Mr Fu, I Really Love You

Chapter 609 - Lin Nuan Who Had Her Head Rested on His Laps

Chapter 609: Lin Nuan Who Had Her Head Rested on His Laps

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Chu Xun listened to Bai Xiaonian’s words and looked at her ice-cold gaze, which gave the impression that she wanted to tear her apart. Chu Xun’s hair stood up for some reason.

It wasn’t as if Chu Xun hadn’t heard before that Bai Xiaonian was a person without a baseline when she went crazy!

Chu Xun looked at Bai Xiaonian like she was looking at a lunatic before turning to head out of the hotel.

Bai Xiaonian looked at Chu Xun’s hurriedly departing figure and shut her sore eyes as her hands gripped tightly onto the wheelchair’s armrest, trembling non-stop.

After what she had witnessed today, Bai Xiaonian was sure that Fu Huai’an and Lu Jinnan weren’t simple characters!

Bai Xiaonian didn’t wish to pursue what identities the two of them had, only wanting Lin Nuan to be safe! Even if Fu Huai’an and Lu Jinnan were terrorists, they’d be considered good people to Bai Xiaonian as long as they could bring Lin Nuan back safe and sound.

She wondered how Lin Nuan was doing.

Bai Xiaonian really detested herself for being so useless at a time like this, unable to be of any help at all. She even had to let Fu Huai’an and Lu Jinnan send their men to take care of her!

Bai Xiaonian closed her eyes as she was pushed into the elevator.

She silently prayed for Lin Nuan, hoping that Lin Nuan would be able to tide through the danger.

On the helicopter, Ah Zhan was bandaging the wound on his arm. Li Muyang was seated and looking at Lin Nuan, who was still unconscious and had her head rested on his laps. He didn’t blink at all, and a scorching glow flickered in the depths of his eyes.

He didn’t lie to Shi Hanchu. It was true that he hadn’t sent his men to capture Lin Nuan. Someone else had wanted to abduct her, but Ah Zhan had saved her…

Ah Zhan watched as Li Muyang raised his hand gently and traced his extremely pale, long, and slender fingers around Lin Nuan’s exquisite features…

Ah Zhan asked, “Boss, should we contact Mr. Fu?”

Ah Zhan was testing Li Muyang.

He had just finished speaking when the person seated in the front of the helicopter turned and said, “Boss! Someone has reported that there are people giving chase!”

Ah Zhan’s pupils narrowed. Li Muyang had a general guess of Fu Huai’an’s identity, and he hadn’t hidden this from Ah Zhan!

If Fu Huai’an were just a wealthy merchant, it’d be fine if his wife was captured!

However, if Fu Huai’an really was the mysterious “Mr. Moral” behind Mr. Gu, Gu Qingcheng, then things would be tricky.

The reason this “Mr. Moral” was called as such wasn’t a form of mockery but a respectable form of address in the circle.

All of the reputable underworld organizations in different countries had heard of “Mr. Moral,” a person who was extremely brutal and vicious. As long as “Mr. Moral” wanted to be involved in any kind of business, he’d definitely snatch it, even at the risk of his life. He didn’t have any baseline!

However, there were two lines of business that this “Mr. Moral” didn’t get involved in. The first one was human and organ trafficking! The second was drugs!

Gu Qingcheng also gave strict instructions for his subordinates to not get involved in these two businesses.

“Mr. Moral” had built up his empire through trading firearms. Within a few years, he had risen to become a firearms trader that was ranked in the top ten…

After, for reasons unknown to others, “Mr. Moral” had handed all of his businesses over to Gu Qingcheng. Under Gu Qingcheng’s lead, their firearms business had become comparable to the grandiose De Niro Company that their boss had set up in the United States for manufacturing firearms!

Therefore, this “Mr. Moral” wasn’t a person they should offend!

Ah Zhan had saved Lin Nuan at the risk of his life. If they were to contact Mr. Fu right now, it might be a bit of a pity if he turned out not to be “Mr. Moral,” but if he was, they might be able to get “Mr. Moral” to owe them.

Li Muyang tugged at the blanket on Lin Nuan, his lips curling up. “Is the plane at the airport ready?”

Under the contrast of the black blanket, Lin Nuan’s small face appeared increasingly exquisite. Her skin was like porcelain, delicate and flawless.

Ah Zhan knew that Li Muyang was bent on taking Lin Nuan back to the United States.

“But if that Mr. Fu really is…”

“There’s no hurry!” Li Muyang’s big and cold hand held onto Lin Nuan’s warm fingertips as he smiled with a great allure in the depths of his eyes. “Send people to check on this quickly! I want to know the answer within 15 hours! If he is… then it won’t be too late for us to contact him then!”

Ah Zhan pursed his lips and didn’t say anything. Everything was fine as long as Li Muyang didn’t plan on meeting “Mr. Moral” head-on over a woman!

Although “Mr. Moral” had suddenly risen up in recent years and didn’t have a foundation that was comparable to the De Niro family, which had a history of over 100 years, he wasn’t to be underestimated!

The few groups of elites working under “Mr. Moral” had been put through training that was even more terrifying than what the special forces had to undergo. Regardless of whether it was in terms of obtaining intelligence or killing, they had long become top-notch existences in the industry.

What they had done was considered snatching one’s wife. If “Mr. Moral” were to trace this to Li Muyang, Ah Zhan was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to hold back the people working under “Mr. Moral”!

After all, even if they were to keep their defenses up, an opening would eventually present itself!

Back then, he had wanted to snatch Lin Nuan and bring her to Li Muyang’s side so that he could be happy. However, if the cost of this woman being by his side was Li Muyang getting injured or losing his life, it wasn’t worth it!

Seeing Li Muyang’s expression as he looked deeply at Lin Nuan while smiling, Ah Zhan’s brows furrowed even tighter.

Chu Xun left the city anxiously and looked for her informant, who she had contacted when seeking news in the past. She wanted to see if she could get any useful information.

After contacting the informant, Chu Xun sat in a cafe and waited for him.

Chu Xun only received a call after night fell, in which her informant immediately told her to run!

Chu Xun didn’t understand. She had wanted to find out who had kidnapped Fu Huai’an’s wife, but her informant suddenly told her to leave without giving her any news. She guessed that the matter of Lin Nuan’s kidnapping was due to Fu Huai’an!

Chu Xun’s scalp turned numb, and she immediately picked up her bag and left.

She held onto her phone tightly and asked, “Were they after Mr. Fu? Can you tell me who they are?”

Chu Xun’s informant spoke anxiously and hesitantly, “I can’t say it…”

Chu Xun tightened her grip on her phone. She knew that if it was something this informant couldn’t say, he wouldn’t say a word, not even if he were beaten to death. Therefore, she said, “Then, I wish to know whether Mr. Fu will be safe.”

A short moment later, the informant said, “Miss Chu, we’ve worked together many times, so I can tell you that they seemed to want to get something from someone. However, your friend’s wife was seized by someone else in the midst of their operation! As for whether they are your friend’s men, I have no idea.”

“Then why do I have to leave quickly?” Chu Xun didn’t hesitate to move quickly, but she still couldn’t help but ask.

“When I was trying to find out information, I accidentally divulged traces of you. Those people think that you’re Mr. Fu’s friend and think that since you’re alone, it’ll be easy to catch you! This is something I overheard when I went to the washroom! You must leave quickly! Otherwise, you’ll be caught!”

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