao would be upset once she found out she didn’t get the endorsement deal.

However, after Lu Jinbei told Cai Jingyao the news, Cai Jingyao only remained silent for a while. She then raised her head, saying with a smile, “That’s great too! This way, I can fully focus on thinking of a way to get Uncle and Brother Jinnan to accept me. I won’t get distracted from having to shoot an advertisement.”

Lu Jinbei looked like he was about to say something but stopped himself. Seeing Cai Jingyao’s bitter smile, he nodded. He didn’t want to say anything that would possibly hurt her even more.

After that, Cai Jingyao, who didn’t have any endorsement deals, started to visit Lu Jinbei’s father’s residence frequently. She even went to Lu Jinnan’s villa…

This made Bai Xiaonian extremely disgusted.

Cai Jingyao brought Lu Jinbei to Lu Jinnan’s house early in the morning.

Ever since Bai Xiaonian got pregnant, she liked to laze around in bed more. Lu Jinnan had been accompanying her at all times, so he didn’t instruct the auntie at home to do anything in particular. The auntie recognized Lu Jinbei, so she let Cai Jingyao and Lu Jinbei in.

When Bai Xiaonian and Lu Jinnan got up and went downstairs, they saw Cai Jingyao, who was busy in the kitchen, coming out to announce that breakfast was ready. She told them she had prepared the food according to the nutrition requirements for pregnant women and asked Bai Xiaonian to come down quickly for breakfast.

Bai Xiaonian raised her brows and looked at Lu Jinbei…

Actually, what disgusted Bai Xiaonian the most wasn’t Cai Jingyao pretending to be innocent, but everyone clearly knew that the two of them were at loggerheads, yet Cai Jingyao was still putting on an act in front of them. This wasn’t something a normal, sane person could do.

Cai Jingyao, who was mentally strong, held Lu Jinbei’s hand and stood before Lu Jinnan and Bai Xiaonian. She announced to them, “During this time, Xiao Bei and I will come over every day to help Brother Jinnan and Xiaonian prepare food. Although we’re not on good terms, I hope you can forgive us. I want Brother Jinnan to accept Xiao Bei and me being together. I also hope that you can forgive me for my past mistakes!”

“It wasn’t your fault in the past. It was mine…” Lu Jinbei chimed in.

Bai Xiaonian threw down her chopsticks in disgust, crossed her arms, and said with a smile, “Miss Cai, there’s something wrong with your words. I’m a pregnant woman, and my appetite isn’t that good to begin with. Why do you have to ask me to forgive you for coming over all the time to cook food that I don’t like?”

Cai Jingyao paused in surprise and was about to explain.

Bai Xiaonian continued, “If you want to get Lu Jinnan to agree to you getting together with Lu Jinbei, that’s your business. Why do you have to make me feel aggrieved? Can’t I even have a proper meal? How shameless are you?”

“Bai Xiaonian… you’re going overboard!” Lu Jinbei frowned.

“Aren’t you guys the ones going overboard by letting a pregnant woman eat these things? Don’t use these underhand tactics to achieve your goal!” Bai Xiaonian said with a hint of a smile. “If you want me to forgive the mistakes you made in the past, you need to make me feel comfortable first. But instead, you’re making things difficult for me. I think you’re just up to no good for the child in my stomach!”

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